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  1. On your "Upgrade Account" page, you use the word "recursive" but it should probably be "recurring."
  2. If I click on "My Account" and then click on "Visitors and Visited Profiles" it just spins. Same thing happens if I click on the little footprint icon on the bottom of the screen. Once in a while, a screen will display, but not too often. I also get a warning from my browser (FireFox) telling me that a script is running slow on that page. I use this site more from my phone than my desktop, but many features on the mobile site do not work. For example, I cannot add comments on this forum from my phone (it keeps telling me I need to login). Houseboy City Map will display locations, but if you click to see a profile, you get nothing. If you want to hire me on a contract/as-needed basis to fix things and QA your system, let me know. I can also provide a resume.
  3. Yes, my older messages have disappeared. I think Houseboy.com made a change to start deleting older messages. Sadly, they did not give us any notice of this change and many of us have lost information that we may have chosen to save if given notice.
  4. I checked this morning and it seems to be fixed. Thank you!
  5. If I click on "My Account" and then click on " Visitors and Visited Profiles" I just get the spinning wheel that says it is thinking. Some browsers I have tried will tell me that there is a script slowing down the browser and if I stop it, it just goes back to the spinning wheel. It's been like this for a long time (last weeks inability to see profiles inspired me to finally ask that this be fixed). I've tried a variety of browsers on both my laptop, phone, and tablet. If you can fix it, it would really be appreciated.
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