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    Devinbrn5010 ALERT: An excellent liar and conman. Name is Devin Brown. Said from Gainesville, GA. Had a typical down and out story, living out of his 2011 Toyota Tacoma truck, hadn’t eaten in couple days, everything he owned he could fit in his truck. Has an iPhone but for some odd reason he could neither get his current location to turn on or FaceTime with my iPhone. Yeah right. Said just wanted a place to go where he’d feel safe, secure, earn some money to go to school. Raised a Georgia country boy he said. Said $300 would be enough for gas and food to drive the over 900 miles to me in Texas. So yeah, along with my wishful thinking, wanting to believe not everyone is a damn liar, giving the benefit of the doubt, allowing my dick to interfere and the fact I’m a gambling kinda man, I rolled the dice with this boy and came up empty handed. Needless to say he broke his own word, his own promises. I’m still old school in that I believe a man’s word is everything, his bond. Obviously that means nothing these days to a vast majority of younger generations. Yet I’m not angry, not feeling hurt, not resentful towards this fella. I knew the risk, I could afford it so I gave him the $300 as a gamble. I lost. You’ve been warned now about Devinbrn5010.
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