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  1. This site promotes sex between employers and houseboys. Offering escort listings with the intent of sex would make it prostitution. That's illegal in I think 49 states. To offer a way to show escort listings would subject this site and the company to a kind of liability that would shut them down in the same way illegal massage parlors that offer a happy ending are found and shut down. They would have to remove any sections that talk about sex, including the "is sex expected" question. This site uses words like "employer" and "host" and "houseboy" carefully because it's not exactly illegal to fuck your boss. This site offers listings for personal arrangements, not actual employment or job hunting ads. Also, this site is fantasy. There are no real employers here. If there was, your taxes would show that pay to your houseboy and that would have to match what the houseboy files for taxes too... except you can't because if sex is part of what is being paid for, it's called prostitution. If you were to turn this site into an escort listing site or service, this site and company would have to be licensed for it and it one houseboy or host complained about the sex, the company (this site and its owners) would be liable for running a prostitution network. If they're not in the U.S. or even not in the same state as any of the found sex for hire "escort" listings, that only makes the charge worse. So no, you won't see escort listings here. You might want to just look up escort services to find companies that do that, but be warned, the minute you try to have sex with an escort, he could claim sexual assault which, even if consensual, would leave you in jail if it is proven that you paid that person for sex if you're not in Nevada. Also, if enough boys simply list they are escorts in their profiles, that could shut this site down too based on all that fine print in those links at the bottom of this site and every dating or hookup site. So sadly, any discussion of prostitution or escort services would have to just be between you and your boy.
  2. Is it just me, or has anyone else grown tired of the growing gay porn sites and videos featuring fantasy incest and pedophilia? When that Austin guy first did that one scene, that was... odd, but kind of cute if you fast forward to the sex. Now, there are entire websites and fully acted out series of people pretending to be getting fucked by daddy or uncle or grandad with sites like "Family Dick" flooding most gay porn search results. On the flip side, that same actor was also one of the stars of the "boys for sale movement". Yeah, I'm glad slavery for you little white boys is something you all get to enjoy so much because the history of slavery in this country hasn't always been so pleasant. Microsoft was first to notice this disturbing trend and began limiting what would show up in searches, so to get around it, these same actors and studios began labeling it stuff like "step" dad and "not his dad" and so on. Google soon followed, and with recent refusal to work from many ethnic actors due to this and other issues, I've noticed that even PornHub isn't listing any of that at the top of their search results any more. Why has this become such a thing? It's annoying enough that blacks in porn had to always pretend to be mean thugs, but the incest and pedophilia, and the idea of being turned on by the idea of selling, buying, and owning a person... why is this such a growing trend? Maybe it's just me.
  3. The best travel supplies right now would be sense enough not to travel. The idea of using public transportation to go to another state, to risk infection for the sake of calling someone daddy for a "job" that has to be paid under the table since paying for sex isn't legal in most places... right now, that just seems a bit selfish and idiotic. If a guy is close enough to drive to, that would make more sense though I could see that resulting in even more men falling for fake sad stories and sending boys gas money. In any case, some basic common sense would be the best resource to have when deciding to (or to not) travel right now. If desperate for money, there are all kinds of resources available right now that can help keep food in your belly and all kinds of rent protection to keep you housed. Take this time to chat and video chat and phone to get to know a guy you might want to soon meet. Judging by the number of "top" men that have messaged me this past week alone, I can guarantee you boys that there's no dick on here worth risking covid over.
  4. Also, no email client actually protects you from what they're mining for. All he has to do is get you to click on one link that will place a keytracker on your phone or computer (you won't see it install or notice it), or get you to go to one website (usually where their private pictures are, usually not on the site they started on, so not on here) that does the same thing. Then, they track email addresses whether it be your own or others. Then any address associated with a social media account, they can look it up. Even if you don't use it, think of anyone that uses Facebook for example. We see people answer those dumb surveys and think nothing of it. If you really look at them and look back in anyone's profile, those surveys actually reveal things like: Street you grew up on Favorite Color Age and Birthdate (I share a fake birthday on Facebook and all sites for that reason) Mother's Maiden Name Favorite Pet Name and so on... .... and all of those questions are the usual security questions everywhere, even on government websites (this is why I always teach my hosts or employers to never answer security questions with actual answers; for example, for mother's maiden name, my answer might be "green leaves"). << It's not for any scammer out there. Anyhow, it sounds like a lot of work, but this is the reason you could go to a fishy website and within 48 hours, someone has opened an account or filed your taxes or opened a line of credit in your name. This is also why I say most hacks aren't hacks, all because of email mining and how easy it is for someone to get the information of many just by getting the email address of one. Your failed email to him likely didn't fail at all. When this happens, most people may try emailing from a different email address just to try other options. Had you let it go, he would have had your email and that would have been that. His follow up email is just to make himself look a bit more real.
  5. Yeah, some block people before they can be reported and tend to take a while to get banned. I just found it odd in his other posts here (all of which were deleted, which I think has to be done by admin), I think it was you that told him he should instead set up a profile on the main site to which he responded stating he didn't know how but would take a look at it later. Email mining scams aren't generally as obvious as the old houseboy in distress, send me money type scams. If you do email him (and you'd be a fool to do so), he might respond a few times, but his main goal is to just collect a list of email addresses that he can sell or get commission for. Then a week, a month, a year, down the line, you're suddenly getting the same few spam messages each month, or fake friend requests on Facebook or Instagram or other social media (if you use them), which also just mine data, and so on. In other words, the actual scams take place elsewhere, so yeah, most people might just think he's some guy that lost interest and never think twice about it. At least it's not a money grabbing scam, but still a scam all the same.
  6. I guess that Henrik guy has been deleted, but for a boy to be in the forums pretending to be clueless about how to set up a profile on the main site... big red flag. How do you post to the forums without setting up a profile on the main site first? I hope you didn't actually email him because this was an obvious bait scam going on from someone that was just mining emails.
  7. No matter what online site you use, you can't take a lack of response personally. Those guys could be going through their own hell during this covid stuff that may keep them from responding fast. On this particular site, there's also a huge chance that you messaged 6 fake profiles. Whatever the issue, don't base your efforts on any that aren't a match or don't respond because none of those matter when you do find that one match. Also, you can't take any form of rejection personal. If they didn't respond out of a lack of interest, well, common courtesy is one thing, but that also goes with the whole "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything" lesson(s) that we were taught right along with lessons about being courteous. Sure, the thought of being in Key West could be exciting (I was a houseboy to a guy in the coastguard on one of the bases in Key West for 3 years... my experience in Key West was beyond amazing), but at a time like now during covid, you couldn't pay a country guy like me to be in a big city or small island with so many people right now. Some other guys might feel the same way. One other thing about any online platform... remember, no one owes you a response. Speaking again about the "if you don't have anything nice to say" topic, some guys don't like having to actually say "Sorry, I'm not interested" because they feel that would be terribly rude in the same way that you feel getting no response would be rude. If you want to communicate with the younger guys, especially young twinks (no offense), you kind of have to understand that speaking to them won't be like speaking to your similar-aged husband. Messaging someone does not entitle you to a response. If you find that way of thinking unpleasant, what you might be finding unpleasant is, in fact, the typical attitude of the typical twinks that you're messaging. They might not need to upgrade their attitudes and personalities as much as you might need to upgrade what you're looking for. Don't give up your search, though. Sure; the height of the houseboy sites is long, LONG gone, but there are great legit houseboys out there, even on this site. As much as I owe to having been a houseboy, it genuinely scares me to think about how much I would have missed had the right host (employer) given up searching before we met. Remember the only response that matters is the one that leads you to a match. Don't think twice about a boy that can't even respond to an email for you.
  8. This posted twice for some reason...
  9. As far as finding guys that only want sex... your picture and screen name are the first thing people see when looking at a profile, and for some people, it's all they see. While you have a nice picture... very nice, in fact, even I first thought that you'd have no problem finding a "boss" with those cute nipples and boyish body hair. Looks yummy. If you want a man to take you seriously for something other than a cute body, show something other than just your body. Let a guy get to know your smile first, not your nips.
  10. yngdom4sub

    Scam site...

    ^^^ Maybe that's something a site should add; resources and links to travel providers and services that could aid in the safe and comfortable travel of a houseboy that won't involve any actual exchange of money or account info or anything like that. Links to shuttle services, rideshare and taxi services, ways to share enough for a meal or two at places like McDonalds which are in nearly every airport, things like that. Could you imagine the fakes you'd weed out if they knew you only send a link for them to download or print their plane ticket and then they'd have a voucher or a meal paid for them at the next airport. If they knew everyone on the site had absolutely NO reason to actually send or exchange actual money, the site wouldn't even be popular with scammers because there would be nothing they could profit from or scam someone out of for any kind of personal gain.
  11. yngdom4sub

    Scam site...

    That is true, many may not have the money to travel, but the best houseboys that really want it do or will get the money. If you want a houseboy that isn't lazy, why start with one that doesn't have the drive to get enough money for a bus ticket? I've never understood that logic at all. Guys see these cute baby boy faces and just want to take care of them, but you have to remember that they are grown men. Does this mean a guy is lazy just because he doesn't have the money? Well no, not at all, but any time a guy wanted to pay my way, he didn't send me money. He bought a ticket and sent me the itinerary. So still, there is NO reason to send a guy money on here. I know what it's like to have a 3 day bus trip with just a few crackers and chips and a couple of sodas and bottles of water to snack on. I was wanting the houseboy position, not some guy's hard earned money before even getting there, so I did what I had to do to get a few bucks to survive a 3 day bus trip with just junk food and quick tuna packs and things like that to nibble on. If a houseboy is in such a bad position that he's starving, come on... if he's that cute (as the scammers pictures are), do you really think he's the only person in the world that can't go to a soup kitchen for a few nights? Whatever situation a houseboy is in before you meet him isn't your responsibility. Again, houseboys are grown men, and if you want a houseboy that has the drive to do things like help around the house, don't go for a "boy" that doesn't even have the drive to feed himself. If you do get a completely helpless "boy" that can't do anything for himself, why would you want to depend on him to do things for you around the house, and how can you be surprised if he turns out to be too lazy to be worth it? So yes, it is true that a houseboy can be in a bad situation, but even if you're rescuing someone from their situation, all you need to provide is travel itinerary. You can even order a cab, Uber/Lyft/Rideshare, or Airport Shuttle (most of which pick up right at your doorstep) on an app or website without ever sending a "boy" money. Feeling generous and want to make sure he has enough to eat? You can send him money via electronic money wire (Western Union/Money Gram), or even on Facebook or other social media sites. He doesn't need $300 in his pocket for an 8 hour plane ride or even a 5 day bus trip to eat well. You can even find out what airports he has his layovers and order food for him there over apps even for fast food like McDonalds. It's 2020, not 1920. With all the ways to pay for a houseboy's trip to you and make sure he's comfortable without having to actually exchange money (and every younger guy knows that especially), even the worst sob story can be solved without sending money. Tell a guy you can't actually send him money and watch how fast the fakes disappear leaving that one deserving guy that will be excited and grateful for the thought you put into making sure his travel goes well without caring that no actual money was put into his hands or account...
  12. yngdom4sub

    Scam site...

    There are real guys on here, but you have to look through the super cute pix to find the real guys. Of course, they're here because there will always be someone dumb enough to send someone money "because he's too cute to be a fake", but you seem to be able to spot the fakes easy. For that, I'd say don't get upset about it; be glad you're above that stuff and have fun searching. There are fakes on both sides of the spectrum (nothing is more fun than arriving at a host's house only to find he lives with his mom and they're both hoarders, or the house in the pictures is the house of their friends which they rent a room...), but what still made those situations not matter is that I always provided my own way (unless they insisted) but always had my own way out (whether they knew about it or not). So, I was able to focus on the good guys I met, and man, they were WELL worth the search. So, just weed out the fakes as you seem to be good at doing already, and know that all of the fakes won't matter when you find that one good fit. Is it "worth" it as far as paying for the site? Well, though I'm no longer a houseboy, I enjoy the chat so much that I do still pay here and there when I'm feeling nice, usually the 3 month subscription. This site has provided a ton of great opportunities for me over the years, so a few bucks thrown here and there for membership is the least I can do. It was worth paying for it when I was a houseboy and it's still worth paying for when I'm not just for the entertainment factor, so could it be worth it? That, I'd have to answer with a yes. As always, that's my opinion, and what the hell do I know haha, but I hope you find a way to enjoy the search and find what you're looking for because I can guarantee you he's out there and likely too afraid to contact you first. Happy hunting!!!
  13. Oh I get that part, and I know that many houseboys and hosts on here don't fall for the fakes and manage to find great arrangements. I sure know I always do when I'm looking. In fact I like it so much that when I am actively looking on this site, I am a paying member; I feel comfortable supporting a site like this when I can because of all the wonderful connections I've made here, bit all I'm saying is that I am simply amazed that even with all the red flags, there are some "mature" men on here that actually fall for it just because they think a boy is too cute to lie based on a twink pic sent and a copied and pasted sob story, and it happens so much that others on here have to post about it constantly to forewarn those that would otherwise fall for it. On the flip side, some people are just cruel. Some hosts post about a houseboy being no good just because they're bitter it didn't work out with them. This is the reason so many guys will actually ignore these forums. I have known houseboys to be lazy and unpleasant to hosts that fell short of their claims and promises, but then turned right around and pleased the next host and took care of him as well as he was taken care of. I'm not saying only employers are the only guys that are guilty of that, but you don't really see a ton of posts from houseboys having to earn other houseboys since any good houseboy is smart enough to do a bit of homework before moving to be with a guy. Houseboys (the good, anyhow) seem to deal with it, learn from it, and move on. Take my experience of meeting tops on here. Of all the top men I met on here, only one was actually a top. I can't say I didn't enjoy being able to top such beautiful mature men, but I never called anyone out about it. I happily enjoyed it for what it was. And man, has it been plenty to enjoy, though that explains the reason I've probably met more houseboys on here than hosts. Hmm. Anyhow, that's just my opinion, so who cares. I was just saying I can't believe people fall for it.
  14. With all the good real guys on here, it's amazing how much attention the scammers get.
  15. My favorite experience was the 3 years I spent in Key West because of a man that I met that morning and by that night he emailed me my itinerary information about my flight the next day. Was that a crazy, foolish thing to do? Not at all. In reality, I had money in my pocket and could have afforded my way back on my own, and I'm not exactly helpless, plus the guy I went to meet set everything up so he couldn't lose anything in the end except the cost of the ticket, which a few thousand dollars was nothing to him. We met for an initial week and the ticket was a 2 way ticket, but I ended up leaving 3 years later after the best experience of my life all from a guy that I met and basically moved in with within 24 hours of first saying hi. If you're open and honest enough online, it's easy to break the ice. I don't consider online chatting as "getting to know someone", and just because something happens fast doesn't mean either person is being foolish about anything. Just have things set up to be able to move that fast if you wish to do so. If you can't afford to "lose" the price of a ticket, then don't buy one. If you can't afford to get yourself out of trouble, then you can't afford to put yourself in that situation in the first place. I'll admit, I met this guy on a totally different website that is more geared for mature gay man, mature having nothing at all to do with age, but I have made connections on here too and moved from Cali to Texas after chatting with a guy on here for about a day, which led to an unforgettable 9 year relationship. Trust is something you must have in yourself, not in someone else. I trust that I can do what I need to do to be okay at any given time, and so does any smart man. Even if that means limiting where a "boy" can go in the house for a while, or putting up cameras, doing background checks (which, if they give you false info, you could easily be looking up someone that isn't even them), meeting in public first, staying in a nearby hotels or air bnb for a week or two as you two spend time together first to see how you all match, etc. Because I was able to trust in myself, I was able to take chances on other people. Some worked out and some didn't, but I had the power to walk away at any point from the very start, and any man that I met took precautions to protect himself and his belongings. Even with that said, I would not actually encourage most men on here to take chances like that because there are so many men that, no matter what the warnings, will send a cute boy money in a heartbeat assuming he has to be sincere because he's too cute to be lying. Sounds stupid when you say it out loud, but every person that has been taken advantage of has been scammed because of what the guy looked like and what he imagined the sexual encounters would be like with such a young, cute thing (or the houseboys that were scammed by the charming and incredibly handsome employers that were too good to be true). In any case, the victim pretty much knew they were being scammed but didn't believe it til the money was gone and the communication stopped. This means these guys saw the red flags but didn't trust their own judgement and, instead, put all their trust in some random picture of some random cute boy because his looks matched the idea of a perfect boy. Trust in yourself and it will be amazing to see how you just don't fall for scammers, which would then leave you a ton of time to focus on the (few) good guys on here that are real and would be more than happy to become a part of your life. That's just my opinion, anyhow. What the hell do I know haha....
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