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Why is this site so full of scammers on both sides?


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This is due to the fact that there are people on here that continuously fall for it just because the picture posted is of a cute twink. Simple as that; as long as people keep giving out their money, people will keep taking it.

You have to think of it from the angle of the scammer. No matter how cute this site makes it seem, no matter what terms they use, in the end, there are men that are offering money to cute guys in the hopes of getting some kind of sexual favor in return. In basically every city, county, and state in the U.S., that's illegal. So, these guys can't go report these boys once they have been scammed. Maybe they can report them here, but seriously, all of about 12 people on this site ever read the forums. There is absolutely no legal recourse that could possibly come to these boys without the "employer" ending up behind bars too. Reporting a crime of not getting any sex for the money offered is like calling a cop because your crack dealer shorted you a few grams. The scammers know this, so why stop?

The other issue is that some employers will report a guy as a scam just because a boy isn't interested. This happens probably about 40% of the time you see a post about a scammer on this site. Because of this, the few people that do read those scam alerts tend to just ignore them because they know it's done out of spite quite often.

Additionally, the men that report scammers often notice that new profiles come up that have them immediately blocked before there is ever any contact. All they have to do is come into the forums, see who report scam profiles, and block them immediately so that the information about their profile isn't easily shared. Yes, the irony is the ability to report a scammer is the same thing that lets the scammers know who to hide their profiles from.

So, between the fact that you can't actually do anything about being scammed here and the fact that most people have learned to ignore the scammer warnings because a lot of them are just people being petty, it's pretty much the perfect storm for scammers to really do whatever they please on this site.  Yes, men on here have brains, but as soon as they see a cute boy, their brain simply stops working. The scammers could write in the text "I am a scammer, I look nothing like my picture" and then follow that with the pic of a cute boy and a sob story and just like that, someone will be dumb enough to send money. It really is that easy on here.

I'm so very glad I was a houseboy well before most of the profiles ended up being cam ads and scammers, and unfortunately, there are almost as many scam employers as there are scam houseboys on here now. Pretty sad considering how much fun this and other houseboy sites used to be.

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Why report them in the forums then? Why not just go directly to the staff with evidence of a potential scam and have the staff deal with discreetly? Idk sounds this site and whole system are irredeemably broken.

Are there better sites or places for guys interested in this beyond this? You did say there were others even if the scammers are there too.

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You mean the same staff that takes more than 8 weeks to upgrade a profile after someone has paid for premium membership?

Yes, there are MUCH better sites and apps than this site. No other site I know takes upwards of 10 minutes to load the recent views section. Personally, I was a houseboy way back when, but am no longer and couldn't see myself wanting to have a houseboy. Now that I'm wanting to date again finally, I'm on a few regular dating apps/sites. Well, "regular" to me; they're Black owned and operated, so the crowd is a lot different than the pretty face twink boys with a scam story to sell as they look for "dad". Oh the days before the whole fantasy incest craze took over the mainstream gay community. Anyhow, that's why, as of a few days ago, I've decided to say my goodbyes here as I get ready to delete my profile here after making sure I keep in touch with the few on here I love conversating with.

Whatever it is you're looking for, just do a quick search and you'll find anything better. Most of the charm of this site is what is used to be a long time ago, not what it turned into lately. The staff also used to be a lot more responsive here, but if you are thinking reporting anything to them will help, well, tell that to the people that have paid good money weeks ago and still see no premium benefits.

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all sites are subject to the spam bot wars.  bigger sites like grindr have more staff & time to keep it looking cleaner.  this site has always been a backwater and they don't have the resources to spend on the nonporn part of the site.  the 'dating/houseboy' part of the site isn't really bringing them any revenue.

to cut the admin some slack, it's hard and the spam bots are constantly getting better. search "why dating apps full of spambots"? and you will see many links answering different aspects of your question. 

many people are chatting with bots & don't realize it.  most of the response above i would agree with but it's only relevant for the small number of human scammers.  the majority are AIs set up automatically by trolls

there's no point in posting about scam profiles.  either you know how to weed spam bots & human scammers out or you don't.  it would be impossible to list all the fake, abandoned or spambot profiles here.  there are real people here worth finding but it's harder than years ago and fewer real & decent people are active on the site. 





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