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    Finding the con artists and reporting them to the FBI (for interstate fraud) and the IRS (as I'm sure they don't report their illicit income).

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  1. Recovering from foot surgery and limited to what I can do, which means no walking for me. Looking for a houseboy in the St Louis area or willing to relocate to St Louis for 2-3 months to help me out until I'm back on my feet. Most details in my profile. Hit me up if you have any questions.
  2. Responding to an old post here, but I've been pondering this subject lately. If we take the optional sex out of the equation, this is just another job, right? I'm an employer, you desire to be my employee. So, lets say you lived somewhere and wanted to get a job at Burger King across town. Would you call them up some day and say "Hi! I'd like to work for you guys, but I'm all the way across town. Will you wire me cab fare so I can come for an interview?" No. Not unless you wanted all the Burger King people to laugh at you. Point being, why is this job any different? Why is it somehow the responsibility of the employer to get the employee to the interview? Think with the big head guys.
  3. The moral is don't send any money. At all. Ever. (Or gold, or diamonds, or rubies, or bitcoins, or anything that can be currency.) As a personal rule, I don't even use anything like Western Union for people I know... They're just the worst company in existence. So I'd definitely never use it for a random stranger I met on the internet. Just cut and past the following: "No, no money." whenever they ask. Do your due diligence, and if you think they're worthwhile send them a ticket or go visit them on your own. The best option, really, is to go see them. Meet them in person. Then bring them back with you if you so desire. As soon as you offer them a ticket instead of money they'll find reasons to "need" money. "My phone time runs out tomorrow, I won't be able to talk to you anymore." -- Sorry, we tried. Next. "I have to pay <insert person here> to <insert task here> before I can leave." - Oh well, good luck. Next. "My <relative> was <somehow injured> and I have to pay for <something> before I can go." -- Sucks to be you. Next. "My <relative> threw me out and I have nowhere to stay until I can get to you." -- Every city has a homeless shelter of some kind. If not, the Red Cross and/or PFLAG will put you up for a day or 2. "I need money to get to the bus/train/airport/etc." -- Walk. It'll do you wonders. Think with the big head, not the little one fellas and you'll be ok.
  4. The moral of this story is, its best to try to find a local house boy. Or at least one in your own state so you can avoid the travel problems. I wouldn't advise a fully refundable ticket, as those are expensive. In my experience round trip tickets are only a little bit more than one-way tickets, so I see no reason not to go that route. Get the return ticket for 3 weeks down the road. By then you should know if your houseboy is working out or not. If he isn't, send him back where he came from. If he his, you're out a couple bucks on the ticket. Oh well.
  5. Send money... No. Buy travel, yes. My post does not discourage against that. Employers can, and if need be, should purchase travel for the houseboy to get to them. But, protect your interest. Don't blindly send money. Buy a non-transferable plane/bus/train ticket in the houseboy's name from their location to yours. If they intend to scam you and/or just want money for whatever reason then this is worthless to them and they won't want it.
  6. Beware Gents. Just remember "Send No Money Now" -- Like they used to say on TV, and you'll be OK. Below is my run in with Mr. Con Artist. I masked out part of his #. The caller ID comes back as: Caller ID WIRELESS CALLER Provider NEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS, LLC - GA It's most likely a 10$ throw away AT&T go phone. Just out of morbid curiosity, I wonder what the response would have been if I said "Yes" when he asked if it was because I could not afford to send him any money. Anyone else get that question and say Yes? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Me to +1423584xxxx Add - Cleveland, TN 1/3/12 2:19 AM 87 minutes ago Me: Heya. You gave me your # on Houseboy.com. I live in Boca Raton, FL 9:17 PM +1423584xxxx: Hey there :-) 9:18 PM (Unexciting banter removed... "Hey, how are ya?" -- "Happy new year!" -- Etc) +1423584xxxx: Its snowing lol. I am in my truck freezing. 10:10 PM Me: Why are you in your truck? 10:14 PM +1423584xxxx: My parents dont want a FAGGOT under there roof there exact words. 10:16 PM Me: So you have to stay in your truck? 10:17 PM +1423584xxxx: At this point in time yes unfortunately which is not your concern. So please do not let that affect us getting 2 know each other if that is what you s 10:27 PM +1423584xxxx: till would like 2 do? 10:27 PM Me: Well yeah. I'm wasnt planning on getting rid of ya.. lol 10:30 PM +1423584xxxx: So you are fairly certain you are not going to be needing a house boy soon? Because i need a home soon 10:47 PM Me: I'm out of town, won't be home for a week or so. 10:49 PM +1423584xxxx: Where are you at? 10:53 PM Me: Missouri right now. 10:56 PM +1423584xxxx: Can i talk to you about something crucial its very important? 10:57 PM Me: Sure. 10:58 PM +1423584xxxx: Never mind i should not said something was stupid of me 11:00 PM Me: Well, we're just chatting. Feel free to chat about anything you want 11:01 PM +1423584xxxx: If i were 2 ask about something financially now considering you do not know me but fact im sleepi in truck would be stupid 4 me 2 ask? Right? I just have noone. 11:04 PM Me: I do feel for you and for your situation and all.. but houseboy.com does warn about people who ask for money right off the bat. 11:06 PM +1423584xxxx: I know what you mean i am just desperate right now i am sorry i asked. Im so stupid. 11:13 PM Me: Like I said. I completely understand your situation. 11:14 PM +1423584xxxx: So it would be out of line 2 ask? 4 something tomorrow? 11:18 PM Me: If it's like a real object something, I'm probably not in a position to get it to you. 11:19 PM +1423584xxxx: Its money 2 get a roof over my head for about a week lol. 11:24 PM Me: I can't help you with that. I really am sorry. 11:30 PM +1423584xxxx: Its ok my life has been nothing but a let down. So im not suprised in all honesty ill Probaly be dead soon anyway so. 11:33 PM +1423584xxxx: Is it because your broke babe? 11:35 PM Me: You have to see it from my side. I've known you all of 2 hours and you're hitting me up for $. Thats not what houseboy.com is for. Houseboy.com is for employers looking for employees. Not for people looking for and depending on the kindness of others. 11:37 PM Me: You'd have more luck if you posted an ad on craigslist for someone take you in. Or found a local shelter for people in your situation. Even contact your local pflag chapter, and they'll put you up for awhile. You have to use the right tools for the right job and all of that. 11:38 PM +1423584xxxx: ugh. 1:40 AM Me: I know its not the answer you were looking for, but you'd have 10,000x better luck doing what I said than hoping some random guy off of HB.com will Western Union you 200$ 1:46 AM +1423584xxxx: Will you western union me 200? 1:57 AM +1423584xxxx: Hello? 2:05 AM Me: No. I can't do that. 2:11 AM +1423584xxxx: Is it because you cannot afford it? 2:12 AM Me: No. Its because I'm not stupid and I'm pretty sure you're a con artist. If you were truly living in your truck, you would have done one of the 3 things I suggested rather than badgering me for money. 2:15 AM
  7. I've been on here for a few months now, and I see people posting about scammers in here all the time. Tonight I was fortunate enough to encounter my first scammer, and I saw him coming from 200 miles away and I promptly told him "No way". Don't fall for the scammers games, guys. They message you out of the blue, tell you that you're cute and they like you and they want to come and be with you and do all of these unheard of sexual things to you... but wait... there's a catch: "I ran out of gas. I... I had a flat tire. I didn't have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn't come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts!" It sounds bad, I know... But, if you send them a few hundred dollars, the world will once again be righted and they will come directly to you and it will be nothing but sunshine and happiness until the end of time. DON'T DO IT! My rendition of what may happen is, clearly, overly dramatic and you can (hopefully) see that what I've laid out before you is a load of crap. The kids with the to-die-for sexy pictures who say they love you will not be as obvious. Regardless, you must resist them. If they truly are homeless, stranded, etc there are resources available to them who will help them: They can post on their local Craigslist for somewhere to crash for a few days. It will be much easier for them to get somewhere local (and at no cost to you, to boot!) than for you to give them money to fly/drive/bicycle to wherever you are. They can go to a shelter. There are 3,500+ shelters in the US. Some cater specifically to Youth -- some even to GLBT youth. (http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/) No car, no gas, pogo stick broken? No way to get to the shelter? They can call the local police. They will gladly take them to a shelter. Did their parents throw them out because they're gay? Call the local PFLAG office. They'll put 'em up for a few days and help them get back on their feet. (http://community.pflag.org/page.aspx?pid=256) You do not have to help them. Their predicament whether real, or most likely, a fictionalization is not your fault. They were like that when you found them, and they will be like that when you keep on walking. The above resources are available to them free of charge. Keep your money, buy yourself something pretty -- don't give it to them. Bottom line, please don't send them money. It's a trick. If it sounds too good to be true (i.e.: drop-dead gorgeous guy telling you that you're hotter than an oven on the sun, when you know good and well that you're an elderly bald man*, and he wants nothing more than to be snuggled up in your arms tonight.) it probably is. Common sense is the rule guys. * Nothing against elderly bald men, by the way. I just needed an example. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
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