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    of course not, most of use arent kinky or looking for more intense power eclxchange, although some of us are. but it helps if you show us a photo. good luck
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    Yep, he’s a total fake. Steer clear, don’t waste your time.
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    You like being a dirty cock slut?
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    Be careful!!! desparation is not attractive to serious houseboys or employers. Desparation is a sign that you are unable to manage your situation, and draws scammers and fakes who may want to take advantage of you. worse, serious employers see desparation as a red flag, often indicating the houseboy is himself a scammer. Be VERY careful as this word and Post is a red flag!!! And NOT the type of red flag that guides an airplane to the landing strip.
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    It would be helpful if we could identify in hind site what tipped us off to the scammers, hopefully before sending them money or tickets (of course you didn’t send money, did you?) But a gut feel, or hunch, or a flag waving, would be great if you could pass on the tip that helped you uncover the scam artist In my case while he had lots of photos, I asked him for some recent photos of himself with clothes on. He only sent repeated photos. I did ask him for a passport, but next time I will ask that he could take a photo of it as I need it for the ship’s documents. Also another photo with him in it with a dated newspaper with a legible date. Of course the big flag is when they ask for money to clean up past due bills, or “gas” money. Scammers tend to have a pretty well defined MO. Because they have used to same ruse before, why change it, it works. So if we can identify their ruse, scam by reporting it on this forum, it will do a lot to restore House Boy vitality. Remember guys think with your brains, not you dick; that is what the scammers are counting on, they are using their brains because they are dickless, let’s turn the tables and use are brains
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    Hola, mi esposo y yo vivimos en Miami. Hablamos ingles y español en la casa. Estamos buscando un mozo de casa. El sexo no se espera a menos que lo quieras. Proporcionaremos alojamiento y comida. También podemos negociar un subsidio. Nos damos cuenta de que este es un período de prueba para todos nosotros, así que no se sienta obligado. Te proporcionaremos tu propia habitación. Si está interesado, envíeme un correo electrónico a tim.collier@mac.com.
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    Out of a 7 year relationship and am starting over and would like to do that somewhere other than here. Where you might ask? Well that’s really in your hands so, if you need a educated, kind (most days), hard working (again, most days), reliable sex addicted, message me (Right now guys my bags are packed)!
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    Medical student on leave of absence so that I can fuck my way through BBRT......... is the fantasy I play out in my head. I'm a medical student on a LOA to pursue a possible life passion before condemning myself to boogers, ear infections, and vaginosis (eww), Sometimes I'm just looking for a dick pic.......... is something you will never hear me say or see me type, so please send a clear shot of your unobstructed man face (WHOLE FACE). I love everyone, really I do, but you will read in my profile I am pretty lazy and would like you to apply that concept to why I haven't responded. I'm here to serve as long as I'm taken care of, basic and luxury need, you be whistling the tune happy people whistle.
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