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    Retired single gay man seeking a live-in houseboy - young 18-30 ONLY - Dad/Son type situation -
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    Thank you Propman for the heads up. I saw fidel100 is still active on the site just now. I knew he was bs first time HE hit ME up just from his intro chat message. I never responded. Waste of time. Hang in there everyone, there’s a good one out there for us all. Keep on a keepin on.
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    It’s a shame that some of these boys may be homeless. That shouldn’t happen to anyone. Yet, when they are given a golden opportunity for a chance to improve their lives, as well as to make life a little easier for their employer who has given them the opportunity, some of them, such as your recent one, choose to remain in that lowly state of their own free will. Like the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.
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    My only response is through time and patience. It takes time to build trust. Without enough of it there will be no mutual arrangement. Could take a month or two or however long. Only a fool would allow a total stranger you don’t know if you can trust to come in to your home. Good luck to you all and keep on searching. There’s a good one out there for us all.
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