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  4. Yea, he told me that he was living with his parents. He refused to do a Facetime interview. He even refused a phone call. He wanted my address and $200 so he could Uber from an hour away for the interview.
  5. Fantasy site? No, I never considered this a fantasy site but it IS a site used by people to con, try and locate suckers, on both sides, and delude ourselves we can get something for nothing. Look, there is a reality in that some people do wish to live in an actual world where they can make their own reality. I don't know whose glass is half full. or empty, but DO know That there are people who need and desire to live in a world beyond your insensitive and doubting ideation of reality. The reason this is known is because it WAS real for me, I chanced upon, not one, but a number of situations where guys were sick of the reality you portray, and took a chance with others. Not that you ever will, but then, isn't that your loss? Get past the grifters and predators and find there is substance, both in people and in making your own reality.
  6. Just a little update. Cutexxx admitted in chat that he is actually from "an African country" and is a scammer looking for money. After he finally admitted that he was indeed a scammer - he asked for money again. You have to give him credit for persistence.
  7. Any advice would be welcome on how to make myself more presentable, or change up wording to make this more interesting...
  8. Wants to go to google chat immediately, immediately starts the "daddy" label , and then says you just need to send him $600 to buy him from his current master. He eMails and Google Chats from his phone, but of course can't video chat. Sends a picture claiming it is him in his passport, the picture is an awful photoshop that overall lays part of the text. The passport is for Issac Smart White - wonder if that poor guy knows his passport information is being passed around. Also, the passport was issued in 2016 - which would make him 16 when the picture was taken - oddly it looks exactly like the picture he first send in chat - hasn't aged in the last 6+ years. Also his profile says he's 23 but his passport says 22. Use caution when messaging with this person.
  9. Just a heads up. The new houseboy Marcel wouldn't give me his full name & birth date or show me a birth certificate to prove if he was real or not. The scammer went quick to cellphone texts along with he is currently leaving his boyfriend he lives with now cause he flirts with other guys. He still hasn't produced any facts if he is real.
  10. I work at a restraunt, so my hours are weird so if i don't respond immediately, apologies there to anyone. A bit more about me that i guess i should have said earlier. Due to familial circumstances I live with my mother, moved in to help her take care of my father when he was dying and now we are kinda codependant due to finances etc. I don't drive, had a wreck a few years back and the anxiety and stress it caused has made me not really able to drive, when I try I get sick and nervous to the point that I couldn't repass the test if I wanted to and honestly I don't... thus the idea of someone who is already traveling the area maybe interested in picking me up then. -shrug- i know its a long shot, but who knows.
  11. As it says, if you are interested, I'd like to meet a trucker or you during a travel through the area and just go for the ride. No questions asked, if you are interested in making me your houseboy pet submissive bottom then hmu and lets figure something out. I'm very kinky, open to lots, would love to find a dominate to raise me to be his perfect pet as well as houseboy, who'd break and mold me to fit his personal desires and give me a new life to forget the current mundane one i have now. 31 year old white male stocky and hairy, around 245 and roughly 6' tall.
  12. Married couple 9 yrs Asian 31 5’9” 140 lbs dad retired responsible for your training and supervision on daily basis He’s 6’ 185 see our pics below. We own our home in gated community. Live very quiet life with our 2 dogs. We expect you to work around the house and yard & follow dad supervision incl clothes and sex. Dad will supervise your hygiene, you will be told how to dress at home, while you are expected to be available to provide oral service as directed you will be expect to kiss get stroked, be not only our houseboy but our son Dad will be sucking you and will have access to your cock and balls BTW, this stipend paying position & sex outside of the house and you are gone. Full/part time weekends ok NO matter what, we would never allow you to bc homeless but if it doesn’t work out need backup plan.
  13. Go straight to videochat. I used to set up videochat after several email exchanges. But now I've learned to make it step #1. I met one guy who was completely genuine. He had no problem with video chat, liked the idea of seeing if I was for real too. Two other guys; One never showed up to the chat and I never heard from him again The other pretended to have no access to any device capable of videochat (you can do it for free at the library if you really have a 27 year old phone with no camera like you say). Dont waste your time on the scammers and players. Filter them out from the start.
  14. I would suggest that instead of sending anything at all, an employer should make the trip over to the houseboy's city, and bring him back home with him. This will save a lot of stress both mentally and emotionally. But one has to be careful, regardless.
  15. This guy said he is an innocent boy located in the UK. I did a websearch of his pic and found the picture that is posted on Houseboy is also on a Sean Cody porn models profile? RichardColton5 ignored me once I sent him the link. It seems that in the past few weeks there has been a huge jump in the number of fake profiles. http://www.fitdudesnude.com/sean-cody-willis
  16. That is very true. so I have to believe that there are people actually doing that.
  17. Before I paid to relocate someone there would be extensive chats about expectations online, then I would visit them to see if everything's a good fit. If that's the case then I'd personally relocate them.
  18. I'm considering going back on the road as a truck driver if this emt thing doesn't take off. Would it still be a houseboy if I found exactly what I'm looking for but most of the year we were in a semi truck? Genuinely curious to know your thoughts.
  19. is this where check see if their scammers and can post here
  20. We have another scammer Ronald is his handle. Profile pic not of him, he sent me a pic of him and nothing like the profile pic. He has since upload yet another pic that is from another model posted on Deviant Art. Be careful guys
  21. I gave up trying to look at this tab. I just wait until I get an email on Sunday that shows who visited our profile.
  22. Well, I've deleted my main profile. If any site admins or moderators actually read any of this, please delete my profile here in the forums. Thanks
  23. Oh I have nothing on here I would care about going public. I just want to make sure I don't have a random profile floating around that I don't use. When you say delete both profiles, how do you delete the profile here in the forums?
  24. all sites are subject to the spam bot wars. bigger sites like grindr have more staff & time to keep it looking cleaner. this site has always been a backwater and they don't have the resources to spend on the nonporn part of the site. the 'dating/houseboy' part of the site isn't really bringing them any revenue. to cut the admin some slack, it's hard and the spam bots are constantly getting better. search "why dating apps full of spambots"? and you will see many links answering different aspects of your question. many people are chatting with bots & don't realize it. most of the response above i would agree with but it's only relevant for the small number of human scammers. the majority are AIs set up automatically by trolls there's no point in posting about scam profiles. either you know how to weed spam bots & human scammers out or you don't. it would be impossible to list all the fake, abandoned or spambot profiles here. there are real people here worth finding but it's harder than years ago and fewer real & decent people are active on the site.
  25. hey there, usually what i do is blank out my profile, delete pics and remove and identifying info and leave it up for a couple weeks so even their backups have only the blank version and then i delete both profiles. they used to be more linked but they're increasingly divorced. i think that's worth doing even on sites that have more funding & a better interface than this. i haven't seen any posts from the admin in a long time. best to play it conservative.
  26. Hey there I'm new and it seems so far this forum is fairly quiet so I thought I would say Hi and post a topic for light discussion. Anyone who wants to join are free too as well posting any additional topics we can discuss! Be Nice Now! Will there ever be openly Gay Or Bi President? Why or why not would you say?:-\
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