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  2. Man, even I still get gifts from a few of the guys I used to work for when I was a houseboy. I wouldn't call any of them a sugardaddy, more like a benefactor if anything. If you want to find someone to take care of you and give you things, hey, there's nothing wrong with that, but make yourself worthy of it. If you're cute, skinny, young, and willing to do what they tell you to for money, you have to realize there's a million other boys who will be cuter, skinnier, younger, and willing to outdo the next boy to get noticed. You can do that, or you can do what I did; when the employers get tired of those boys that they realize are nothing more than cute and they end up needing someone that can actually do a job (while sober), they called on guys like me. Gaining their trust also meant when it was time for me to move on, we kept in touch. When you do right by these generous guys that actually have your best welfare in mind, they don't forget, and they never let you forget them. Though I have turned down most of the gifts offered, it is nice being in touch with men that I know would go out of their way to make sure I never go without anything I needed or wanted if I just asked. I'll admit, it's also nice to often times be offered my old position back because they genuinely miss me and the jack-of-all-trades kind of guy I was for them. Anyhow, you want to find a sugardaddy, so be something and someone that would make sugardaddies want to find you. If you never want to be sitting around wondering where they have gone, be the person a sugardaddy can never forget. I'll give you a hint; the things that will keep a good generous man attached to you are not things he can do in the bedroom with just any willing boy.
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  4. Well it only took him a couple of days this time, but he's back yet once again. As always, he has me blocked so I can't report him. For particulars about him, search the archives. There are multitudes of information about this repeat scammer. Please someone, report & block him from this site ASAP! Thank you!
  5. I have never had any luck trying to open the tab of visitors to my profile either.
  6. Well, at least for the time being he's gone. I just hope no one got scammed. Thanks for reporting him. Let's hope he stays away forever.
  7. jd92629

    New houseboy

    Lack of reply tells me that you are a SCAM
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  9. How about "willyhterhson"? I've think he looks familiar, we might have talked before.
  10. Ok so it’s obvious from the get go something smells fishy. The guy is listed at 4’4” tall and 100 pounds. First red flag. So I figure I’ll play a bit. He emails me. First message wants to know my name, age, job, where I am, etc. oh and yes he’s looking for love. I tell him to share a few face pics. Sends one of him in army uniform. Hit the buzzer! (Army minimum height is 5’) Oops! Oh and of course he’s stationed in an Arab country. If that ain’t enough I ask him how tall he is and what does he say? DUH!?!? Tells me he’s 6’2” and 210! Army must feed ‘em growth harmones. Along with dumbass pills. (No offense you real warrior heroes out there) Yeah a good laugh but it’s just a shame there’s so many fakes on the website. Please, don’t fall for it. Oh, when I called him out on it his reply is a friend filled out the profile for him because he doesn’t have much IT skill. Lol! Yeah! True!
  11. It’s been well reported that this site doesn’t really care about updating or fixing issues. Their interest is money generated from the porn they advertise. Little interest in the main website. I’m confounded that anyone would pay for a membership on this website. There’s really no advantage to it at all. And for those who post videos, or explicit photos? Well no one is going to view them because practically NO ONE is a paying member. And they are the only ones can view such. It’s a shame too the way this site is managed.
  12. FitBoy4U a/k/a Boy4Serious a/k/a HotBoy4Dad a/k/a DreamBoy4U a/k/a Handsome4Mentor a/k/a MotivatedMuscle is back...again! He is now Muscled4Mentor. Since we reported him a few years ago (yes, he's been scamming people for years) he immediately blocks us and others who have reported him in the past. Michael, is there a way you can at least allow us to report repeat scammers? Since we can't view his posts, we are not able to report him. maybe you can at least pick up repeat profiles from IP addresses? This guy is bad news and we don't want some unsuspecting employer to get taken like we did. Thank you!
  13. I'd be amazed if he could walk and chew gum at the same time. He's not very inventive. Every fake screen name of his always included the numeral "4." He always uses the same profile pic, so it's easy to spot his new fake ads. It's just a shame that not many members read these FORUM posts, or maybe someone would report him and get him off the site. He immediately blocks us as well, so we are also not able to report his fake ads. Maybe the administrator can fix the bug so that we can view and report his, and others, fake postings.
  14. Same guy just different profile name. He immediately blocks those of us who’ve outed him in the past. Including me. So I can’t report him. Don’t waste your time with him. He’s poison.
  15. And today he's back as Muscled4Mentor. PLEASE someone report and block him before he scams someone on here.
  16. Supposedly the poster is his older sister but I have my doubts. The physical stats listed don’t match the previous ones on his profile from two years ago. “She” claims someone told her he’d been on this website a month ago. Almost exact same profile pic as was used couple years ago. I had a lot of off site conversations and phone calls with him. Personal opinion, I think he was a heavy drug user, unemployed, in and out of jail dead best who used his scamming skills to manipulate and con men in to helping him with sad story after sad story. And promises of wanting to be of service as a houseboy. Tracey City, TN is supposedly where he was from back then. Derrick Odear was the name he was going by. I’d not trust anything with whoever set up his current profile. Be it sister or him. You’ve been warned.
  17. JMcoy


    I’m in my mid 20’s and I’ve been wanting to have a mentor who wants to have a companion on his business trips, a travel partner on his vacations, a sex partner, or simply a great listener to talk to whenever. Ultimately, I’d love to learn all that I can from them especially: networking, traveling, and socializing. What was your journey that led you to desire for a houseboy relationship?
  18. So, the post’s creator is a scam artist? Just making sure I’m following ya.
  19. he'll eventually reply but if you look thru the history of the other forums, they're clearly focused on the main porn site and this is just a backwater that doesn't bring in much money and they don't pay much attention. don't hold your breath and not really worth giving them money since much of the site is moribund. it's much less active than it was before lockdown as well. .
  20. To reactivate my account its been a week since I put in my request
  21. It’s relieving to know I’m not the only one who noticed the numerous issues with these sites.
  22. jd92629

    New houseboy

    If you are serious about this and willing and able to move to Palm Springs CA reply dhsdweller08@gmail.com
  23. Any employers in Colorado? I’m looking to be a visiting nude/lude houseboy for fun.
  24. Yes it’s pitiful. Love waiting five minutes or more for the “viewed you” screen to download just so I can see who has recently viewed my profile. And that’s not the half of it here.
  25. Definitely a scammer. I had quite a few conversations with him. Makes up stuff constantly then forgets his lies and tries to recover. Comes on fast and hard. Beware.
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