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  1. Looking for safe fun work.will travel
  2. Nikky

    Chicago porn

    I'm looking for work!
  3. Hello, I'm looking for work.... Would like to work for you..I'm safe sexy honest loyal, Very sexual...Love to work in skimmpy booty shorts, leggings thong spiked boots....Will perform all duties I'm asked.... Don't have a problem working for cash outside.. Will work as a dancer etc....More information leave msg
  4. I like to be submissive, sometimes slutty as in girly....I've had a couple guys have me do that, and I must say I really got into it
  5. Not retired, But looking for work..... I'm very open-minded, fast learner and good at what I do
  6. Looking for a new start... Loyal honest sexy submissive bottom Looking for work in every way
  7. Hello, I'm a new Houseboy.. Looking for a safe fun place to work... I'm.loyal, honest sexy and a very good worker....I can perform any duties I'm asked to..... Please contact for more information
  8. Hello, I'm a loyal honest sexy male... Good worker, and very fast learner... please let me know
  9. Hello I a sexy loyal honest male, looking for a good change...I'm hard working obedient, smooth bottom...
  10. I'm a smooth shaved sexy guy.. Looking for something new...I'm loyal, honest and sexy... Submissive, as I do like sexy...And am a great worker
  11. Hello there, still looking for a Houseboy
  12. Nikky

    New Houseboy

    Hire me, loyal honest sexy submissive, Good worker... Obedient submissive....In to skimmy uniforms....etc...Open minded looking for safe fun place
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