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House Boy

young vs older houseboys


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I have been serving 24/7 for six of the last 10 years in a number of households starting my late 40s.

while a lot of doms want a young pretty pliable sub with a nice body.  many of them open up their demographic focus after some pursuit & experience. about a third of my masters have been younger than me.

what doms report to me that they don't like about some younger guys:
they're flaky and often disappear for no reason while they're getting to know each other
they don't know what they want
they are inexperienced in sex & kink & D/s
they have poor judgment & impulse control
they spent most or all of their time on their phone or gaming, hide in their room
they need nagging to do any chores
they do drugs & steal

their profile is blank/hard to evaluate and/or they didn't read our profile
they have more STIs than guys over 30

obviously none of those things are true of all young men or can't be true of older guys

what masters have told me they enjoyed about me or other older experienced subs:
we're trained
we are motivated & know that we want to serve
we're very skilled at bottoming, cock sucking, massage etc
we know how to take care of a household/dungeon/car etc
we often have useful life skills or input when there's a problem
we do obvious chores without having to be told or threatened
we're more interesting to be around, make conversation, introduce to friends
we can be trusted to follow thru on a project and have good independent judgment
we're more hairy, chunky, mature, masculine, better tops
we don't need constant supervision or entertainment

most of the doms i've met who were serious about finding a houseboy have been ripped off by a young pretty drug addict who seduced them to the point where they got off balance & did things against their own better judgment

some doms who can handle more than one sub, keep a young guy as a boytoy & an older guy as a manwife or majordomo

what's your experience of looking for guys of different ages & being served by them?

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I like to be submissive, sometimes slutty as in girly....I've had a couple guys have me do that, and I must say I really got into it

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