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  3. So an older guy contacted me claiming he was 'looking for a new home' for his housboy, Ken. Pics duly arrived, Ken looked all too good to be true. Reasonably communicative, but started to slip up. I'm British and so he claimed he knew how to make 'fish and chips' (nobody makes these - we always get them as take out) and 'cucumber sandwiches'. Really ? Nobody eats these either, they're a relic of Edwardian afternoon tea. If I was making a proper, British, afternoon tea I might do some but it would really be as something to laugh about. That all set the alarm bells ringing but... ...the absolute stand out was when I suggested we chatted / video called over WhatsApp or similar. He claimed to only have a Nokia phone with buttons despite the fact one of the pictures he'd sent was of him in front of a mirror using an iPhone to take the picture. Of course, I challenged him on this and got crap in reply. Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining honey...
  4. Good day room could anyone tell me where best place is to look where we see someone posted someone is repeat scammer , i just wonder is their list on here somewhere i am running across couple that is liars of many things so i just stay away of course thanks guys
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  6. Looking for that awesome guy/boy/man to join what a desire of mine to be a family.... you? what is your desire?

  7. I really have to agree with those who say NO to sponsoring travel to meet you. the fact is, part of demonstrating that a houseboy is serious is the willingness to step out into the unknown at HIS cost, because, basically, it's an investment in yourself, and a pretty good sign as to whether, in the long run, they will be dependable, stable, and adventurous enough to be able to make that leap of faith. My situation began in college, when I began dating a guy who actually needed me because his growing up homelife was, well, it sucked! Parents that forced him into gymnastics, at age 5, which had a good outcome, he won a full-ride sccholarship to the Midwestern college I attended. At the age of 25, when he STOPPED daily training, he went from 5'2" to 5'7" in less than a year, which his doctor said was mostly due to allowing his body a chance to heal and acheive a normal metabolism. In all, I feel like I benefitted as much from being with him, as he did with me, since it was good for me to be a bit of a mentor, and bring out the best in both of us. later on, I made the error of taking on three other boys, full-time, two, on call, when it got extreme, in managing a gay resort Inn,... a fun period, but stressful, as was also working an eight-hour shift at a college. Had it not been for my boyfriend's drive, loyalty and willingness to make things work, it's doubtful we would have had an eight-year successful run at it! Of course, we self-recruited out of the gay community, and also mainly students, who needed a break, anyway, but with the flexible hours and inconvenience of five men living in a 3 -ring circus of guests, tours, and keeping a place open 24 hours a day, Would I do it again? No, definitely not, but we all benefitted financially, and grew almost to the point of being family over that eight years. how many times one of us went down to the desk at 3AM in jeans, shirtless and barefoot sounds sexy, but the average amount of sleep a day was more likee 5 hours than 8. Part of the reason I would not do it again, is that it really has changed for the worst. Where it used to be a tiny whisper of an opening brought in curious young men, today, most of the people in the age group I was dealing with, have neither interest, nor aptitude to deal with an actual person-to-person communication job, and their expectations are more in the Hollywood lifestyle than "Hold on, we'll get through this." attitude.
  8. My profile is viewable - looking to find a great guy for an ongoing arrangement. I am genuine and you should be too. Don't expect it to happen overnight, it's better to take some time and get it right than to rush into it and both sides end up disappointed. It's about you as much as me, and what you're bringing to the table as much as what I am offering as well. Not all contributions are financial in nature. If you're interested, can hold a conversation and won't expect to move in after 20 minutes then you should contact me.
  9. I live in Sedona Az and have visited and understand, I am a white guy that loves Asian so anyone wanting to travel lets go!!! everyone have great day!
  10. Meeturneeds...the caption in your profile says you haven't been on here for 8 days. If you don't check your messages daily, no potential employer will be interested since it appears as though you're not all that interested either.
  11. Do you have a profile set up on the main site, completely filled out, with pic(s)? If not you’re pretty much wasting your time posting here in the forum.
  12. I’ve had same issues a good long while now but I’ve also engaged with potential houseboys who I felt were legit but for several different reasons were not willing to commit with me. Many want to remain in the same are. Many are city boys who don’t think they’d be comfortable in a rural environment. Some have outrageous expectations of being paid a lot of $ to sit around and look pretty. Some we just don’t click. Some have way too much baggage like for instance outstanding warrants or excessive drug use. One of the first things that give me pause is the answer to the question, willing to relocate, “maybe”. MAYBE?! If they haven't settled it in their mind yet that relocating is Preeminent then I have no interest. Yes I know some wish you find a position close to where they live and some wish the same but not “live in house”. Which is fine. But if they aren’t disclosing that in their profile then I immediately see that as not being serious right off the bat. Just my two bits worth.
  13. The options to report a fake profile need to be modified. If you're talking to a guy and you suspect he's fake, he might block you before you can report him. Once you're blocked, you can't even report him. Then guys post the "fakes" in here hoping someone else will block him, but they kind of can't since a random person might not have any evidence to support reporting that fake profile. Once you're blocked by a person, you can't even access any of your messages on here to copy and share them to report. I'm not saying messages between blocked members should be accessible even when blocked, but the ability to report a fake profile should remain active. Also, why not put some kind of banner in the messaging part of this website that makes a person have to read through something telling them that they should never have to send money to a boy for any reason, no matter how sad or urgent their sob story is? Perhaps having a box to check off that says something making us agree that we're not going to send any boy money every time we click to send a message? The only thing that will stop the scammers is if they know they're on a site where people aren't careless enough to fall for their stories and fake pictures, so why not mention the rule of not sending money in more places that we'd have to see while or before communicating with others? Maybe even a banner on the home page itself, or a pop up that you have to read and agree to every time we enter the site or go to the messaging link?
  14. Quality over quantity. Believe me... there is nothing to be sorry about. I may not have been through as many men on this site when I was a houseboy, but the men I did meet kept me for years at a time. My time as a houseboy is the reason I get to live a life travelling and being my own boss today. Thank goodness that 25% is far better than what washes up in the other 75%. You don't have to learn to "think as a houseboy". You need to learn to simply be yourself. The right employer or host or lover will love you for it and never let you go. Taking the time to narrow it down to the few good matches will reward you far more than wasting time with the many bad arrangements, but you won't get to any of the good unless you stop trying to be what you see in "hot houseboy of the day" photos and just be yourself (as long as the "yourself" isn't a judgmental twink; those are a dime a dozen).
  15. thanks for this, you're right. Think i still have to learn to think as a houseboy. Too bad interracial still is only 25%.
  16. Preference when searching for a partner or sexual match is not the same as negative or hurtful discrimination. Being fem is not the same thing as being or living as a woman, and maybe DJHJD is simply stating a fact. His statement is great news for anyone looking for a woman or a man that lives as one, but is, without any disrespect, a heads up for those of us that aren't at all into women (cis or not). He didn't say or imply that there was anything wrong with it, but if the ads in that area on that site consist mostly of men pretending to be women, that's just stating facts. Being judgmental isn't any better than discriminating, but when searching for what you actually want, you have every right to discriminate rather than settle. If I thought like you, I'd be offended every time I see a guy that doesn't date black guys (which is usually about 3 out of ever 4 profiles). That's not discrimination or anything to take personal; I'd rather be with someone that adores me rather than be with someone that thinks he's doing me a favor. Lighten up... you're on a houseboy site after all.
  17. https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/119859.Gay_Romance_with_a_side_of_Kink
  18. Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging will prepare you for the upcoming green future.
  19. this reads like discrimination of cross dressers and transgenders. Please improve your attitude towards others.
  20. hi, i'm curious to find a Master/Employer here who is into a submissive, obedient crossdressing houseboy. Of course i can dress all masculine and do all of the male things, like hiking, sports et cetera... But, i like to dress in a maid outfit when doing household chores. It helps me having a positive, upbeat attitude. In the bedroom, it makes me do Anything for my Daddy. I love being slutty, and seducing my Master.
  21. Hey! Have you found anyone yet ?
  22. I’m wondering if anyone has had a good experience here, I’m committed to be an excelente houseboy one to really be there for what you need.
  23. As a Native American by decent, I do not see the attraction of white boys, and find Asian men both attractive and exotic. The unfortunate thing is, despite being near a good school, I am NOT in Southern California, and I am also glad of it. In the past, I had associations with California boys and found they complain a great deal about the weather, the lack of gay locals and entertainment, and, what affects me most, the lack of decent Asian markets.
  24. But no details, experiences, or strengths???
  25. trent

    New Houseboy

    Hope you find local, if not, I am in the Midwest and seeking skilled hospitality freaks.
  26. I hope you realize raw is something generally reserved for the people in your immediate association, and not the local pizza delivery boy?
  27. Not only serious, but knowledgeable about what a real houseboy is presenting. It's usually someone who can't find something else to do, and that's the primary problem why no one has hired them or taken them on.
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