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  1. Houstonboy24


    It can be a regular but it needs to be mutual
  2. I’m new to this and looking for some advice/direction in life. I feel like my sexual needs will determine my hunger for the work. I want to be independent from my parents so financial advice is needed. I have many more questions but would rather chat privately
  3. I am ready to start a new life as a permanent live in houseboy. I am college educated and looking for the right dominant top to live with. I am beautiful blue eyed 6 foot 1 and have a world class bubble butt. please text me for more information and my photos. (719)210-0283
  4. jckbttm

    New Houseboy

    Hey Guys, I'm new to this site, and liking what I'm seeing. Im based in New York City (when the world isn't on fire) and love/am open to travel. I have significant expirience as a passionate bottom (HIV- and Disease Free - so no need to worry). I love a strong guy who loves topping my muscled ass (bike 20 miles a day, gym 5 days a week, professional dancer) and love being able to make him cum as often as he needs. Im open to a romantic endeavor - but I'm also open to a business relationship where I service you how you need. I'm incredibly organized, an avid cook from Korean BBQ to Vegan
  5. Ggood-looking Boca Raton Florida couple looking for house point to come and enjoy our lives with us. must love dogs we have three and also must take care of the house and the dogs. The only wrong business so there is opportunity for extra work. we are too nice guys and both looking. Occasional friend would be fine too but really looking for someone to live with us send email or text
  6. Seeking HB in the Bay area. You should either be living in the US or have a visa to move to the US. Ages 18-35 welcome to apply. Prefer early 20s to late 20s. Ideal HB is good looking, with good work ethic for house work. If you can start right away that would be ideal.
  7. Houseboy here looking for the right employer. Submissive, obedient loyal boy. Willing to do all take care of the home as well as owner with pleasure and gratitude
  8. Nicomedes has a 4-bedroom apartment in Spain, with a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, and easy beach access. He plans to rent out temporary bedrooms to gay and bi tourists. He wants a houseboy to attend the guests and clean up after them, to take care of all kitchen clean-up promptly, to clean the bathrooms weekly and as needed, to do laundry as needed, and to clean the whole place once a month. The relationship between employer and boy will probably be non-sexual. The houseboy will have his own room, rent-free, and will have complete access to all the food in the kitchen. Employer will
  9. I have been serving 24/7 for six of the last 10 years in a number of households starting my late 40s. while a lot of doms want a young pretty pliable sub with a nice body. many of them open up their demographic focus after some pursuit & experience. about a third of my masters have been younger than me. what doms report to me that they don't like about some younger guys: they're flaky and often disappear for no reason while they're getting to know each other they don't know what they want they are inexperienced in sex & kink & D/s they have poor judgment & im
  10. Slim and devoted boy looking for a houseboy position on a long-term basis only (life-long would be perfect), mostly in Europe, UK, USA or any other decent place where civilization has arrived. Currently based in Italy but willing to relocate for the right and serious employer. Potential employer must consider legal issues with a foreigner living in a non-EU country. What I can offer: housekeeping, sex, companionship, help with different tasks, complicity and true devotion. I am pretty flexible so I can easily adapt to the personality and will of my employer, but I refuse above all: lies, half-
  11. Hello, Im very new to being a house boy but im very loyal, handy, and outgoing. Id love to hear from you ! I have more in my profile about me but message me to know me.
  12. Single masculine Dad type on a serious search for a live in boy to be my housemate, companion, friend, housekeeper, cook and sexual partner. Rural but not isolated. Safe, secure, healthy, drama free, easy living environment. For more info check out my profile on the main website. Serious inquires only please. Jsyk I’m pretty damn good at vetting fakes and scammers.
  13. 26 in a few weeks, with the coronavirus going on I moved back to my moms house and let me tell you is horrible and I'm trying to get out of this situation as soon as I can. So I'm looking for a mentor to help me get my adult life back on track. Super open minded guy, haven't had a job since November just trying to find work and stay on a job. Check my profile out hmu
  14. We are a couple and we own our retail business. Since Covid showed up our business has been incredibly busy. We work in a small space so we need staff that will socially isolate. We are offering room and board and salary at work with the only condition that you isolate with us and help with chores at home. We are in Canada so with the borders sealed up tighter than a nuns twat you should be Canadian or already be in the country. Sex is not a condition but may be considered if all are in agreement.
  15. I was looking for a serious HB position before, but I had a full-time job and didn't want to leave it to start this new career. Now I have been laid off from work because of financial hardship brought on by COVID-19, and I wanted to open up my search again. Interested in a position within the US, domestic, with an older man or couple. Happy to discuss more details. Please reach out so we can email and learn more about each other.
  16. Hello there my name is Razioh. I currently live in Albuquerque. I moved here originally with an ex but we've been seperate for a while now. I have been wanting to remake myself I have done some acting and would.love to continue in that particular field. I do have goals. I'm straight acting I like to laugh. I'm not looking to lounge around either. My instagram is Sfzinger if you want to see more of me
  17. While I’ve read through the HB site for several years, this late summer and fall marks my first serious search to find a houseboy to live with me. I've had mixed results but no successful engagement of a houseboy. First off, I pass by profile with a lot of “ask me,” “maybe,” and “it depends” responses. I figure they are either window shopping, or will answer my question the way they perceive I would view favorably. Then I have a pretty good eye for fakes. The Ghana and Nigeria operators often give clues in their language usage. Nonetheless, I did lose several hundred dollars to one guy, in a
  18. I scan these houseboy profiles almost daily, looking for new posts, re-reading the ones I didn’t contact but was tempted to do so. I’m disturbed by the proliferation of two questionnaire responses, “ask me,” and “it depends.” I can understand “ask me,” if a response requires some kind of explanation that justifies an answer that might otherwise eliminate the man from consideration But when a potential houseboy answers several questions with “ask me,” I tend to presume that he wants to Guatemala what answer I would like to hear. The same is true for “it depends.” One such answer is leaving
  19. Life is getting harder and harder for me and I just need to find someone to make my life easier and better and to guide me through the journey I plan to go on It's so hard to find a good employer or just one that actually messages me back so now I'm looking for anyone in the united States to help me and I will show me appreciation however they want me to.
  20. I've started looking for a houseboy and I just don't believe it is possible here am I wrong
  21. 28 year old (look younger) professional w college degree looking for live-in houseboy position with right older guy. Maybe my last chance for a long-term position before the end of my 20s. Inquire to learn more happy to share photos, interests and other details.
  22. I reach out to a couple houseboy profile a couple times a week and got a reply from MusccelStud4Dad. From his profile he is pretty much fantasy material. Through life I've learned to live by the old adage "if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Just curious if there is ay input on this profile.
  23. Looking for anyone who would be interested in my houseboy services! I cannot be a live-in houseboy because i’m a student in the MKE area. However I can travel to surrounding areas during the week as long as it’s not too far. On weekends i’ll be available to travel to the Madison area and northern Illinois area. Check out my profile to learn more about me and my services and message me if you’re interested or have any questions! Thanks
  24. Age: 22, Current Location: Texas Looking to relocate. Not a huge fan of the term "houseboy" because I am hoping for something a little different. I am NOT looking for a relationship, sexual partner or someone who wants to 'own' me. I am looking for a healthy, safe, secure atmosphere where I can be myself. I am capable of handling chores, errands, etc... I hope to find someone who is okay with being close friends/confidants/somewhat of a mentor, but anything other than that would depend on the chemistry that develops. I am not opposed to the possibility of sex, but if the chemistry isn't
  25. joegalea

    Hello Sir!

    Hi Guys! My name is Joe Galea and I live in Bristol in the UK. I am a very friendly, intelligent, relaxed and ultra open minded guy offering you a number of services. Houseboy Service Cleaning, Cooking, Ironing, Washing etc - naked, in underwear or in whatever you wish me wear Massage I'm an experienced masseur offering a very sensual and erotic, full head to toe, body massage. I offering a relaxing gentle touch, using my whole body. I also use many tantric methods to maximise your blissful experience. I am happy to travel across the UK to offer you this s
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