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  1. Present scam is to say that their ID' and passports are being used as collateral for "loans"  they will be happy to report to your home if you pay off their "loans" and or course transportation.  I have had to individuals, Jermey Schumacher as Bttmboi, from two places, Montozuma, CO and Callahan, FL.  Then the second individual was from Los Angeles, CA  goes by the name of Justin Hopkins  of justhops.  Both used the same MO and justhops is very persistant and keeps pleading for help and least four times to send money to release his passport.   

    And there is a new twist in the old Nigerian scam.  A supposed soldier will be getting out of the middle east, but saved a native boy for father was a gold merchant.  The father was so pleased with saving his son that he gave the soldier 100kg of gold.  The soldier only has a partial payment for shipping the gold via a courier  and needs $1545.00 to complete the payment, and I could have the gold shipped to my address......go figure.  It took 26+ messages for him to ask for the additional monies.  This fellows name was Kyle  Carpenter  profile is Ksweet, from West Palm Beach, FL .

    DON'T SEND MONEY   Perhaps this new generation should learn how to work the good old fashion way and not be lulled in to always receiving hand outs from the government or  scams. 

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