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Does the profile here in the forums delete automatically when you delete your Houseboy.com account?


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So I'm getting ready to delete my profile with this site and decided to start here on the forums. I notice that I don't really see a distinct place or way to actually delete a profile here. I know I had to set up a profile here since this is technically a different site, and you have to also manage your profile here separately from your profile on the main site. 

How do you delete your forums profile? Does it now automatically delete when you delete your houseboy.com profile?


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hey there,

usually what i do is blank out my profile, delete pics and remove and identifying info and leave it up for a couple weeks so even their backups have only the blank version

and then i delete both profiles.  they used to be more linked but they're increasingly divorced. 

i think that's worth doing even on sites that have more funding & a better interface than this.  i haven't seen any posts from the admin in a long time.  best to play it conservative. 

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Oh I have nothing on here I would care about going public. I just want to make sure I don't have a random profile floating around that I don't use. When you say delete both profiles, how do you delete the profile here in the forums? 

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