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    Handsomeboy4u is a scammer, don't fall for his stories. He's has multiple profiles in the past.
  6. I've talked to him several times, he definitely is insistent but I have been weary because he seemed a bit off. I kept asking for clear face pics and a video chat and of course he didn't have the ability to do video and the pics he sent were anything but clear. I eventually decided against him, just an odd energy. That having been said he seems quite willing to work if you're looking more for a business assistant and he showed me some pictures of the car detailing he did and they looked quite nice. He acts pretty obsessed with some car wax products so I buy that he did the detailing. I don't think he's a scammer per se but he very likely is misrepresenting himself at least slightly.
  7. Can anyone recommend a good background check service to use? One that is thorough and convenient for all involved?
  8. Just Remember - A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED! Don't YOU be a fool, taken in by a cute picture or sad story! IF a 'houseby' truly wants a position with you - THEY should be the ones trying to give you all of their information up front instead of being argumentative. Before anything, for a few dollars, run a complete background check!
  9. I've gotten to the point of running Reverse Image search and check their name on TruePeopleSearch to see if they even live in the city where they claim to be. Sometimes it's easier if you read their profile and notice grammatical errors in talk - and this doesn't have anything to do with spelling. IF a person is truly in the USA, they should talk like you and me! ANY PROFILE WITH A FLUSHING NEW YORK ADDRESS IS A SCAM!
  10. Had the same thing happen. He was catfishing using pictures of a male model in Canada. Took all of five minutes to reverse image search.
  11. I am looking to relocate or within same location. Message me with details and I will respond. 760-535-5913 KC
  12. Every houseboy i talked with have been nothing but scammers. They will use things like pimps and gas money or travel money. Never ever give in to that scam. I decided the best thing for me is to delete my account. Caution with house boy Jennings.
  13. Hi , I'm looking for a Live in with me House Boy in Transylvania. Check my profile and hit me up if you are interested. Cheers :-)
  14. I still try to look at this tab every day but have never had any luck with it opening. I have waited upwards of 10 minutes but to no avail.
  15. Recently had an Employer contact me saying that they were downsizing and trying to find a place for his "BOY" to go. S-C-A-M! When he sent me the pictures I immediately did a Reverse Image Search learning that BOY - KEN actually was someone named VARS. DON'T ALLOW YOUR HEART TO MAKE YOUR DECISIONS or YOU WILL FIND OUT YOU'RE A PENNILESS BOOB! A. IF a Employer has a BOY that is seeking a position - they should post a profile on Houseboy.com. B. IF the potential New Employer is interested, have the BOY take a picture with piece of paper attached to his chest or shirt on which he lists the CURRENT DATE and a favorite CODE that the New Employer comes up with (Example, State where Employer is, old house number, smiley face or something). IF the BOY can't produce the picture - then he's a FAKE! NO EXCUSES - he has a cell phone, his current Employer has a cell phone, he can go to the library, or even a friend! C. IF conversation progresses to the potential point of meeting, the BOY coming to you. EVEN if you live miles away from this person, telephone call first (throw-away cell phone NOT your primary phone). Video Chat (ZOOM or other Android platform) phone to phone! D. IF you have the 'BOY'S' full name, run a background check on him: 1. https://www.truepeoplesearch.com/reverse-phone-lookup#. It's simple and free! 2. https://www.intelius.com/. The fee, as of 4/6/23, for 1 report is $24.85 for 1 month of UNLIMITED background reports. E. IF you are SO GULLIBLE as to send your money willy-nilly to someone that you never met - NOTHING I CAN SAY WILL STOP YOU!
  16. With Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other browser platforms, there is an add-on application you can get generally called Reverse Image Search allowing you to RIGHT click on a photo and search for similar across numerous websites. A good 30% of the 'houseboys' on this website are FRAUDULENT - using someone else's photos OR claiming to be someone else. PLUS, IF you contact someone and they refuse to send additional photos - THAT'S a good indication that something's wrong!
  17. Well the first sign of a scammer is that they don't have an active searchable profile on the site. They continue to use their temporary profile without a pic and look for unsuspecting employers. I really don't think this scammer even speaks English.
  18. Scammer be aware. Never replies to question, I'm talking basic simple info. Be careful
  19. WOW! That was very fast. Best of luck with your new assistant.
  20. Gay married couple in Western Massachusetts looking for male pt house assistant. Duties will be part time Benefits: room and board, cellphone and car insurance and or car access. We are a house full of animals and would like an assistant to clean, assist with projects, help with pets, laundry. Can havo other part time job. We are looking for a responsible, animal lover with a sense of humor.
  21. Welcome! Once your profile is visible on the main site, you'll be getting a lot of responses. Best of luck in your search.
  22. Hey I'm Xander! Pretty new to this, looking for a good guy who I can make real connection with. Hopefully some type of live in or monogamous relationship. Hmu let's talk and get know each other!
  23. Hey guys, stop-ya-bitchin, This site is ancient, it's likely there's not much staff, probably only one person who's aged out of current web tools. Instead of complaining, offer to volunteer some of your time and know how to help improve the site. It's obvious he(?) Needs help. Should your offer be refused, that's when the bitchin is appropriate.
  24. I agree with most of what you say except the part about changing the type of guy you look for. He has a type he's attracted to. He should keep trying until he finds a guy that checks all his boxes. Just as with everything in life from work, love, to business, you'll face 100s of closed doors, hear thousands of "no's", but the key to success is to keep trying. Eventually you'll get that opportunity, you'll find that dream lover, or youll score that investment. It only takes one time hearing yes. To DaddyD. You are holding yourself back. Purge these thoughts of racism out of your mind. I've encountered so many white men of many styles. It's very common to hear they feel exactly how you do in reverse. They're interested in black men, but can't find one that's seriously interested in them, so they stick with whats easy for them. Many men (regardless of race) are fascinated by the black man's reputation for larger than average endowment, and what gay man top or bottom, wouldn't want a nice big toy to play with? Make your character equally as bold and enticing as your cock, and no one can refuse you. In closing, if you look for hate you'll always find it. So stop looking fpr it, pretend it doesn't exist even when it's obvious. Don't let this negativity poison your outlook, thats self-defeating. Instead, Try harder, work harder, and never give up on your dreams.
  25. A simple solution is to require all profiles to verify with a photo. Many other sites do this. Yes the staff here is already taxed out, so verification and admittance woukd take extended time. But I believe the end result would be a much better experience for all. Let's suggest this.
  26. I'd not mind it the other way around. A houseboy who's a trucker. Where he's gone for months at a time. Having fun adventures on the road and working. Then when he comes home ill have a nice mess for him, and as the say "absence makes the heart grow fonder".
  27. I'd say depends largely on what you want, is it company on the road... or are you thinking more so someone in the sleeper tied up and ready to be used whenever you get bored?
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