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  2. Your profile does not come up in search. You may want to check this out soon or you won't be getting any inquiries.
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  4. I am willing to give myself to someone as soon as possibly
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  6. slaveboy seeking a Master and owner before the end of this month
  7. Just to clear something up based on a few private messages I've received: Yes, Airtel does some sort of business in most countries. However, any Airtel (Vodaphone) service in the United States goes through their partnered network called AT&T. Everyone in the US knows who AT&T is. Any phone that works on the AT&T network through Vodaphone will show only one network in the status bar of a phone or mobile device, and it would say AT&T. Airtel and BeSafe Airtel show up in the status bar as the network provider only in areas where Airtel is the actual provider. This would be limited to a few places in the Philippines, Africa, and their biggest service areas throughout India. The time noted on his phone when he sent that screen shot AND the network showing on his phone is what gives his particular location away. There simply is no other country in that time zone (UTC +5 or UTC +6) that operates the Airtel network.
  8. Yes, reported, blocked, all that good stuff. I don't so much mind the scammers because they tend to be super easy to spot, but I still always hope there aren't any good guys getting deterred from the fun they could be having with a good match. I don't even want to imagine how much less fulfilling my life would be had I not had my experiences as a houseboy.
  9. It’s the same on both sides of the aisle here. Nevertheless there are real legit boys and employers still searching for the right fit. I hope you’ve reported that bum. This Daddy can’t stand fakes and scammers.
  10. Howdy i’m looking for a new live-in situation starting in the fall preferably as a submissive kinky houseman. My current master is downsizing and selling the house after 4 years. Here are some highlights from letters of reference: “cleaned my entire three-bedroom condo in a week… I enjoyed his massage and would welcome him back. " “He brought us lots of laughter. He's the consummate dinner guest… able to find common ground with almost anybody.” “He is an expert at fellatio and could give classes. He was able to make me come with his mouth without having to touch myself which is very rare for me.“ “We both regularly pay for sessions with multiple masseurs monthly and were very pleased with his skills.” “He's an excellent masseur and a responsive vocal bottom in the dungeon. He also served in the kitchen during one of our play parties and was extremely helpful and gracious with the guests. He has a good sense of humor and is quite socially adept. I recommend him without hesitation. Use him well.” Please PM me if you might be interested in a phone or video chat prior to an in person audition so you can test drive my mouth, massage & cooking skills. I’m happy to answer any other questions you might have, Sir. i’m in my 50s so i’m not the typical boy toy but if you need someone who is more mature, you will likely be at least as pleased as my recent masters. i can share a functional resume and will provide credit & background check, STD info. I have my own vehicle and will be debt free by the fall. Thank you Sir, blaise
  11. Thank you, and best of luck to the boys out there still hoping to find the few good (and real) employers left out there.
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  13. Excellent post. I hope plenty of houseboys see it. Best of luck to you.
  14. trent

    Nullo House Boy

    I think that shows a level of dedication, or unusual mindset that may, or may not be an asset to future life. Prefer to hear a lot more about your own personal goals and expectations with a new home situation, having no idea what your current dutie sand services are, would really like to have some idea of what your current situation, and future goals are.
  15. I am moving in June, either Virginia or Austin, Texas, I have a van that needs to come with us, so need a seriously good driver, and someone who will do something like Doordash when we arrive. Preferably, due to insurance someone over 25, with experience in houseboy or serving to a house of 3 guys, we are 53, 26 and 27, and I will be living there with the houseboy for the first year, so someone with carpentry skills, house-cleaning and who is totally out, and into the houseboy experience, to include sex. This is more a business relationship, but I do expect the person to hold a decent PT job and work for his gay family, and not be a layabout, lazy or a prima donna. Formerly ran a gay Inn, had 3 boys full time and would like to do so in future Family with Austin gay life, I am a Vet, former Army officer, and prefer same, but basically, more open to out and openly gay lifestyle, massage, and naturist. Don't have time for the slow getting-to-know or anyone wishing to move at my expense, a one-way train or bus is likw $185, if you cannot afford to move yourself, we are not a good fit.
  16. Dear Sir, I am looking for a real relationship. Naturally submissive, loyal and obedient here. I’m a business student and passionate about finance/fintech. Would be a good fit not only as a houseboy but also as a personal assistant. Please reach out to me if you are interested. Will relocate for the right position. I’m not here to play game, ask for money, etc. If you are not serious please don’t message me. Regards, Your New Boy
  17. Looks like he's still online with those pictures, same screen name. Apparently fake employers aren't removed as fast as fake houseboys.
  18. So this guy reached out again claiming I was being unfair and that I was wrong to call him fake. He said the thing about the bank was that he just sent me the wrong link because the bank actually is in California. So, he sent this screen shot to prove I was wrong: So, this is a different credit union. Similar name, but two totally different companies. Yeah, because it's totally normal to just forget which bank you're using to the point that you send a link and ask me to sign up to a different bank that doesn't exist in the state you originally said it was in. However... That's not even what stood out to me the most. Look in the in upper left-hand corner of this picture. It shows a network called BeSafe Airtel. I have heard of Airtel before, and I knew this was his personal phone. So with a quick check, I found out where they provide coverage: So, this guy lives in NY, posts his profile to show he lives in Louisiana, says he uses a bank he used when he lived in California except that bank doesn't exist in California, so he sends a screenshot of another bank from a phone being operated in India. Lol, seems legit. He has taken down these stolen pictures from his profile, but no matter what profile or pictures he use, his lines will be the same; he'll eventually want your bank account information.
  19. Jason, known as Jjason1 from Rapides Parish, LA is a complete fake. I have never posted the fake employers before since they're so fake and unbelievable, but this one was just a tad bit believable for a second, so I figured I'd save someone the time. He will come with a story about how he is going through a divorce and is trying to hide his money from his ex, but he likes you so much and wants to build something great with you and wants to start sending you money right away. All you have to do is open an account of his choice and give him the routing and account number. Lol. So, a few red flags: First off, one of the very first sentences in my profile states that I am no longer a houseboy. Though I have received more than a few offers lately, none of them have come without a man acknowledging this first. This guy didn't seem to notice that part. He says his location is in Queens, NY, but his profile shows he's in Louisiana. His phone number is from DC, and he insists on you using a bank that he opened an account with when he lived in California, even though this bank (credit union) doesn't have a single location in California. He says his name is Jason, but the pictures used are from a poor fellow that has been used on plenty of dating site scam profiles, those of both straight and gay natured. His pictures are easily searchable. He is also known as Wayne Lovell from Poland, Dr. Jeffery Dickson, Andy Baldwin, and so on. The second picture is the easiest to get search results on. He insists on using Whatsapp, but I made him go with regular test. He used the number 202 936 5239 which is out of DC. Here is a quote of why he said he wanted my account information: I understand what you mean honey, and I know you’re a very hard working guy , I have my reasons why I don’t use any of those apps you mentioned to make transfers , I’m currently under serious scrutiny from my ex, because of my divorce, we use a joint account so I can’t make any transactions without him finding out , I can only make transfers on my personal CU account and he has lawyers watching my every move ,he wants take half of what I own so I try to hide any financial transactions from him till my divorce is final , The only way I can transfer without him finding out is to add your account to mine then I can make the transfer, it only 24hrs at most to go through, I have no business with your personal life and It’s great that you’re comfortable with where you are , I know what that means , I have a lot of money and I feel it’s all vanity , I don’t let that define my life , I just thought that if you gonna be my house boy I should get a safe way to send you money without it affecting my divorce , I hope you understand where I am coming from He then goes on to say: It’s not a big deal honey , you should try relax and process the whole thing , i told you to open the CU account because it will be way easier to do transfers to you , I know you’re not willing to lose an opportunity of a lifetime because of whatever you believe . with all this stuffs you mentioned, I can only make limited transfers and I will need to send you like 20k upwards , because I want to furnish my new home , and do a little renovation on the house before I move in , and I wanted to send you the funds so you can help me handle it , Honey you don’t understand me , it’s not that I don’t want to use PayPal , I just can’t use it because of the issue with my divorce , I told you this is the safest way for me to send you the money without it affecting me , I didn’t mean to be offensive to you honey , what’s use will your account and routing number do for me , i really don’t understand why you keep mentioning thay I don’t want this to cause issues with us honey , this is just a very simple thing and I’m surprised you making it seem complicated, it’s like you getting a new job and they asked to get a new account to receive your pay , that’s how this is . My bank take just 24hrs at most for a transfer to go through, I think it’s actually worth the wait . Pls just relax . I don’t want us fighting about this You can have my banking information too if that will make you feel comfortable And after I pointed out to him just how unbelievable his story was without telling him I knew he was fake, he asked: Can I ask Why giving out your bank info is a very big deal ? So yeah, this guy is a fake. In all truth, he uses a script that is similar to a few other fake profiles that showed up as houseboys with different pictures. Likely the same scammer just playing any angle he can. No amount of promised money should make you ever give out your account information. In fact, you should never give out your banking info even if you're living with the guy. A serious "employer" here would never want a paper trail that would easily prove that he is paying you for your services which includes sex. Don't let any guy convince you that it is best to give your information so he can link your bank account. Even if your account is otherwise empty, you don't want to give someone the information that can give him access to all of the information associated with that account. I hope this saves someone from wasting their time with him. I don't think anyone would be foolish enough to just give out their bank account information, but far less realistic stories have been believed on here, so yeah...
  20. One of the oldest tricks, didn't know people were still pulling this one decades later. Remember that rule on this site about not exchanging money with anyone you haven't met? If not and you're sitting there with a check from this or some other cute boy or hot employer, ask yourself a few questions such as: Why would you think someone would need you in particular to cash a check for you when there are no fewer than a million check cashing places within 10 miles of everyone? You can even do mobile deposits of your own checks into almost any bank account. Don't have an account? Open one in less than 3 minutes on any of the endless apps like Chime or CashApp or Current. Pretty much everyone knows this, so why would some hot guy need you to use your bank account to cash a check? Another huge red flag: Did he offer to let you keep some of the money for your troubles? If that's the case, he could have paid a check cashing place far less to cash that same check and he could have gotten his money instantly (because checks can be verified instantly now, part of the reason this scam doesn't actually work anymore). Really, why would it make more sense for someone to put their check in the mail risking it being lost or taking forever to get to you (and not knowing if you'll even give them any of their money back) instead of just going down to a check cashing place, paying $10.00 or less, and having their cash in hand instantly? If they sent it certified mail, they had to go down to the post office or some mail post to get that done, or they know how to go online and get that set up to be able to do from home, so why would that same person not just go to a check cashing place nearby, or why would that tech savy person not know how to open up an account with one of the many mobile banking apps that exist? Last obvious flag is the fact that someone you've never met trusts you to cash and return their money at all. Not trying to scold you in particular; just pointing out the obvious red flags that people seem to suddenly ignore when a hot guy comes along promising the world and showing half naked pictures. Someone will hopefully read those questions themselves while they're waiting to get a check from someone and wise up before even bothering to take that hot check from that hot guy to the bank. In some states, just trying to cash a fake check will get you locked up. In fact, if you were pulled over and got caught with what was obviously a fake check, that too could get you locked up. Don't even have someone mail them to you out of curiosity. No boy is cute enough for that and no employer can pay me enough to risk that. By the way, if it's an employer that can afford to house and pay you to be cute for him but he can't open and use his own bank account, there's a reason.
  21. I had received a fake check from Jeremywells asking to have in deposit in my bank account through the ATM. I went into the bank and they check the it out and confirm that it was fake. This is the second person on HB who tried to get me to deposit a fake check. watch out for this scam.
  22. Sugar Daddy's used to be every. What happened? Where did they l go? It seems like they vanished since COVID. Well if anyone still wants to really spoil a good loving guy hit me up!!!
  23. Looking for other guys for content and fun- ideally my employer is a male couple who's deviant needs occupy my time for a few days or few weeks of hardcore raw fucking and more
  24. openminded friendly service as your guest or naked butler- i like to meet and please men & boys with needs to be satisfied by a expert or a need to use my ass can be fun in public or private- certified yoga coach and a single insatiable guy ready for opportunities
  25. This sometimes happens to me only when I try to access this site on a mobile device. Make sure your browser is full screen and make sure you're viewing the desktop version of this site. This site can be... wonky at best sometimes. Just click the message icon once and wait. It sometimes takes a while for things to load on this site when you click on it. Even on a desktop, this happens sometimes, so I have found it best to come into this site in inPrivate or Incognito mode. It's kind of an old school site, so you just have to be gentle and patient with her and she'll work.
  26. When I open the tab to message someone the bar to type only appears for a split second then disappears. Has anyone else had this problem?
  27. If you were to just read what you posted, and read it carefully, you actually answer why you're not finding anyone that wants to spend time with you from this (or any) site. If I may just say... Houseboy.com is a fantasy site. I'm not saying no one is real here, but we're all here to fulfill a fantasy. No reasonable person comes to a fantasy niche site and use that to get an idea of the gay community. That would be like me going back to old Twitter posts, reviewing when Trump posted some of his fans chanting "white power, white power" and then assuming all white or Caucasian men and women are like that. See how unreasonably stupid that would be, to make assumptions about an entire people based on one group? Also, std's and sti's are nothing to scold someone over. There are very few people that go out and say "you know, I'm not coming home until I'm carrying a new disease or virus", and most of the people that do find out they have got it from someone that didn't exactly tell them. I know plenty of men and women that did everything right, wore condoms and everything, and still ended up catching something. The thing is, shaming someone about it isn't going to teach anyone anything about it, how to treat it if it happens, and how to prevent it from happening again. Back when gays had to stay in hiding, most of the hate that kept driving homophobic actions was based on ignorant people going off of what they guessed about gays because there weren't any gays brave enough to teach the truth about the kind of people we are and can be. Things got better because more truth finally came front and center and people stopped being shamed to the shadows of society. You're not smarter than anyone just because you've managed to avoid contracting any detectable std's or sti's, and keep in mind that it can take up to 10 years of testing for things like HIV to show up. Oddly enough the moment you stop thinking you're better than someone else, the easier it will be to connect with someone. I mean, here you are offering to pay and financially support a guy to sell yourself as a good catch and you're still sleeping alone because you're too busy trying to shame the very people you're trying to meet. That's real rich coming from a guy that can't even show his face. Don't give that excuse about people collecting pictures. I'm sure some people do, but no real man comes to a site to find someone by hiding away so that no one finds out he's on here. Seriously, how do you expect to find a guy when you make it impossible to be noticed? Seems like a real genius move there. So now you think it's time to rethink your sexuality. Really? So you're so real that you can just decide to be straight? You're so fed up with guys that you go and post on a gay site that you're going to straight? Yes, I'm sure that would make any gay guy feel comfortable devoting their time and energy to someone like that knowing he might wake up one day and get up out because his gay lover has suddenly chosen to go straight. If you were really fed up with gays, wouldn't it make more sense to just go to a straight site and find a chick? Do you think the gay guys on here are going to reach out to try to "save" you as if the gay community would be losing someone great? To sum up your post, guys with std's are gross dirty people, being HIV positive is basically a sin and we shouldn't accept people that are positive. You've had nothing but bad luck finding a good guy on any gay site or app, and even though the common denominator is you AND you even offer to pay and support a guy so that he likes you enough to give you a chance, the issue must be every other gay guy. Honestly, if you're anything like this post, the only thing you leave people thinking about you is that cocaine must be one hell of a drug. I say that because at first, I just thought you were some random guy on his high horse, but to think the way you do, you are clearly on something else.
  28. Sorry to hear you are having so many problems on here. I tried to look up your profile, but it doesn't come up in any search. You might want to check out why your profile isn't visible and then maybe you'll have more luck searching for your perfect match.
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