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  1. The options to report a fake profile need to be modified. If you're talking to a guy and you suspect he's fake, he might block you before you can report him. Once you're blocked, you can't even report him. Then guys post the "fakes" in here hoping someone else will block him, but they kind of can't since a random person might not have any evidence to support reporting that fake profile. Once you're blocked by a person, you can't even access any of your messages on here to copy and share them to report. I'm not saying messages between blocked members should be accessible even when blocked, but the ability to report a fake profile should remain active. Also, why not put some kind of banner in the messaging part of this website that makes a person have to read through something telling them that they should never have to send money to a boy for any reason, no matter how sad or urgent their sob story is? Perhaps having a box to check off that says something making us agree that we're not going to send any boy money every time we click to send a message? The only thing that will stop the scammers is if they know they're on a site where people aren't careless enough to fall for their stories and fake pictures, so why not mention the rule of not sending money in more places that we'd have to see while or before communicating with others? Maybe even a banner on the home page itself, or a pop up that you have to read and agree to every time we enter the site or go to the messaging link?
  2. Quality over quantity. Believe me... there is nothing to be sorry about. I may not have been through as many men on this site when I was a houseboy, but the men I did meet kept me for years at a time. My time as a houseboy is the reason I get to live a life travelling and being my own boss today. Thank goodness that 25% is far better than what washes up in the other 75%. You don't have to learn to "think as a houseboy". You need to learn to simply be yourself. The right employer or host or lover will love you for it and never let you go. Taking the time to narrow it down to the few good matches will reward you far more than wasting time with the many bad arrangements, but you won't get to any of the good unless you stop trying to be what you see in "hot houseboy of the day" photos and just be yourself (as long as the "yourself" isn't a judgmental twink; those are a dime a dozen).
  3. Preference when searching for a partner or sexual match is not the same as negative or hurtful discrimination. Being fem is not the same thing as being or living as a woman, and maybe DJHJD is simply stating a fact. His statement is great news for anyone looking for a woman or a man that lives as one, but is, without any disrespect, a heads up for those of us that aren't at all into women (cis or not). He didn't say or imply that there was anything wrong with it, but if the ads in that area on that site consist mostly of men pretending to be women, that's just stating facts. Being judgmental isn't any better than discriminating, but when searching for what you actually want, you have every right to discriminate rather than settle. If I thought like you, I'd be offended every time I see a guy that doesn't date black guys (which is usually about 3 out of ever 4 profiles). That's not discrimination or anything to take personal; I'd rather be with someone that adores me rather than be with someone that thinks he's doing me a favor. Lighten up... you're on a houseboy site after all.
  4. This isn't a "hot" response, but... Having been a houseboy, the duties expected will vary widely from one household to the next. There is no "one answer generalizes it all" kind of answer to that question. However, you can know what to expect by not being afraid of setting limits and boundaries. What and which duties you're "expected" to carry out are up to you. It's all about what you are or are not willing to do, even if you're the submissive type. However... Personally, I can tell you that a picture sometimes helps with expected duties. Sounds strange, but it does give a man an idea of what you can do for him. I was always something like the body guard or the driver or a combination of both along with simple household stuff. Then when men found out I loved auto mechanics and fixing stuff, I ended up being the handyman. Yes, I'll admit, more than once I was attracted to the guy I was working for, and every time sex happened, I initiated or made it clear I wouldn't be offended if he did. What can I say... a well aged man is often times irresistible, and when they get a reason to slow down from work to be romanced for a change, well... haha they all responded well to it. I can also say that in my experience, the harder he works and the more in charge he has to be at work, the more willing he is to melt in my arms behind closed doors when he gets home. It's fun making a bottom out of a "top" that doesn't have time for the games the boys in his area play. To greet a tired man at the door, take his clothes off, and before he can say a word, just bend him over whatever furniture is nearby, and not let him out of your grip til he has to leave the next day for work (or make him quite late for work)... mmmm damn, some good memories there. Sorry to all you twinks and young guys, but to find a mature man that can stand alone from you easily but make him helpless to your grip, your passion, your desire for him just means a lot more than railing some young pushover. Then, to get to dress him in the morning... yeah, most men I worked for were often times late to work. There were those that I got to visit on their lunch break. I can say that office furniture can support far more weight and abuse than they're rated for, but make sure the swivel on his chair has a locking option, and always make sure he has a can of WD-40 or mechanical lube in his desk or office. Nothing ruins a good secret faster than squeaky springs in office furniture. You should only have to focus on keeping your boss quiet, not his office furniture. Damn. Those memories make me wish I had still been a houseboy when covid hit. I could just imagine quarantining with some hard working guy that's now stuck at home at Zoom meetings. The things I'd do to him as I made him keep a straight face on camera....
  5. I'm glad "slavery" for you will get to be something so enjoyable and pleasurable. Happy hunting.
  6. Oh good, then I don't have to feel like an outcast about noticing stuff like that.
  7. All of the scammers already give you a symbol. It tends to be a big red flag. They ask for money. That's your sign he's a scammer. No boy is thin enough, cute enough, or young enough to need cash or gifts from you before ever meeting. The only thing a person should have to send to a boy is their flight or train or bus itinerary which can be done via email. The symbol is there, just don't ignore that big red flag.
  8. If a person doesn't respond to your emails, the next step shouldn't be to blast their information on another site. This just means that, for whatever reason, they weren't interested. May not be personal; might just mean they already found a boy and aren't looking anymore, could mean you didn't stand out to them, could be for any other reason. I hope admin does remove this, which brings up a hole in the rules of the forums... yeah, posting full names and emails isn't allowed, but copying and pasting parts or all of a private profile of someone else on any other website (especially another houseboy website) with their names/screen names from those sites should be included in those guidelines of things not allowed on this site. Even so, just because it's not in the rules doesn't mean you shouldn't know better. Geez, I have loved being on here chatting with other houseboys that have questions, but giving someone the "you should know better, son" chat makes me feel old haha. Still, you should know better. I mean, you're a guy that won't even show your own face in your profile because of a certain level of privacy you desire. Why not offer those guys the same respect, and well... no wonder they didn't respond to you.
  9. Those pictures were searchable only if you log in on that site. Their pictures aren't associated with this site for their own reasons. I get that being public online doesn't grant you a ton of privacy, but in general, no good person would just take your pictures from that site and post them elsewhere. Sure, someone might do that, but it doesn't have to be you doing that to them. If they wanted their pictures publicized on this site, they would have done so. If you wonder if they have a profile on here, just ask them on the site you copied this from if they have a profile on this site. Don't blast the profiles text and pictures on or for another site on here. It makes you look like a spam bot for that site. Since you responded, you might not be a spam bot, but that just means you're careless with their privacy, which is a HUGE issue for a lot of the employers here. So, either a spam bot or just careless with someone's information, either makes you a red flag, especially from a member on here that doesn't even have a (face) picture of his own on here.
  10. You've just posted this and 2 other profiles from houseboi.com. Why not just contact them there?
  11. You'd likely have a better time contacting these people by doing so from the profiles from which you copied and pasted this information. Also, it's not such a good idea to just post images and personal information of other men on this site without their permission. They might not have a profile here because they don't want their information on this site for their own personal reasons. Now, image searches for them and even text searches (since you used snippets of their profile word for word) will show search results with their information tied to this website. There are a LOT of employers that seek certain levels of anonymity, and you might just be ruining that for these men.
  12. This site seems to be falling apart like all the other houseboy sites right before they disappeared. Glad I stopped paying for premium membership not too long ago.
  13. Ranchbear, I didn't mean you. Clearly, you're far too bright to fall for that. I just mean in general, they'll never stop because they know all it takes is a cute pic and a lame story to make good money. Even during a pandemic, it seems people still have tons of extra money to throw away. Haha, at this rate, some of those guys would spend less on actual hookers when they add up how much they've lost behind those pictures and stories.
  14. It will end when grown men stop falling for these old "boy in distress" and "too cute to be fake" lines that are somehow still causing men to ignore all the red flags for the thought of getting a shot at some fresh meat. Think about it; this is a fantasy site, but the victim can never go to law enforcement because you're offering money in exchange for (among other things) sex, and somehow, you guys keep falling for it hoping a website block would solve the issue rather than just not going full stupid when a guy sends some hot pix of what's always a twink or young muscled guy. Why would they stop if grown men and daddies are going to keep enabling it?
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