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    I wear diapers and go into little space from time to time it’s nonsexual although I do have sex just looking for a companion whose comfortable with that and possibly step into a role play caregiver/daddy role
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    I think we should email or chat more for get to know each other thanks
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    hello there I would agree with you. and I am doing the same thing as you were doing. try to get a young guy live with me and respect him treat him like he is apart of the family, but most of the young guy here from the US and I am from Canada its very hard for him go to other country for living and to work, I actually want adopt a gay young male as a my son which I never had. and so far I meet most of scammer lier and they want me pay for everything first, and I almost give up here and since I see your post I willing give it a try and see what happen. thanks for your time.
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