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  1. in preparation for going abroad for a year with a previous master from my home country, i chatted with a handfull of guys who had found a houseboy but that was usually limited by 3 months or whatever the local tourist visa limit was. Or however long they were willing & able to push it past that illegally. it just requires the usual reasonable vigilance & vetting since i heard of lots of the usual scamming as well. i heard rumor of one couple that did work out getting status for the boy thru marriage to a female relative in east asia. I think it's difficult and improbable but possible if your practical and persistent and easier if you have more disposable income. there seemed to be more couples with at least wealthy partner that were traveling with, rather than permanently relocating the boy to their home country. good luck.
  2. some guesses: maybe they got tired of being fetishized & racist BS on dating sites https://www.thetaskforce.org/wonky-wednesday-racism-in-gay-online-dating/ black households statistically don't have as much money to spare for luxuries like a houseboy when they're helping out their bloodkin https://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2013/02/18/family-members-in-need/ they're in demand enough, they don't need to be on a dating sites. the very successful black dom i served was beating boys off with a stick for good reason if you wish to serve a black man, you might need to go to black clubs or check out groups like https://www.onyxmen.com good luck
  3. there are some domestic service sites like this https://www.helpx.net/ that dont have ant sexual component. good luck
  4. bacha

    craigslist shut down

    doublelist.com is a reasonable but not not perfect craigslist replacement, so far US only
  5. This is a survey for people currently in a kinky power exchange relationship in the US. Estimated to take 45 minutes to fill out but it only took me 20, with a gift card lottery incentive. https://wright.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cPlSKDa1UX1LKdL
  6. bacha


    Il y a tres peu de gens qui lise les annonces. Pour rencontrer les francophones, il faudra chercher par pays dans le CITY MAP et repondre a chacun qui t'interesse. Bonne chance
  7. i've met several good men or couples thru the site, some that i've stayed in touch with even when things didn't work out between us. the site is very haphazardly administered, as an afterthought to the webcam porn portion of the site. and it's like most dating sites in the modern era, has lots of flakes, bots and picture collectors. but if you fill out your profile, chat with people, vet them, ask them practical questions, video chat them, get a background check etc, it's pretty obvious who is actually leaning into meeting and checking each other out. it's possible to meet good guys if the math of your competing but reasonable expectations works out. but it's a long shot. good luck.
  8. wow, anything older than 10 days is gone. That's ridiculously draconian. hopefully some of them will be restored but i'm not gonna hold my breath. that's a drag though, since we lost any history. ouch. thanks for the heads up.
  9. bacha


  10. bacha

    Dual listing

    there could be real versatile/switch guys but all the dual prifiles ive seen so far have clearly been bots
  11. bacha

    on being a daddy

    here is an article on daddy/boy dynamics that many of you will enjoy https://www.menbodiedinstitute.org/single-post/2019/06/09/On-Daddy?fbclid=IwAR3uTfWR4Z9IXetZcmp-eQvNJ7kGNqtL7CFdbKAL1g3DJEK2VH4cqqc18X8
  12. of course not, most of use arent kinky or looking for more intense power eclxchange, although some of us are. but it helps if you show us a photo. good luck
  13. lo siento que a veces parece dificil como en todos sitios. pero hay gente decente por aca si tengas paciencia. buena suerte y ponte en contacto, si pudiera ayudate de cualquiera manera
  14. ha, that's awesome, it finally works again after a couple years. you seem to have the magic touch. previous requests about it were ignored. thanks
  15. they have known about this bug for a long time as i reported it when they last made changes, so i'm guessing they're not going to fix it at least anytime soon. it's a tiny outfit and they're focused on the paid webcam portion of the website.
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