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  4. Hello, have you found a housekeeper yet?
  5. I'm new to this. I'm just curious more than anything if there is any famous people on here.
  6. It’s loaded for me plenty of times in the past just fine, not taking long at all and popping up almost immediately But at least a year ago now it stopped working for me. Now it doesn’t show, not even after an hour. It times out after 3 min or something. Just sad - I’m glad I stopped paying for the service every month
  7. And I have a feeling that they all have the same address in Flushing New York
  8. It loads with my chrome browser but sometimes takes up to 10 minutes.
  9. As long as we have been on this site, it has never loaded for us either.
  10. It doesn’t matter which browser I use. I can never load the page that shows who’s viewed my profile. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, doesn’t matter. What’s happening?
  11. That's fine Michael thanks for letting us know and fixing it
  12. So sorry we were down for a week (forums). We had issues with the files that needed to be on the server for the new version of the board software.
  13. Thank you very much, you're very kind and I appreciate you taking the time out to not only read my post, but to respond as well. I also appreciate the heads up on the lack of engagement in the forums. I'll def keep that in mind. Looking forward to seeing what the site has in store for me though. God bless!
  14. Welcome to the site. You posted a great profile and very handsome pics. You certainly have a lot of positive energy which is nice to see in youth today. One thing to tell you though, is don't be discouraged if you don't get a lot of comments in the Forum. Not too many people look on here for some strange reason. However, you certainly should get a lot of inquiries from your ad on the main site. And if you have faith, Mr. Right will come along when you least expect him to. Best wishes!
  15. Hi, this is my first time posting on the forums and I know this site is technically for employers interested in houseboys but I'm curious if there's any older men here who are interested in a househusband. (Or housewife, I'm not too caught up in gender since I'm technically nonbinary/gender-fluid. I'm just as okay wearing a tux as I am a french maid outfit). In any case, I recently turned 27 and even though at this age I should be concerned about settling into a career, for as long as I can remember the idea of settling down with someone for the rest of my life has always resonated with me. I've always fantasized about having a husband to cook for, clean up after and submit to but unfortunately, I'm from Jamaica and that's not a possibility at the moment since same sex marriage isn't legal. Of course I don't expect anyone of sound mind to immediately jump into a marriage with someone they've never met, especially someone from another country, but I am curious if there's anyone here who'd be interested in affirming my feminine desire to get married and be a homemaker/househusband later down the line. I don't really have my sights set on anywhere in particular, as long as it's somewhere that gay marriage is legal and you're someone who's emotionally available, emotionally stable and emotionally intelligent (and not currently married to someone else) that's good enough for me. Ideally we'd get to know each other virtually, exchange pictures, video call, date long distance and do everything committed couples do in a monogamous relationship for a bit and then you could even visit me if you're in a position to do so until I'm able to relocate and officially tie the knot. I understand if the idea of starting off long distance might sound daunting, but I genuinely believe I'm worth the investment (and I'm more than willing to put in the time/effort if you are). I also have strong maternal instincts so I also look forward to nurturing/raising children of our own someday, but it's not necessarily a requirement and we can cross that bridge when we get there (I'm fine with the idea of raising a fur baby). On a semi related note, I'm a total softie who enjoys all the romantic, mushy stuff but I definitely have a kinky side too. I'm pretty open minded so I'm willing to try almost anything as long as it's safe, sane and consensual. I live to please! For what it's worth, I'm open to all races and body types, but I have a soft spot for big hairy men. I don't know what it is, but there's just something about being cuddled by a bear that makes me feel safe and protected and taken care of. Bonus points if you're a dominant top that generally thinks of himself as a Daddy type (if you're verse or a side that's fine with me too). If any of this interests you, feel free to reach out. Looking forward to hearing from you! P.S. There are pics of me on my profile in case you're curious but I have no problem sending additional pics to verify my identify/prove my sincerity. P.P.S. Please don't be a jerk. If you can't relate to anything I've mentioned so far and this isn't for you, just wish me luck and be on your way. I can appreciate constructive criticism and sound advice, but I can do without passive aggressive comments and snide remarks. Thank you!
  16. I kind-of wish to be a houseguard/houseboy manager, ahahahahha.
  17. Of course, Hadrian and many other emperors had their houseboys.
  18. Hello. Sorry to hear about your situation. Your profile & ad might not be approved for weeks, so people would need more information about you here until your ad is approved...like location, age, etc. Good Luck!
  19. Out of the blue after 1 year I get phone call from Danny=vegasboy (we have never spoken or communicated ever) looking for a position. While I was interested I told him to provide recent Pic & personal details. As we're talking I check main houseboy website & NO MORE VEGASBOY! Thought it was a scam for $ but felt sorry for him. Since he deleted his profile putting aside my concern for him I hung up & blocked his phone number. Disappointed bc we were considering helping him! Be careful, don't get suckered in, like we did in past cost us $$ Ask for info & do background check. ALSO, BIG CLUE LOOK AT THEIR ADDRESS! FOR EX SEVERAL GUYS ARE AT SAME ADDRESS IN MIDDLE OF PARK IN BROOKLYN NYC!
  20. I'm currently sleeping in my sister's car. I'm a vers top but mainly a top. I can cook, clean and take care of your needs. I can easily send you pics upon request.
  21. we can meet if you want
  22. His address is the middle of park in Brooklyn SCAMMER
  23. i kind of do miss my dog. he's with my brother right now. let my know if you guys need a friend to talk with.
  24. hello again everybody i'm still looking for a good friend
  25. Recently it has started to work again, but is VERY slow in opening, but it is working. I would estimate about 5 minutes? I keep having hit the "wait" button.
  26. To: 2Forhouseboy...he sent me that exact same laughable response...very intelligent and mature! How does this moron think anyone would be stupid enough to fall for a fake (and flake) like him? Idiots like him are who make serious houseboys afraid to post. I can't report him since he doesn't have a valid profile. I hope that webmaster Michael can do something about him.
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