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  4. If you'd consider the Seattle area, hit me up. Kevinmglover@yahoo.com
  5. If you'd consider the Seattle area, hit me up with a pic and some more info about you. Kevinmglover@yahoo.com
  6. Thanks for the heads up with this scum bag. He’s Jackson2u, I just checked and he’s still operating on the home site. Were you able to report him? Also I think it would get much more exposure if you start a new post with his name and an appropriate adjective to go with it. Use the forum “Houseboys” instead of this one. It’s gets a lot more exposure. Again thanks for letting us know. First time I read over his profile after he first appeared I knew he was a fraud.
  7. Hi guys. Got another scammer. Jackson4u is of the "slave for sale by Master" cons. Save your time. He's more fake than a $4 bill!
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  9. Yes I think we all know there are crooked employers trolling the website just like there are crooked houseboys. I do believe there are a lot more of each who are not though. Then there are those I think who are here just for the fantasy of being a houseboy with no real intention of actually wanting to be a houseboy. If you think you’ve run across an employer that is trying to scam or is a fake then by all means report them and post a message in the forum as well if you want. I’m not here to be the scammer police and wish I never had to report anyone. But I’ll damn sure do so when I discover one in hopes someone else won’t be victimized. Good luck to everyone and keep on searching.
  10. Buck52

    Alexx is a scammer

    Thanks for letting us know.
  11. I think we should email or chat more for get to know each other thanks
  12. Yes if I would want I can report i a few employers also , scammers who only said they are rich people from the USA and ask for private pictures few minutes after your first email or text phone , what’s this ? I don’t report them because I am not into games. But you to employers are a cheaters and scammers it’s the same.
  13. Okay guys , I just want to tell that employers only ask for naked or sexy pictures minutes later your first messages. they said they will help and then don’t talk anymore. i don’t know how they want a trusting person if the only cares is about the body, seems all this daddies or employers wherever you want to call are a cheaters and love to play games. From no I am just looking in México , Canada or Europe. The people in the USA love to said they are rich and will help but after you send something sexy they dissapear , Thanks. i don’t care about the money just looking a good tutor and someone who need someone with good heart and caring.
  14. Hello, Boy looking for something in Los Angeles primarily. Can clean and somewhat cook, whatever we can work out is fine. take a look at my profile on the main website if you wanna know more and if you are interested in me, then let’s talk and send me a message. not really on the forums that much, so i would appreciate it if we kept this post comment free. Saves me the time and yourself. so feel free to message me If interested. Any comments or suggestions? Direct them to the messages as well. Please. Thanks. Only looking for someone in California/LosAngeles. Thank you.
  15. hello are you real and willing to travel thanks for your time.
  16. Alexx is a scammer... his pictures on houseboy are not recent.. he sent me a picture of him that was from Adam4Adam/ Packerguy76... this picture doesn't show his face.. It is clearly him but on houseboy he claims to be 22 .. i googled Packerguy76.. this took me to Adam4Adam.. I suspect that this picture is recent and is of a 41 yr old picture of him... clearly him but not the 22 yr old picture he posted on houseboy.. something is very wrong here..
  17. I wear diapers and go into little space from time to time it’s nonsexual although I do have sex just looking for a companion whose comfortable with that and possibly step into a role play caregiver/daddy role
  18. As far a guys seeking only sex, I’m not sure that is a big deal. I’m pretty clear in communication with the young men who have made serious inquiries that sex is low on my priorities for a houseboy. I’m looking for help in maintaining my home and for companionship. Physical intimacy us a wonderful gift to mankind, but I’ve never been comfortable wit the pay for play relationships that come around. Just not for me. If I eventually hire my helper-companion, hugs would be welcome, and if something more happens organically, that’s cool. I guess my point is that the way the site is set up, the profiles ask about dick size an preferences and kinks. But not every employer, nor every houseboy is totally driven by sex.
  19. Geez ceman554 I’m sorry you had that crappy experience. Hopefully it was only your time that you lost with that loser. Keep on trying. There’s plenty good boys out there along with plenty of the rotten apples. May you learn from mistakes and move full steam ahead with a positive attitude. I know, it’s not easy but don’t give up. I too have had my fair share of setbacks.
  20. Just found out. Wish I had known earlier. What a waste of skin!
  21. As far as finding guys that only want sex... your picture and screen name are the first thing people see when looking at a profile, and for some people, it's all they see. While you have a nice picture... very nice, in fact, even I first thought that you'd have no problem finding a "boss" with those cute nipples and boyish body hair. Looks yummy. If you want a man to take you seriously for something other than a cute body, show something other than just your body. Let a guy get to know your smile first, not your nips.
  22. yngdom4older

    Scam site...

    ^^^ Maybe that's something a site should add; resources and links to travel providers and services that could aid in the safe and comfortable travel of a houseboy that won't involve any actual exchange of money or account info or anything like that. Links to shuttle services, rideshare and taxi services, ways to share enough for a meal or two at places like McDonalds which are in nearly every airport, things like that. Could you imagine the fakes you'd weed out if they knew you only send a link for them to download or print their plane ticket and then they'd have a voucher or a meal paid for them at the next airport. If they knew everyone on the site had absolutely NO reason to actually send or exchange actual money, the site wouldn't even be popular with scammers because there would be nothing they could profit from or scam someone out of for any kind of personal gain.
  23. yngdom4older

    Scam site...

    That is true, many may not have the money to travel, but the best houseboys that really want it do or will get the money. If you want a houseboy that isn't lazy, why start with one that doesn't have the drive to get enough money for a bus ticket? I've never understood that logic at all. Guys see these cute baby boy faces and just want to take care of them, but you have to remember that they are grown men. Does this mean a guy is lazy just because he doesn't have the money? Well no, not at all, but any time a guy wanted to pay my way, he didn't send me money. He bought a ticket and sent me the itinerary. So still, there is NO reason to send a guy money on here. I know what it's like to have a 3 day bus trip with just a few crackers and chips and a couple of sodas and bottles of water to snack on. I was wanting the houseboy position, not some guy's hard earned money before even getting there, so I did what I had to do to get a few bucks to survive a 3 day bus trip with just junk food and quick tuna packs and things like that to nibble on. If a houseboy is in such a bad position that he's starving, come on... if he's that cute (as the scammers pictures are), do you really think he's the only person in the world that can't go to a soup kitchen for a few nights? Whatever situation a houseboy is in before you meet him isn't your responsibility. Again, houseboys are grown men, and if you want a houseboy that has the drive to do things like help around the house, don't go for a "boy" that doesn't even have the drive to feed himself. If you do get a completely helpless "boy" that can't do anything for himself, why would you want to depend on him to do things for you around the house, and how can you be surprised if he turns out to be too lazy to be worth it? So yes, it is true that a houseboy can be in a bad situation, but even if you're rescuing someone from their situation, all you need to provide is travel itinerary. You can even order a cab, Uber/Lyft/Rideshare, or Airport Shuttle (most of which pick up right at your doorstep) on an app or website without ever sending a "boy" money. Feeling generous and want to make sure he has enough to eat? You can send him money via electronic money wire (Western Union/Money Gram), or even on Facebook or other social media sites. He doesn't need $300 in his pocket for an 8 hour plane ride or even a 5 day bus trip to eat well. You can even find out what airports he has his layovers and order food for him there over apps even for fast food like McDonalds. It's 2020, not 1920. With all the ways to pay for a houseboy's trip to you and make sure he's comfortable without having to actually exchange money (and every younger guy knows that especially), even the worst sob story can be solved without sending money. Tell a guy you can't actually send him money and watch how fast the fakes disappear leaving that one deserving guy that will be excited and grateful for the thought you put into making sure his travel goes well without caring that no actual money was put into his hands or account...
  24. Dad49

    Scam site...

    I think Rocketmahn has a point. There are probably not a lot of guys looking to be houseboys who are walking around with pockets full of money. If it’s going to cost two or three hundred dollars to get to my location, I understand that it is possible that an otherwise worthy and ideal candidate doesn’t have the cash to get here. That is a genuine problem for many. But with personal experience and the experience of others, I know that if I were to send a guy the $300 it’s going to get here by air, rail or bus, there is no guarantee that he will spend the money to get here. What is probably harder for me to accept is that I’ve dealt with 4, maybe 5 young men who I believe to be honest and sincere and in search of a host. Each of those guys, in the end, chose not to become my houseboy, but rather to accept another offer, or to keep looking for a better match. Yes, I admit it, I’m a difficult match. I’m deadly honest with potential helpmates. I suppose some figure it’s probably worse than it sounds, while others taking me for my word decide it’s not for them. still, I have faith that the right guy is out there, I’ve just yet to meet him.
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