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  1. I am moving in June, either Virginia or Austin, Texas, I have a van that needs to come with us, so need a seriously good driver, and someone who will do something like Doordash when we arrive. Preferably, due to insurance someone over 25, with experience in houseboy or serving to a house of 3 guys, we are 53, 26 and 27, and I will be living there with the houseboy for the first year, so someone with carpentry skills, house-cleaning and who is totally out, and into the houseboy experience, to include sex. This is more a business relationship, but I do expect the person to hold a decent PT job and work for his gay family, and not be a layabout, lazy or a prima donna. Formerly ran a gay Inn, had 3 boys full time and would like to do so in future Family with Austin gay life, I am a Vet, former Army officer, and prefer same, but basically, more open to out and openly gay lifestyle, massage, and naturist. Don't have time for the slow getting-to-know or anyone wishing to move at my expense, a one-way train or bus is likw $185, if you cannot afford to move yourself, we are not a good fit.
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