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  1. Some adjustment have been made. Does anyone still see issues? If so, let me know what they are. Thanks.
  2. The server was upgraded to a new version of php and it causing issues. We are working on it.
  3. Every time we see him, we block him. We block as many profiles as we approve.
  4. It is OK to report anyone. It is always best to do it on their profile as we get that quick.
  5. Good Morning Michael, You have helped me before with site problems, I am very grateful!

    This time , the site  showed I received two messages, only one was there.  Since that time one message still shows by

    the envelope but there is no message. How do I remove this incorrect 1 message notice at the envelope?

    Regards, Johnny

  6. I just received 28 messages for two emails, had to block HB

  7. hi,  did you get further with this


  8. Did you report the profile? There is no active report on him.
  9. He has had no active name on the site. When someone is reported, we verify. You don't know what we thought. But, this thread is from April. I can find neither name mentioned above. What active name do you see? If you see one, hit the report button. It is really that simple.
  10. It is not something in this version. We will have a Quick Share gallery to open soon.
  11. It does not take 24 hours if you verify your email. However, we do NOT approve any profiles unless that step is accomplished.
  12. It would be nice but a small site and not a priority right now.
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