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  2. bacha

    Dual listing

    there could be real versatile/switch guys but all the dual prifiles ive seen so far have clearly been bots
  3. bacha

    on being a daddy

    here is an article on daddy/boy dynamics that many of you will enjoy https://www.menbodiedinstitute.org/single-post/2019/06/09/On-Daddy?fbclid=IwAR3uTfWR4Z9IXetZcmp-eQvNJ7kGNqtL7CFdbKAL1g3DJEK2VH4cqqc18X8
  4. of course not, most of use arent kinky or looking for more intense power eclxchange, although some of us are. but it helps if you show us a photo. good luck
  5. lo siento que a veces parece dificil como en todos sitios. pero hay gente decente por aca si tengas paciencia. buena suerte y ponte en contacto, si pudiera ayudate de cualquiera manera
  6. ha, that's awesome, it finally works again after a couple years. you seem to have the magic touch. previous requests about it were ignored. thanks
  7. they have known about this bug for a long time as i reported it when they last made changes, so i'm guessing they're not going to fix it at least anytime soon. it's a tiny outfit and they're focused on the paid webcam portion of the website.
  8. https://www.houseboy.com/#houseboy-profile/Michaelgatt if you search from this page, you'll get no result becuase the forum profiles are automatically generated but separate from the main profiles and not synchronized. that is, if you move and update your main profile, your forum profile also needs updating. (crappy website design--they're getting money from the cams, the forums & profiles are an afterthought)
  9. i have also fallen into using HOST. MASTER only makes sense for kinky folks. some kinky people say SIR. no one ever says SPONSOR. i call people BOSS but it rarely gets used in the third person.
  10. you can find NDAs and contracts for domestic servants online but you can't add anything about sex or kink. any language of that type is 'metricious consideration" and invalidates the rest of the contract. generally i think it's good to negotiate what you want and write it down to be clear but it's not something either of you would ever want to risk taking to court. so it's just for clarity of communication & can be a hot way to negotiate.
  11. there are many other sites like recon for kinky hookups, but for all it's technical failings, and all the usual flakes & scammers, this site is probably the best for this category. there is also a site called housboi.com but i've only talked to one person who successfully connected with anyone there. there are some postings on fetlife which is more pansexual and not very gay percentage wise. there are lots of sexwork sites. rentboy & backpage are supposedly up & running again but with the new laws there is more caution and more risk of enforcement. i would be be extremely leery of anyone offering to sell you a slave. it has occasionally happened in the past but if i saw a post about that, i would be afraid that person was an idiot, a scammer or most likely a narc. good luck.
  12. there are arguably more who do part time than full time some people call them choreboys one of my ex's play is mostly in that vein, that is, if he has a trick come over, he makes them do a chore first. it's a good way to practice without having to jump in with both feet. good luck.
  13. you might try a different web browser but the site is fairly glitchy at times
  14. so just to recap the obvious: this is buzzfeed, so it's extra trashy & sensationalistic, but i thought it was still worth posting for people to be aware of the coverage. it's sad when anyone is taken advantage of or abused, and we all need to look out for ourselves & each other. Don't get lured into a situation that you can't get out of. Either as a houseboy or an employer.
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