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  1. I am ready to start a new life as a permanent live in houseboy. I am college educated and looking for the right dominant top to live with. I am beautiful blue eyed 6 foot 1 and have a world class bubble butt. please text me for more information and my photos. (719)210-0283
  2. Can' wait to hear from you I think we are a perfect match
  3. i think we are a good match im looking for the right situation

    1. AceMan


      We might be. I can't get access to your profile. Perhaps it is pending approval.

  4. Hello I'm 24 and looking to start a new life as a houseboy. I am very proud of my bubble butt. I am a quiet intelligent person looking for a mature and confident man.
  5. are you still looking i'm 24 and want to relocate soon
  6. rhino498


    I would love to have your help i'm brand new and looking for a good situation to be involved with
  7. hello! how are you i am 24 years old and I grew up in Colorado lets see if we are a good match
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