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  5. I personally have started requesting a “verified photo” be sent before any kind of serious discussion and or questioning begins in order to at the very least discover if they are real, regardless if they are using a bogus name or not. And when I say real I mean what they really look like. As many profiles are faceless. My questioning, after a verified photo is sent, goes directly to asking about their current life’s situation. Including their current living arrangement, if they are tied down to a lease or not? Are they currently a student, working and if so doing what/where or both? Do they have dependable transportation? Any pets that they would want to bring? Then questions on their experiences as far as tasks and duties that I require they do if I take them on. And importantly how do they feel about doing said tasks? Lastly I stress very much so how important it is for us both to build trust in each other, without which there can be no arrangement. Trust takes time to build through totally honest and open communication with each other. And that must include video chatting. If they come up with some excuse that they cannot video chat sometime soon or give reasonable answers to my very reasonable questions then I don’t waste anymore time with them. They either are here just to fantasize, to lie in order to get money sent to them or professional con artists trying to gain as much personal info so as to use it for nefarious purposes. In summary, it takes time and effort once the two parties find some kind of mutual interest and wish to pursue the possibility of coming to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Good luck everyone.
  6. The best we can do is filter for scammer commonalities, ask specific questions, insist on answers, and send no money at all.
  7. DJHJD, One of my most recent experiences affirmed your last comment. I had a guy that was positive he could do what I needed after reading my rather lengthy and detailed description. I then asked him to write me a short page about his experience, his current living arrangements and why he was ready to move to northeastern Illinois just as we are moving into winter. A week later, the crickets are still chirping. Nothing in response. He is still on the site, having posted a better profile photo. What’s wrong with a short note, “I changed my mind”?
  8. It is my opinion, and interpretation of my own experiences, that many or most of the young men offering their services on here are primarily looking for one of three things - free housing, free money, or "being spoiled." They are universally, none of them, ready to actually perform services that would make their presence in one's home worthwhile. I have negotiated with four house boy candidates thus far who have showed up for a trial run; none were successful. I have negotiated with another five, each of whom I had a similar experience in sending them money to travel here, airline tickets, etc., and they each of them took the money and "ran" in an internet ghosting sense. All five maintain active profiles on this site. There are some who are very appealing, but reject my interest because I don't meet their particular BDSM or role play needs. I believe that one of the first questions that must be answered by a prospective houseboy must be what their current housing situation is. Many of these lads are homeless, or about to be. If a prospective houseboy will not clearly answer this question, one should move on to other candidates regardless of how pretty his pictures are.
  9. Very well put. As I am at the beginning stage of my first search, I am very intested in the resonses you get.
  10. While I’ve read through the HB site for several years, this late summer and fall marks my first serious search to find a houseboy to live with me. I've had mixed results but no successful engagement of a houseboy. First off, I pass by profile with a lot of “ask me,” “maybe,” and “it depends” responses. I figure they are either window shopping, or will answer my question the way they perceive I would view favorably. Then I have a pretty good eye for fakes. The Ghana and Nigeria operators often give clues in their language usage. Nonetheless, I did lose several hundred dollars to one guy, in a gamble I knew was risky. But in dealing with young men who I perceive to be legitimate candidates I spend a lot of time going back and forth sharing information. First off, I want to be sure the understand me and my situation and needs. I want to discover what they really can an will do (sex is a very low priority in my search, housework, high.). Moreover I don’t wan to coerce a man to come here until he is certain he wants to come. I consciously avoid being pushy or rushing a commitment. I’ve corresponded with a couple of young men who dealt with me extensively but ended up choosing other employers. In both cases they sensed my slowed-down pace, non-pushy attitude as reluctance on my part. In both cases, I think they accepted placements far less desirable than what I offered (my opinion) I’d welcome feedback on the experience of others who have successfully engaged suitable houseboys, and even from those who have had little or no success.
  11. A young gentleman in West Africa Ghana looking for an Employer to be employed and share life together. More interested in LTR boyfriend so I can take care of household chores and maintain the home as well as share romantic life together. Been here for awhile and nothing is happening. Don’t mind relocating if Employer/Boyfriend is worth it.....honestly and sincerely looking. Check my profile
  12. Where are the Black employers?
  13. The lines of information on the photoshopped lines run at different angle to the non-photoshopped and you can see some bits of the original underneath the overlaid. It isn’t a good fake.
  14. Seeking dom top male couple... Preferably one social enough to have another pair of friends. Would prefer white or blue collar american males, 40-65yrs Write me... Vagabond or... Anurean@icloud.com
  15. Update: He’s changed his eye color and cock length and thickness descriptions. This guy is obviously fake. Watch out fellas.
  16. steer clear of this dumbass fake individual. One quick look over their profile threw up red flags. Eye color blue/green in profile pic but stated as brown in profile. Profile read states is in a big hurry to come to an agreement on the table. Cock size 5.5/huge ?? These are all big time indicators this person is fake! Steer clear fellas. You’ve been warned.
  17. Buck52

    Devinbrn5010 ALERT

    Sounds like your guy at least showed up. Mine got the money and stopped communicating almost immediately. He’d have had it made if he’d just showed up here like he said he wanted to.
  18. Dad49

    Devinbrn5010 ALERT

    Buck, I don’t think it was the same guy. I think there are a lot of guys in the same ilk. I don’t know if he was a plain out con, or just to messed up in his life that he lost track of the truth and/or had little faith that 6 months to 2 years or more in an honest, non-abusive home situation could help him to find a path to a life he could be proud to lead. I am not perfect, and don’t expect ion perfection of others. But holy cow!
  19. Buck52


    Add: Devinbrn5010 A liar and con.
  20. Buck52

    Scam ALERT

    That’s correct about the Flushing address being the default address when they don’t include one in their profile. And yes it’s one of the BIG red flags when I see it so I don’t waste my time contacting people with no address. Means they’re either liars, scammers or guys who aren’t really serious, just here for the fantasy of it all.
  21. Buck52

    Devinbrn5010 ALERT

    Hey there Dad49, was he the same guy I started this about? Be sure you call them out on it here so the rest of us can avoid those known scammers please.
  22. Buck52

    Devinbrn5010 ALERT

    The biggest tip he was probably a con that I neglected to act on was his eagerness to act quickly. Send money so I can start my drive to you and leave this miserable life I have here behind. Hell no damn wonder I have so many rescue pets here. Lol!
  23. Dad49

    Devinbrn5010 ALERT

    I just had a similar experience with a guy who says he lives in South Carolina, but was raised in Georgia. Knowing full well that advancing these guys money is foolish, I bought into his thing. I even used airline miles to fly him to me. But I put him on a plane home (with more miles) When it was obvious that his financial needs were a bottomless pit. I kind of believe that this guy’s life is a mess, and I’d have worked with that if he hadn’t played me too far. Live and learn, this one cost me more than I’m willing to admit publicly.
  24. The flushing address is the default address when they don't answer the question. I would think if you don't want to answer such a simple question as where you are, then that would be a read flag to me.
  25. All the ones from Flushings NY are Scammers. To prove it I live in South Jersey & have told them All that I can drive up the 2 hours in my Truck to pick them up along with their stuff , after which they then never contact me again cause they want money to relocate to me.
  26. Hi there, are you still looking?
  27. DJHJD

    Devinbrn5010 ALERT

    Can't say I'm surprised; done it several times myself. One just has to establish the amount of money one is willing to gamble, knowing that there is a very high probability that nothing will come of it.
  28. Devinbrn5010 ALERT: An excellent liar and conman. Name is Devin Brown. Said from Gainesville, GA. Had a typical down and out story, living out of his 2011 Toyota Tacoma truck, hadn’t eaten in couple days, everything he owned he could fit in his truck. Has an iPhone but for some odd reason he could neither get his current location to turn on or FaceTime with my iPhone. Yeah right. Said just wanted a place to go where he’d feel safe, secure, earn some money to go to school. Raised a Georgia country boy he said. Said $300 would be enough for gas and food to drive the over 900 miles to me in Texas. So yeah, along with my wishful thinking, wanting to believe not everyone is a damn liar, giving the benefit of the doubt, allowing my dick to interfere and the fact I’m a gambling kinda man, I rolled the dice with this boy and came up empty handed. Needless to say he broke his own word, his own promises. I’m still old school in that I believe a man’s word is everything, his bond. Obviously that means nothing these days to a vast majority of younger generations. Yet I’m not angry, not feeling hurt, not resentful towards this fella. I knew the risk, I could afford it so I gave him the $300 as a gamble. I lost. You’ve been warned now about Devinbrn5010.
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