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  2. If a person doesn't respond to your emails, the next step shouldn't be to blast their information on another site. This just means that, for whatever reason, they weren't interested. May not be personal; might just mean they already found a boy and aren't looking anymore, could mean you didn't stand out to them, could be for any other reason. I hope admin does remove this, which brings up a hole in the rules of the forums... yeah, posting full names and emails isn't allowed, but copying and pasting parts or all of a private profile of someone else on any other website (especially another
  3. Those pictures were searchable only if you log in on that site. Their pictures aren't associated with this site for their own reasons. I get that being public online doesn't grant you a ton of privacy, but in general, no good person would just take your pictures from that site and post them elsewhere. Sure, someone might do that, but it doesn't have to be you doing that to them. If they wanted their pictures publicized on this site, they would have done so. If you wonder if they have a profile on here, just ask them on the site you copied this from if they have a profile on this site. Don
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  5. @admin Delete this thread please, I found his account.
  6. They didn’t respond to my emails, and it’s been a few years since the profiles were updated. Also the photos can’t be taken down.
  7. I realize that but these are public photos....I don’t own them so I’ll take them down. What I was hoping for was for them to have an account on here.
  8. You've just posted this and 2 other profiles from houseboi.com. Why not just contact them there?
  9. You'd likely have a better time contacting these people by doing so from the profiles from which you copied and pasted this information. Also, it's not such a good idea to just post images and personal information of other men on this site without their permission. They might not have a profile here because they don't want their information on this site for their own personal reasons. Now, image searches for them and even text searches (since you used snippets of their profile word for word) will show search results with their information tied to this website. There are a LOT of employers
  10. We’d probably be a good fit: I have a small house in the DC suburbs of Virginia. Close to Metro so getting around is easy. I am masculine and would like to have a masculine houseboi. You can have a job if you like or hang out at my place (provided you do your chores!)
  11. I don’t know if they have an account here: Two well built cowboys who live on a 20 acre ranch in northwest Florida in a small town. Ready to share their lifestyle with the right person. Most guys are put off by us because we are too masculine and not into the scene. We can take care of ourselves and would be a proctector of our boi.
  12. I was wondering if these two (Rick & Scott) have an account on here: We are two masculine men in LTR of over 35 years We both retired from good jobs and enjoy a secure and substantial income in retirement. We�re located in North Western PA, about 45 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, PA. We live in a rural area surrounded by mostly farms. We have 10 very private wooded and fenced acres at the end of a private road. Our house is a real log cabin with a large living room with a stone fireplace, vaulted ceilings, a open floor plan with dining area and kitchen with island.
  13. someone please tell me how I can delete a photo on my account.
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  15. The site is so slow when trying to look at visitor tracks. Several things could be at fault - if your using a separate server to host the mysql your having communication issues.
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  17. Feel free to view my profile and pics. You will never find a more loyal and cool house with entrepreneurial skills.
  18. im interested in you if you wanna visit you can contact me here kansas heat is my screen name
  19. ...and now, for yet another name change, he's going by FriendlyMuscle as of today.
  20. I could care less who he really is or where he is. I’d have nothing to do with him. He’s a scumbag, a liar and a con artist. He’s still around just with a different profile name again. Beware
  21. If you want someone to be interested in you, you should answer people within a reasonable amount of time. And when you DO happen to find the time to respond, you SHOULD strike up a nice conversation, not just one word answers.
  22. https://www.quora.com/Where-can-a-guy-find-a-job-doing-gay-porn
  23. Looking for a guy thats good with having 2 lovers, Message us if this appeals to you. Rural country living here. Want to know more just need to ask. Know we are kinda looking for that needle in a hay stack but still hopeful we find that guy right for us. age isnt to big of a thing for us.
  24. Message me in the main site if you are ABDL 25-40 single and serious about making a commitment. Thanks
  25. Well you certainly posted a great profile and handsome pic. You should not have any trouble starting up a conversation with any number of potential employers. To about how many people per day do you write?
  26. Found your profile and sent you a message.
  27. If you don’t have a profile on the main site, you’ll get more from that. Where are you located?
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