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Found 13 results

  1. Perp: Downtoearth, Typical scammer crap, starts with all the flattery and crap, then slips in how he's in the military and currently stationed in Bahrain. Need I say more?
  2. FitBoy4U a/k/a Boy4Serious a/k/a HotBoy4Dad a/k/a DreamBoy4U a/k/a Handsome4Mentor a/k/a MotivatedMuscle is back...again! He is now Muscled4Mentor. Since we reported him a few years ago (yes, he's been scamming people for years) he immediately blocks us and others who have reported him in the past. Michael, is there a way you can at least allow us to report repeat scammers? Since we can't view his posts, we are not able to report him. maybe you can at least pick up repeat profiles from IP addresses? This guy is bad news and we don't want some unsuspecting employer to get taken like we did. Thank you!
  3. This exact same pic pops up with a new profile name every month or so. I can't click on the profile as this person has me blocked as he does with every profile he posts, so I can't report him. The miles from me is the same as all his other profiles were. Please be very cautious if you correspond with him. If it is the same person whom I suspect it is, he is a scammer.
  4. Just a few days ago this repeat offender, con man, liar, scammer was YourDreamBoy, as reported here. He changes profile name quite frequently. Numerous times over the past many months. I can’t report him because he blocks my profile as soon as he creates his newest profile. So I simply just out him here.
  5. fosterpeople93 has changed his name now to kyfoster. Same loser con man. Saddest hard luck stories you’ll ever hear. Just to con you in to sending him money so he can “drive to you”. NOT! This guy has been around a long time switching profile names, pics and physical stats and general locations. Typically he will use NC, SC and Georgia for locations. Supposedly drives for Uber snd Lyft. Lives in his car. Needs money for phone, car repairs, new tires, a room for the night, etc. And of course money to drive to you. NOT! He’s been around so long and hit up so many men that he forgets and will be a repeat without remembering he’s already tried to f...k you outta money. Wanted to text. I said fine. Turns out his number had already been saved in my phone contacts from two years ago. What a dumbass.
  6. YourDreamBoy is just the newest profile name of one of the most notorious scammers this site has had the displeasure of having to put up with. He gets busted weekly so just changes his profile name and pops up anew. Seldom ever ever changes his photo or his profile read. Will come on strong but will never give you specifics or video chat. His locations change constantly. The only thing he is interested in is you falling for his sad sack story and sending him money so he “can come to you”. Which he never will. He’s slick. You’ve been warned.
  7. fosterpeople93 is a repeat pain in the ass fake profile scammer. Connected with him two years ago here. Since then his height has changed several inches and his cock grew another 1.5”. Amazing huh! He’s the type that immediately gives you his hard luck story, phone is going to be cut off, living in his car with two ruined flat tires and no money. The place he was born and raised has changed, etc. Steer clear of this huge waste of time.
  8. Yes he’s still here, just a new profile name which he does every couple of days. See posts below for prior profile names he’s used. Steer clear, don’t waste your time. He’s only interested in ONE thing, your $ ! Best of luck to everyone. Stay safe, stay vigilant. There ARE lots of real, serious and good potential houseboys AND employers on this website. Just use your good common sense and go with your gut feeling when dealing with any of them. P.S. A big thank you to those of you who have reported this scumbag here in the forums as well as other a...holes. Keep in mind everyone, that’s one of the topics this website suggests be done on this particular forum. So keep it up. It’s not gonna fix the problem but will curtail the repeat abusers of this website.
  9. Derrick Odear, aka, r3ady2bstabl3, is one of the latest thugs to soil our website with his conning lies and decent and who should be avoided like the plague unless you like having someone con you out of your hard earned money. He’s slick as they come, had me going for a while with his academy award nominated performance. Using my common sense and relying on my gut feelings I did a little simple background checking on him, googled his name, Derrick Odear, supposedly from Tracy City, TN. Believe it or not google pulled up an old houseboy forum post from August 2012 talking about his scamming activities. He’s also got a wrap sheet, jail time and a likely druggy. And he’s still at it with your typical poor me I’m on my last leg stories of being kicked out, homeless, no job, no money, hadn’t eaten in two days, blah blah blah. Anyway enough said. He’s a crafty one. You’ve been warned.
  10. Another one of the latest frauds, scammers that I’ve recently engaged with. I’m no longer listing the reasons I know, here in the forum, is that I’m not going to lend help to the enemy by providing them with reasons why they got busted so that they can avoid those and get better at their craft. Pm me on the main site if you want particulars. Try to remember that once you know they are fakes or scammers or whatever it’s best to not let them on that they are busted until you’ve reported them on the website (scroll to bottom of their profile), then block them, make a new post here with their profile name in the header and THEN let them know they are busted. Yes, it’s likely they will continue to have their profile up for reasons I don’t understand but it will do some good even if they aren’t removed from the site. Good luck to everyone and keep on searching.
  11. Stay clear of both those profiles, appeared back to back under “new profiles” search for houseboys. Same locations, way different physical stats as heights/weights, similar/matching profile info. This guy(?) has been around before under several different profile names, JohnConner for one. Don’t waste your time with this guy, he’s a total farce! Good luck fellas, there’s a good houseboy out there for all of us. We just gotta keep on searching for him.
  12. I helped this guy out and we had plans for him to move in. I sent him a plane ticket and he was a no show and no reply. He wants someone to fund his life while he plays you for cash. Beware!!!
  13. After over 500 texts and hours talking to him, I bought a non-refundable airline ticket so he could come and visit. He asked for $50 to cover some travel expenses and I sent it to him thinking if he was a scammer he would have asked for more. On the day he was supposed to fly to meet me, he texted me several times about the trip; going through security, stop over in Philadelphia, etc. When he didn't contact me to pick him up at the airport after the plane landed here, I called the airline and found out he had never boarded the plane in Atlanta. He goes by the name Chris but that is his middle name (or that's what he told me). When I wired him the money, he had me use the name Eric (last name removed by admin) because he said that's what was on his driver's license (said they left off his middle name when he got his license).
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