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  1. NOW, it's totally wiped out for my account (today) - All the VISITORS and the VISITED have been removed, deleted, (or are not displayed at this time for some unknown reason) when clicking on the link. It comes back ZERO for both. I had hundreds of member profiles displayed in both categories, now "zilch". Of course, there is no message on the system telling us why this is happening. Very strange behavior.
  2. Yes. This was fixed very quickly after notification. It is no longer a problem or concern. Please note the date that my posting was originally authored: May 12, 2014
  3. Re: Fixing the Photo Display (in the individual profiles Photo Gallery) EXCELLENT!!!!! PERFECT!!! The FIX you have installed is exactly what was needed to solve the problem of user photo display along with accommodation of advertising displays within the Photo Gallery window of the individual user profiles. The placement of the direction arrows <-- --> on the side of the photo is the perfect fix. Now all items fit within the window and the user is able to move to view another pic without having to adjust the window up or down, any more. NICE JOB!!! Thank you.
  4. Re: fixing photo display Checked it out this morning. Nice Try, but not yet accomplished. Moving the direction buttons above the picture is a good start and does work really well. Now, all that is needed is to re-size the popup window so that it accommodates displaying the entire photo (pic bottoms are chopped off until physically moved into view window). There is plenty of room (window real estate) for the photo-view-popup-window to be lengthened (downward when opened) so that the pic is fully displayed. Once this has been accomplished, viewing of the "Pics Gallery" will be a pleasure with ease, once again.
  5. Site is good. Offers a lot to all. As with most all open-opportunity-membership web sites there will be occasional circumstances or instances where an unpleasant or disappointing situation, factor or feature will be encountered, however, if we are comparing apples to apples for this type of targeted meeting site, this is an AAA level site. NOTE to Michael: The annoying problem of the photo display (within a user profile) usually not fitting completely into the pop-up window enough to allow for the -> <- arrows to appear within the window so that the user may advance or return to view adjoining pictures, has not been attended to. From a user standpoint, it is annoying because WE must adjust the window up or down to get to the MOVEMENT arrow to click on it. For 1 or 2 pics, not a problem, but when the user profile has many pics it becomes an annoyance. That's my criticism. Otherwise, your software turned out pretty darn good.
  6. firefox 29.0.1 Acer V226WL 22" diagonal (viewing) 1680 x 1050 resolution - landscape rectangular view window dimensions 11 1/2 X 16 1/2 windows 8.1 op sys The problem could be alleviated if the bottom region of the viewing window for photos can be increased by a minor white-space area (probably a line or two, below and before the bottom FRAME LINE) using logic that considers the greater of the largest USER photo and/or the inserted advert graphic situated in the bottom region. I see where the BACK and FORWARD arrows can now be hidden by either of the PHOTO or the ADVERT, depending upon the size of either of the two that are situated. Another way to handle the problem may be to segregate the adverts from the PHOTO area "explicitly". I don't have a suggestion as how that may be done. And finally, just make the viewing window for PHOTO displays much larger or force-insert of additional white space surrounding all contents of the window, additionally, another outside FRAME could envelop (surround) the PHOTO DISPLAY WINDOW and that would ensure that the BACK and FORWARD buttons will be visible for each display window. That should not hurt the overall quality of the systems operation or function and may ease this kind of problem.
  7. Should have addressed this with original post but just noticed that the photos and adverts are VISIBLE but the annoyance is that the ARROWS needed to be clicked on to MOVE to the next or previous photo is not visible within the FRAME and that makes it necessary to move the window so that the ARROWS become visible to be used by the viewer.
  8. No objection with having advertising inserts on the profile's individual photo display page(s) but please RESIZE the DISPLAY WINDOW so that the entire PHOTO is visible with along with the advertising graphic inserts. It's annoying to have to move the window up and down, etc. to be able to view the actual PHOTO of the person being viewed.
  9. Employer or Houseboy, each of us must do our own investigating and policing when a contact has been made and there has been interest shown. We are adults. We already have adequate protections by use of the profile information and whatever additional information we can learn from the person we are communicating with. It is our decision making that allows for the problem of being trapped into a scam situation. Human nature will prove to be the culprit that allows for this to happen. If we think with our larger head rather than our smaller (pleasure) head when pursuing an arrangement with each other we may have a better outcome by choosing to not continue the pursuit with the person, or furthering our investigation when the information we have does not make sense to us, and by using good (or better) judgement when we have confidence that the situation may be right for us, to arrange face to face meetings prior to any commitment of moneys or travel. As an employer, I would choose to travel to my prospective houseboy to meet in person prior to having a contract or sending moneys if the houseboy is not local to my city. If he is local to my city then the meeting is a simple one. Too much oppression set up by the houseboy.com administration will certainly reduce the number of potential users that may have otherwise been good for the site. Other sites have done just that, made use of their sites unpleasant and oppressive and they have DIED. MHO is that the houseboy.com website is set just about right with the controls that are in place at the moment. Michael, I hope that you consider my words before making the kinds of changes being suggested above. The site you have now has developed into one of the best websites of it's kind.
  10. I am an employer viewing houseboy profiles and I suggest that it would be desirable and helpful if the display of ESCORT = yes or ESCORT = no or ESCORT = N/A or ESCORT = Ask Me can be shown when viewing the individual profile display page. The search selection feature for ESCORT should be retained as a tool, also. Suggested display position on profile page might be at the TOP section underneath: Sexuality: gay Position: Bottom Age: 26 years old Dick Size: 7-8" (18-20 cm) HIV Status: Negative Escort = N/A example above is Escort = N/A (not answered) For ease of the programming change, maybe continuing only the use of YES or NO as answers may be desirable with the default of NO when new profiles are being added unless the YES is entered.
  11. check my HB profile GoodHome4U and respond here at the HB site if interested:
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