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  4. No I wasn’t but looks like HB have taken profile down at last
  5. Free members get five free messages per day. You can upgrade either by paying for an upgrade or click on “upgrade” in your “account” and read how to get a free upgrade. Best of luck.
  6. Would you be open to someone on the weekends?
  7. Single masculine Dad type on a serious search for a live in boy to be my housemate, companion, friend, housekeeper, cook and sexual partner. Rural but not isolated. Safe, secure, healthy, drama free, easy living environment. For more info check out my profile on the main website. Serious inquires only please. Jsyk I’m pretty damn good at vetting fakes and scammers.
  8. Hey Paulwill, sorry to learn that. Were you able to report him before he blocked you?
  9. Free room and board in central london penthouse for houseboy. We are a fit Young old couple Looking for a third to join us
  10. The same happened to me and I told houseboy but they have not replied ir taken the post down
  11. Earlier
  12. My Husband and I are looking for a houseboy to be a cook, companion, and sex partner. We prefer versatile tops and bottoms. We will be in Palm Springs for a couple of months starting June 6th. Our place will have separate rooms, pool, and be very private. We offer room and board. Please send photos and a small resume. 420 friendly, must like dogs, comfortable working in trunks or speedos, and be able to have conversation.
  13. And if there is a limit, are there any tips for how to best communicate on here?
  14. Hello! I'm new to the site here and trying to learn how this all work. Is there a daily message limit or am I experiencing glitches?
  15. I sent you a message, saw you come online check it out and didn't even have the common courtesy to even reply
  16. Buck52

    Daviels is a Scam

    HAHAHAHA, man thats a good one. You know, I swear there’s a scammer’s guide book these scum bags use because they all pretty much read the same, word for word. Sad fact of the matter is trying to get the folks who run this website to kick the scum to the curb instead of allowing them to continue their destructive behavior here on the website.
  17. Because I'm furloughed both my jobs I'm looking to see if anyone need help around the house in exchange for a room. I have previous experience before I am from california and nothing seems like it's going to be starting up again, especially in both of my 2 jobs. I have a profile on this site. Send me a message!!!
  18. Those are screen shots of his original profile before he modified it to match the fake pics he started using he found on the internet.
  19. 4playmikey is one of the new members here but is a total sham, fake, time waster. Had the “dis”pleasure of wasting time with this guy who came across ver appealing and convincing at first. All seemed to be progressing well with texting and a phone call in efforts to get better acquainted. That’s until he decided to share a few photos, same ones he has in his profile. Well they aren’t his. That’s the reason why he states in his profile NOT to ask for any more photos. Because he can’t find anymore off the internet that look like the same guy. The second big eye opener is that from his original profile to his newly revised profile he has gone from 19 to 18 years old. His dick has grown from a cut, average, 6” to an uncut, thick, 8.5”(Will miracles never cease huh). He’s switched from versatile to a versatile bottom which is no big deal. Oh and one more thing I suppose he overlooked. His original profile stated NO piercings or tattoos. His revised one has one piercing. Oops, he didn’t spot the nipple piercing in the stolen, fake photo he started using. Oh well, young-n-dumb. He has an iPhone but will use one of those messaging apps to text you. Has at least two email accounts he used to email initially. Claims he just graduated high school and was on the swim team. Parents supposedly kicked him out when he was 14-15 after coming out gay. Says lives with an aunt in Santa Clairita, CA. Goes by the name Mike Harlow. Save yourself the time and trouble. Unable to report him due to him blocking me unexpectedly. I’m sure it was because he saw I had visited his profile after he had so ridiculously modified it. I was blocked within an hour after I’d visited it. Of course he unexpectedly block my phone number as well. So I hope the website moderator will view this and unplug one more bad apple from our website here. Good luck to everyone. Stay safe.
  20. ryanA

    Daviels is a Scam

    Still Rolling with this:
  21. I have been serving 24/7 for six of the last 10 years in a number of households starting my late 40s. while a lot of doms want a young pretty pliable sub with a nice body. many of them open up their demographic focus after some pursuit & experience. about a third of my masters have been younger than me. what doms report to me that they don't like about some younger guys: they're flaky and often disappear for no reason while they're getting to know each other they don't know what they want they are inexperienced in sex & kink & D/s they have poor judgment & impulse control they spent most or all of their time on their phone or gaming, hide in their room they need nagging to do any chores they do drugs & steal their profile is blank/hard to evaluate and/or they didn't read our profile they have more STIs than guys over 30 obviously none of those things are true of all young men or can't be true of older guys what masters have told me they enjoyed about me or other older experienced subs: we're trained we are motivated & know that we want to serve we're very skilled at bottoming, cock sucking, massage etc we know how to take care of a household/dungeon/car etc we often have useful life skills or input when there's a problem we do obvious chores without having to be told or threatened we're more interesting to be around, make conversation, introduce to friends we can be trusted to follow thru on a project and have good independent judgment we're more hairy, chunky, mature, masculine, better tops we don't need constant supervision or entertainment most of the doms i've met who were serious about finding a houseboy have been ripped off by a young pretty drug addict who seduced them to the point where they got off balance & did things against their own better judgment some doms who can handle more than one sub, keep a young guy as a boytoy & an older guy as a manwife or majordomo what's your experience of looking for guys of different ages & being served by them?
  22. I’m smart quick witted with a lot of common sense I have a strong back ground in an office assistant eager to help give back and eager to work thank you
  23. I have moved to the UK. Now live in West Sussex area, south of London.

  24. I know it's probably a strange time to be looking to move in with someone, but I have to leave my current housing situation by the end of the month. anyone in SF need a houseboy? Hmu.
  25. Hi. I'm Alan 33 Singaporean Chinese 172 69. I'am handling 3 business and staying alone. Hence, I am very busy to handle the households and I have very high stress level. Looking for someone who wants to relocate to Singapore. I am prepared to pay salary. He must be younger than 30 years old and able to do household and serve me physically and sexually. Interested, pls pm me. Thanks
  26. best performance prize to the dishwasher https://www.facebook.com/MagicMenAustralia/videos/1026287934428526/?t=0
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