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  4. hello- I am seeking to become someones houseboy asap
  5. Professional in mid forties looking for a house boy. You need to have a drivers license, be computer literate. I am a single father and need assistance with the kids upbringing, homework. Looking for a well educated/ well mannered guy, who is not just a pretty face. Ideal candidate also cooks. We have a house keeper who helps out with cleaning, laundry and some cooking too. The House Boy is mostly dedicated to daddies needs. A nice massage here and there, a work out together, foot rub or help with a stretch, grocery shopping, car washing. Personal Assistant with benefits is the best way to describe the job. You must fit into our lives and schedules and enjoy being told what to do. We live a very vibrant life with a lot of travel, you should also have a good passport as you will sometimes travel internationally with me. The right guy is passionate about life, curious about the world, interested in a family : healthy life style. get in touch and let's figure out if we are a match.
  6. Looking to be a houseboi for an employer near me Canton Mi area
  7. Looking to work as a part time houseboy for an employer that’s voyeuristic, a tad kinky, and loves to spank his boi. Ideally you’d have me clean, organize, yard stuff, help with furniture moving/assembly, or just keep you company and chat. I’ve never been told that I’m bad at my house keeping duties, hope to hear back from employers that this appeals to!
  8. Hello, i am interested and how can i apply within? my cellphone number is 7402585450.
  9. Here I am, an incredibly qualified well preserved man in my 50s who has been looking for a suitable live in gig in Southern California for YEARS.... And despite the legions of older single gay men in this region, many of which I am certain have large homes that they either do not wish to leave, or faced with modern ironic yet endemic financial infeasibility of leaving, but are overwhelmed with trying to take care of the place themselves, I am still unable to find anyone willing to even interview me! I have been a private meal service chef and an events producer in the city of Los Angeles for over 20 years. I own my own vehicle free and clear. I have no debt. I am in a long term stable living situation but I want to trade up. I am not financially destitute. I have never been a drinker or a drug user. Most importantly, I keep an amazing home. There simply HAS to be at least ONE man in Southern California who sees exponentially more value in considering a live in gig with someone like me, who is literally bursting with marketable skills, then in some dopey cum fountain who reads at a seventh grade level who will do nothing for them but satisfy their dwindling sex drive, be high all the time, and possibly foist an endless panoply of drama upon them. I have literally been on this site for over ten years. I knew my value then, and I still know it (and in many ways it has increased). Are there ANY California dwelling independent critical thinkers on here born between 1947 and 1965 who have taken ten minutes to consider what it might mean for them to grow older in place without anyone to share their household responsibilities with? If that is you, I would consider dropping me a message. Bill
  10. Confirmed - this guy is a scammer. He sent me the same passport pic. It eventually turned into a plea for help to pay a hospital bill and it just kept getting more and more elaborate. His user profile on here is JeffryGles.
  11. I just hope the site is fixed soon so it can be accessed once again!
  12. unfortunately the website is only partially maintained on autopilot but is really just a front for the porn site which is the moneymaker it's definitely been getting worse in the last 5 years. it's been years? since michael the sysop posted
  13. As of last night (Sunday night) it was suddenly working again and then this morning...not! I'm surprised the forum still works.
  14. The server is failing here. the ability to get in to log in has corrupted boot in instructions. I found you can get in this way you will get an email from HB saying MEMBERS VIEWED YOUR PROFILE open that click on one of the names that should get you in it seems to work from there.
  15. I have found MOST of these guys are after your money. One fast way to check is to do a picture search. Most of the ones I turn up are Russian models. when you look at the pics, look at the clothes he is wearing. if they look too new, start thinking MODEL look at the room he is in or the back ground outside, if it looks like a set for pics, if it looks too perfect, start thinking MODEL one immediate stop go is to have him take a picture of himself holding something with a date, news paper, and or driver license with pic and address. THIS WILL IMMEDIATELY STOP COMMUNICATIONS normally because they can't do it. ALSO put up your guard if they start talking about family passing away, family being really sick or anything out of country. INSTANT RED FLAGS. Some of the scams have pretty good, believable scripts, they will try to drag you along with believeable lifes adventures. again start paying close attention to the pics, what he is wearing, his surroundings. What the little scammer is up to is to get you to fall for him heart and soul, then he got you and he knows you would be willing to take a chance, DONT The rule is DONT send any money. If you think you have the one, have HIM pay for the trip to you. You can reinburse him after arrival if you need to but dont pay for transportation to anywhere. If this is a money scam, they don't care how small the amount is that you send as long as they can get you to send. And trust me when I say they have incredibly believable stories to make you fall in the trap.
  16. I've had all these problems as well. It's been going on for many months. I do not think the website is maintained professionally.
  17. I haven't been here for a few days, just logged in and it looks dead to me. The site has been slowly breaking down for awhile and now needs life support stat. Retrieving mail was getting super slow and checking to see who looked at my profile had completely stopped months ago. It is too bad because we need a HB.
  18. What's wrong with the site? It's been down for several days now. Is it going extinct? This is what I'm seeing. Anybody else? (ps. no updates, no corrupt files, all other sites working perfectly, no video games even played lately! Don't suggest them!)
  19. Very successful and very good looking 41yo big bro daddy type 5’10 150 lbs wear diapers to bed nightly and on weekends seeking other young 21+ athletic diaper wearing boys for live in here in nyc for long term only. Send a message here or text directly to 917 331 0430 USA based only with legit us cell phone number only thanks. Jon here
  20. I've been on the site a while and all of the employers I've spoken to are fakes or flakes. Now I'm in a desperate situation and no one seems serious. Is it just me or is the site just not worth it?
  21. And as quickly as he disappeared two weeks ago, he reappeared today. Now he's Hotboy4Serious. Although he didn't post his face pic this time, it's the same body pic he's used for the last 8 years. BEWARE...you have been warned!
  22. MUST LOVE ANIMALS. Opening our New England home to the right guy! We have 2 dogs, a cat, and a leopard gecko. I work full time from home and my husband owns and works full time in a hair salon. Ideally looking for someone who can help with daily/weekly chores, laundry, cooking and cleaning, possibly yard work/home improvement projects around 15 to 20 hous a week. Flexible and schedule could allow for a part time or full time job. Room, board, cell, gym membership, car insurance provided.
  23. Well you certainly posted a great profile! Any employer would be very lucky to have a houseguy like yourself. Best of luck in your search.
  24. For now, not looking to relocate and prefer the idea of meeting up before and doing trial runs on weekends before further commitment. Just better with all of the fakes and scamming. So hit me up if you need a sub or houseboy in Southern California. Cool with chat friends too, especially if you want to talk about books or movies. Or sex and kinks, I guess. or about others’ success at finding/having a houseboy or being a houseboy. Kind of thinking my window for being a houseboy is closing being a 30 something well into my dad bod stage, but sadly my ideal think days were spent trying to be a good religious boy. Still the internal drive to submit and serve superior men is still there and so I am going to give it a try still even though I may no longer be the standard houseboy eye candy. Happy hunting, everyone.
  25. ...and as quickly as he reappeared...he's once again GONE! Thank you for reporting him and for deleting his new profile. You saved someone from being taken in and then scammed.
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