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  1. I have moved to the UK. Now live in West Sussex area, south of London.

  2. i think we are a good match im looking for the right situation

    1. AceMan


      We might be. I can't get access to your profile. Perhaps it is pending approval.

  3. Yes. I am interested. Ill take a look at your profile. SIR
  4. I will reply to you privately boy. Yes, there is interest on my part.
  5. Thanks for the info, but my age range is firm.
  6. I've had several houseboys. And tried out some that did not make it. Being sexy is not enough. Key criteria are being trustworthy, reliable, dependable and desire to do a good job, A good houseboy likes to please, not just go thru the motions. And wants to be of service, help out, make a contribution to the employer. Open honest transparent communication is essential. Shared expectations, clarity about duties, and explicit adult conversation about sexual play are critical if an arrangement is going to work for both the houseboy and employer. As the houseboy, especially if relocating, realize not all "employers" are going to treat a boy right -- meaning with respect and looking out for the boy's well being. There are users out there -- some are "employers" and some are "houseboys". All take an no give types. As a houseboy, don't put yourself in a situation where you are trapped and have no options. You have a right to boundaries, limits, and to say no. Don't forget that and get ran over and used like a doormat instead of a houseboy. My current part-time houseboy has been with me almost 3 years. He is now finished with school and started his first career job. He will be moving on soon. He commutes some distance to work for me. My houseboy before that was with me nearly 4 years, until he finished his graduate degree. I helped him land his first career job -- we are still friends. I am not just an "employer", but an older, more experienced male that these boys can look to for mentoring, advice when needed and even a bit of help at times. We enjoy each others company, our sexual connection and getting the work done. It needs to be a win/win. That is up to both the employer and boy.
  7. Hey -- I'm seriously looking for a part-time or a live-in full time houseboy. If local -- in the greater San Francisco, CA area -- could be part-time with flexible hours. If not local, I'm willing to relocate the right boy with a live-in arrangement. Duties include keeping the house clean, laundry, dishes, shopping, errands, organizing, and other household chores. I prefer a boy who also has office/admin/computer skills and can be my personal assistant and office admin in my home office. Having some skills/experience with landscaping, yardwork or massage would be a plus. If you have no houseboy experience, I am willing to train a boy who is intelligent, sincere, detail oriented and follows instructions. A plus if boy is in school or wants to be; or wants to develop some additional income other than working for me. My boy must be honest, direct, transparent and authentic. I am intelligent, masculine, a successful business person, easy to talk with, and have a good sense of humor. I have a Master Degree. I don't drink, smoke or use any drugs. I'm tolerant of alcohol, 420, and poppers -- although only reasonable social type use. No hard drugs. There will be some travel. Fact is, if you are only into "vanilla" sex -- we probably are not a good fit. I'm much more into Dom/sub, kinky, fetish, power difference role plays, and BDSM play. I'm very experienced in those areas. If you identify as a kinky bottom, sub or slave, any of those will be a match for me. So does a houseboy focused on serving and pleasing me. I am a Total TOP and all DOM. Some of my preferences: Available to start right away Under 26 Smooth At the minimum a kinky bottom, its a plus if sub or slave and service oriented GL, fit and athletic -- I go to the gym, so will my boy. Have a desire to please me, do a good job, value mentoring from an older more experienced "Dad" type. Be attracted to older in-charge types. If you are interested, also read my profile and send me a private message.
  8. Hi everyone -- I have hired jayandmatt a couple of times. Once for yard work and once for cleaning. They are a duo and only a duo. They responded quickly, kept in touch prior to the appointment, arrived on time, listened to instructions and did a great job both times. http://www.houseboy.com/profile/jayandmatt/ They take their work seriously -- and their fun! They are "by the hour" houseboys and scale their prices to how much, or little, the client would like them to wear. I found their rates very reasonable for two boys. They have a very sexy selection of jocks and underwear and stripped nude they both are very hot. They are cute, one twinkish and one a jock straight boy type. Both have a cute boyish ass, and both are smooth and hung. As a bonus I found them good company and nice to have around. They don't have sex with clients, or allow touching. They are serious about their boundaries. But they are very hot to watch with each other. Both times after the work, I watched them shower and start kissing and playing with each other. All three of us were already very hard when we went to the bedroom and I watched as they sucked, licked, fucked BB, made out and shot big loads (one came twice the first time). It was a long time fantasy of mine -- to watch two hot boys really get into uninhibited sex with each other while I watched. It was awesome -- both times. They like showing off -- and that makes a difference. Don't be shy -- ask them for what you want to watch. I think they allow pics and vids if pre-arranged. I have treated them with respect and they have responded in kind. I find it pretty rare to find a nude cleaner who really does clean and is worth watching nude. Here are TWO of them -- and they are a very hot time as well. Ace
  9. Nice looking boy -- geography not right though. Good luck!
  10. Hey -- I"m in San Ramon so would be a drive and a toll. Is that an option for you?
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