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  1. all sites are subject to the spam bot wars. bigger sites like grindr have more staff & time to keep it looking cleaner. this site has always been a backwater and they don't have the resources to spend on the nonporn part of the site. the 'dating/houseboy' part of the site isn't really bringing them any revenue. to cut the admin some slack, it's hard and the spam bots are constantly getting better. search "why dating apps full of spambots"? and you will see many links answering different aspects of your question. many people are chatting with bots & don't realize it. most of the response above i would agree with but it's only relevant for the small number of human scammers. the majority are AIs set up automatically by trolls there's no point in posting about scam profiles. either you know how to weed spam bots & human scammers out or you don't. it would be impossible to list all the fake, abandoned or spambot profiles here. there are real people here worth finding but it's harder than years ago and fewer real & decent people are active on the site.
  2. hey there, usually what i do is blank out my profile, delete pics and remove and identifying info and leave it up for a couple weeks so even their backups have only the blank version and then i delete both profiles. they used to be more linked but they're increasingly divorced. i think that's worth doing even on sites that have more funding & a better interface than this. i haven't seen any posts from the admin in a long time. best to play it conservative.
  3. he'll eventually reply but if you look thru the history of the other forums, they're clearly focused on the main porn site and this is just a backwater that doesn't bring in much money and they don't pay much attention. don't hold your breath and not really worth giving them money since much of the site is moribund. it's much less active than it was before lockdown as well. .
  4. Howdy i’m looking for a new live-in situation starting in the fall preferably as a submissive kinky houseman. My current master is downsizing and selling the house after 4 years. Here are some highlights from letters of reference: “cleaned my entire three-bedroom condo in a week… I enjoyed his massage and would welcome him back. " “He brought us lots of laughter. He's the consummate dinner guest… able to find common ground with almost anybody.” “He is an expert at fellatio and could give classes. He was able to make me come with his mouth without having to touch myself which is very rare for me.“ “We both regularly pay for sessions with multiple masseurs monthly and were very pleased with his skills.” “He's an excellent masseur and a responsive vocal bottom in the dungeon. He also served in the kitchen during one of our play parties and was extremely helpful and gracious with the guests. He has a good sense of humor and is quite socially adept. I recommend him without hesitation. Use him well.” Please PM me if you might be interested in a phone or video chat prior to an in person audition so you can test drive my mouth, massage & cooking skills. I’m happy to answer any other questions you might have, Sir. i’m in my 50s so i’m not the typical boy toy but if you need someone who is more mature, you will likely be at least as pleased as my recent masters. i can share a functional resume and will provide credit & background check, STD info. I have my own vehicle and will be debt free by the fall. Thank you Sir, blaise
  5. https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/119859.Gay_Romance_with_a_side_of_Kink
  6. media goes for extremes as in "if it bleeds it leads" and some people have argued for centuries that it is typical of empires in decline to get more decadent as people are wealthy, bored & disassociated from reality, cf caligula and no,it's not just you noticing, here are some metrics https://news.yahoo.com/why-millennials-love-faux-incest-221000452.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAANV8CfEMvKlMaM2Lp5vzkKwJgk3OJ9dTdow9ekdJ2qIdjpBebvcyiUzHuj5A-XSf0lhaI1id80O0rrb5KExJ5T757TPq1hPJKnXdetKB4bER4dlv350CEXgJPzAMODfJeHBmqX7T4SEekxQ3y-e9RdEkJRcS5K3eWtVWSq0c83RO
  7. https://www.quora.com/Where-can-a-guy-find-a-job-doing-gay-porn
  8. I was talking to a buddy about a roadtrip this summer so I was doing a little research. I'm not getting on a plan anytime soon. Thought some of you might find these useful as well. Here a list of US travel restrictions. Some states are increasing restrictions particularly for states still experiencing exponential COVID growth. https://ballotpedia.org/Travel_restrictions_issued_by_states_in_response_to_the_coronavirus_%28COVID-19%29_pandemic,_2020 International borders https://www.kayak.com/travel-restrictions Hard to blame EU and east asia for not allowing US entry. Considerations for travel https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2020/7/1/21309810/travel-covid-19-summer-road-trip Stay safe, bacha
  9. I have been serving 24/7 for six of the last 10 years in a number of households starting my late 40s. while a lot of doms want a young pretty pliable sub with a nice body. many of them open up their demographic focus after some pursuit & experience. about a third of my masters have been younger than me. what doms report to me that they don't like about some younger guys: they're flaky and often disappear for no reason while they're getting to know each other they don't know what they want they are inexperienced in sex & kink & D/s they have poor judgment & impulse control they spent most or all of their time on their phone or gaming, hide in their room they need nagging to do any chores they do drugs & steal their profile is blank/hard to evaluate and/or they didn't read our profile they have more STIs than guys over 30 obviously none of those things are true of all young men or can't be true of older guys what masters have told me they enjoyed about me or other older experienced subs: we're trained we are motivated & know that we want to serve we're very skilled at bottoming, cock sucking, massage etc we know how to take care of a household/dungeon/car etc we often have useful life skills or input when there's a problem we do obvious chores without having to be told or threatened we're more interesting to be around, make conversation, introduce to friends we can be trusted to follow thru on a project and have good independent judgment we're more hairy, chunky, mature, masculine, better tops we don't need constant supervision or entertainment most of the doms i've met who were serious about finding a houseboy have been ripped off by a young pretty drug addict who seduced them to the point where they got off balance & did things against their own better judgment some doms who can handle more than one sub, keep a young guy as a boytoy & an older guy as a manwife or majordomo what's your experience of looking for guys of different ages & being served by them?
  10. best performance prize to the dishwasher https://www.facebook.com/MagicMenAustralia/videos/1026287934428526/?t=0
  11. i am reposting my reponse to a question in Fetlife about what were my favorite tasks as a houseboy i am very service oriented and driven now so anything that he enjoys or gets him hard, is very satisfying but my favorite tasks over the years have been: coming into their bedroom to snuggle between them & maybe blow one when the other went into the shower, taking piss from the tap in the middle of the night, master standing up & unzipping his pants wordlessiy knowing that i would scoot over from scrubbing the floor on hands & knees to take his piss while he continued with his conference call, making him lunch and then blowing him under the table while he enjoys his sandwich, having him rest his feet on my belly while he watches TV giving him a foot rub, staying up all night fucking him the first time he wanted me to top him, bottoming for a young dom in training he was mentoring, regularly massaging both of them and bringing them to orgasm in their preferred manner, cooking naked for a dinner party no eye contact , urinal service in public, servicing his master buddy while he was on the other side of the dungeon with the sub WOOF what are you favorite 'chores'?
  12. in preparation for going abroad for a year with a previous master from my home country, i chatted with a handfull of guys who had found a houseboy but that was usually limited by 3 months or whatever the local tourist visa limit was. Or however long they were willing & able to push it past that illegally. it just requires the usual reasonable vigilance & vetting since i heard of lots of the usual scamming as well. i heard rumor of one couple that did work out getting status for the boy thru marriage to a female relative in east asia. I think it's difficult and improbable but possible if your practical and persistent and easier if you have more disposable income. there seemed to be more couples with at least wealthy partner that were traveling with, rather than permanently relocating the boy to their home country. good luck.
  13. some guesses: maybe they got tired of being fetishized & racist BS on dating sites https://www.thetaskforce.org/wonky-wednesday-racism-in-gay-online-dating/ black households statistically don't have as much money to spare for luxuries like a houseboy when they're helping out their bloodkin https://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2013/02/18/family-members-in-need/ they're in demand enough, they don't need to be on a dating sites. the very successful black dom i served was beating boys off with a stick for good reason if you wish to serve a black man, you might need to go to black clubs or check out groups like https://www.onyxmen.com good luck
  14. there are some domestic service sites like this https://www.helpx.net/ that dont have ant sexual component. good luck
  15. doublelist.com is a reasonable but not not perfect craigslist replacement, so far US only
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