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Found 8 results

  1. Zimdew


    Hi I'm new on and looking to see where this goes. Any questions message me and ask. ,HMU
  2. hi i am new to this lifestyle and been wanting to be on for along time to do what i was told to do and wear what i have to but not sure what all involved in it if you want to hire me out pm me and ill get back to you
  3. Hello, everyone, my name is Thomas, I'm new to HouseBoy.com and I just wanted to put myself out there on the forums and let everyone know that I have completed my profile and I'm excited to see what the site has to offer. Please check out my profile and let me know if you're interested.
  4. Hi everyone, I just signed up to this site hopefully something amazing comes out of this. I figured I introduce myself to the houseboy community. I'm a recent college grad and looking for my next opportunity either in my professional, personal and love life (hoping I can find something here). Anyway, if you want to know more check out my profile.
  5. Hello guys!, I am a twenty y/o aspiring houseboy. I'm looking for potential employers who may or may not be new this as well. There are many things that I know how to do, to an extent, I can be a Jack of all trades. If you are looking for an ambitious, young, fun, optimistic, caring houseboy with hopes, dreams, and a future then I'm your guy! I've been looking through the forums to see if any of this is real and apparently there is a large scammer population on this site. I will tell you, "I am not a scammer, I've been scammed before and it's a good feeling." I'm genuinely looking for a "houseboy/employer" situation. I was in school and was only seven classes from graduating before my scholarship ran out so I took this semester off to work and try to save my money to go back to school. If I do end up relocating I would like to finish my degree in the mean time; maybe by continuing online if there are a lot of chores. I hope that doesn't deter too many of you away. Please don't hesitate to give my HB profile a look see then contact me if you're interested. Click on my name in rainbow below it should take you to my houseboy page. I'm excited to hear back from you! Thanks for taking time to read this, Rubénito
  6. Guest

    Hey! I'm Kota.

    Hey Guys, New to this site, and Just wanted to say Hi! My name is Kota, and i'm an aspiring model. I'm honestly just a small town boy, excited for the city. You can defiantly check out my profile, stop by say Hi, ask me stuff I love questions. The website told me to get proactive so I am! Get Proactive with me.
  7. Unazukin

    New to site

    Hi All UK lad new to the site, looking for houseboys to explain how things work and for my first offer from an employer. Regards xx
  8. Hey everyone! I'm a 22 year old mixed white/filipino/latin house boy in San Francisco, going to SFSU. Am a masc, chill, lowkey kind of guy but also love to have fun. I'm told I'm great to be around. I have experience in serving at private parties and events and have been a temprorary or shortterm houseboy for locals and visitors. Even got to be the cabin boy for a group of guys on their Tahoe vacation once. Whether I'm serving drinks and food, cleaning up a house, running errangs, pulling weeds, or giving head on demand at an event where everyone was watching the game, I have always gotten great reviews from the men I've served. From cleaning to cooking to being a footrest to sexual service I do everything eagerly and with a smile! Hoping to find employers interested in making use of me. Ever since I was a little boy I've always had a fascination with being of service to older men, and eventually just other men in general. No race or age hang ups here. Whether you just need someone to do yardwork for you or scrub the toilets or if you want a travel buddy (I LOVE traveling but don't do it enough) or a temproary houseboy to come visit for a few days just let me know. I'm very open minded and friendly. You can't shock me! You can email me on here or send me an email at pinoyqt@sbcglobal.net Hope to hear from you all!
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