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Found 6 results

  1. Hi im a 29yo latino bottom boy ready to be molded to your every desire
  2. Hey everyone my name is Xiao. So I'm extremely new to this so i don't know how this goes. A bit if back story on me if any employer has intrest, or if someone just wants to chat, either way I'm all ears. :About me. I'm now 30 an work a dead end job while I struggle to try to get back on my feet after a devorce currently I would like to find someone to connect with, but I find it hard as so many people are fake an will manipulate any situation to there likening. Things I live for is world travel an learning how to run a business properly and learn how to find and gain willful backers to fund projects that can be gainful for both partys. Yet outside of my work life I spend most of my time alone an at home as I am to poor togo places unless I've scraped, and basically starved for several months just to afford a trip. When I say a trip, I actually mean I leave the country one suitcase, passport, and a pair of headphones with simple amenity options. Can someone please help me or am I just a lost cause?? It all comes to I'm ready to put myself out there, but the fear of falling again is mind numbing!
  3. We are a gay male married couple living in minnesota looking for a houseboy/roommate asap. Email us at chevroletboy84@yahoo.com if interested and after reading our profile. Hope to hear from someone in need. Here is what we are looking for but open to talk about. we are looking for someone who would be able move into our home in st cloud to keep the home cleaned and organized, take care of mowing and shoveling. Someone who will be nude inside the home at all times unless company is over, and someone open for play from time to time we would ask at least once a week, anything more if your call but we may not even ask once a week. just depends. We would be asking no company over as we are not comfortable with new people in our home and even opening it up to you is a challenge but something we decided we need to do. Sexual activities are the least of important in it all which is why we say from time to time. We are needing someone who is or can be mostly a bottom. I am a drug and disease free bare top and he is a drug and disease free bare vers bottom. we are into oral, making out, and fucking. You are more than welcome to initiate anything you want the only rule is we all have to be included in the play, no one on one unless the other okays it. Everything else is the most important We are offering free room and basic housing bills water, electric, heat, air, laundry, wifi, in exchange. You would be responsible for your own personal needs and wants as well as food. our interview process is mainly a meet and great and you must be in the nude as part of it, you walk in strip down and we all just chat. We want to see what you have to offer, and its part of the interview because we want to see that you can follow direction. Nothing sexual happens until your moved in to keep from random hooking up. we will ask that before we agree to meet, we see a full nude pic, a hard AND soft cock pic as seeing your cock is most important to us while cleaning and walking around, and a butt pic. We are more interested in watching you and your cock move around the house then your ass, although that will be watched too. Any questions please ask, we are a open book. Also what happens between us and you stays between us and you.
  4. Hello guys!, I am a twenty y/o aspiring houseboy. I'm looking for potential employers who may or may not be new this as well. There are many things that I know how to do, to an extent, I can be a Jack of all trades. If you are looking for an ambitious, young, fun, optimistic, caring houseboy with hopes, dreams, and a future then I'm your guy! I've been looking through the forums to see if any of this is real and apparently there is a large scammer population on this site. I will tell you, "I am not a scammer, I've been scammed before and it's a good feeling." I'm genuinely looking for a "houseboy/employer" situation. I was in school and was only seven classes from graduating before my scholarship ran out so I took this semester off to work and try to save my money to go back to school. If I do end up relocating I would like to finish my degree in the mean time; maybe by continuing online if there are a lot of chores. I hope that doesn't deter too many of you away. Please don't hesitate to give my HB profile a look see then contact me if you're interested. Click on my name in rainbow below it should take you to my houseboy page. I'm excited to hear back from you! Thanks for taking time to read this, Rubénito
  5. Hi! My name is Shawnie and I'm 33 years old from Mid-Michigan. I am seeking employer anywhere in Mid-michigan! I have previous experience as a personal Houseboi for two gay couples in Midland, and one in Harrison. Duties involved cleaning from dusting, dishwashing, vacuuming, windows and so on. I can do yard work too! Personal description is in my profile! I am looking to be your Houseboi!
  6. I am seeking a genuine hard working Houseboy to live in Northwest UK, to take care of all my needs on a day to day basis - someone who is clean, honest and trustworthy and is prepared to do what ever it takes to make me happy ....
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