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Found 15 results

  1. Tbakercobblers from Rapid City, SD is a fake. You’ve been warned. Guys please report fakes AND post them up here please. It’s not a fix but hopefully will discourage a few scammers.
  2. fosterpeople93 is a repeat pain in the ass fake profile scammer. Connected with him two years ago here. Since then his height has changed several inches and his cock grew another 1.5”. Amazing huh! He’s the type that immediately gives you his hard luck story, phone is going to be cut off, living in his car with two ruined flat tires and no money. The place he was born and raised has changed, etc. Steer clear of this huge waste of time.
  3. Yes he’s still here, just a new profile name which he does every couple of days. See posts below for prior profile names he’s used. Steer clear, don’t waste your time. He’s only interested in ONE thing, your $ ! Best of luck to everyone. Stay safe, stay vigilant. There ARE lots of real, serious and good potential houseboys AND employers on this website. Just use your good common sense and go with your gut feeling when dealing with any of them. P.S. A big thank you to those of you who have reported this scumbag here in the forums as well as other a...holes. Keep in mind everyone, that’s one of the topics this website suggests be done on this particular forum. So keep it up. It’s not gonna fix the problem but will curtail the repeat abusers of this website.
  4. Three new scam artists with fake profiles houseboys.Steer clear, don’t waste your time. 1. HonestMentor 2. Pukky021 3. blowngerick If you wish details then pm me on the main website and I can email you what I discovered. Dont let a few rotten apples spoil the barrel. Good luck to you all.
  5. 4playmikey is one of the new members here but is a total sham, fake, time waster. Had the “dis”pleasure of wasting time with this guy who came across ver appealing and convincing at first. All seemed to be progressing well with texting and a phone call in efforts to get better acquainted. That’s until he decided to share a few photos, same ones he has in his profile. Well they aren’t his. That’s the reason why he states in his profile NOT to ask for any more photos. Because he can’t find anymore off the internet that look like the same guy. The second big eye opener is that from his original profile to his newly revised profile he has gone from 19 to 18 years old. His dick has grown from a cut, average, 6” to an uncut, thick, 8.5”(Will miracles never cease huh). He’s switched from versatile to a versatile bottom which is no big deal. Oh and one more thing I suppose he overlooked. His original profile stated NO piercings or tattoos. His revised one has one piercing. Oops, he didn’t spot the nipple piercing in the stolen, fake photo he started using. Oh well, young-n-dumb. He has an iPhone but will use one of those messaging apps to text you. Has at least two email accounts he used to email initially. Claims he just graduated high school and was on the swim team. Parents supposedly kicked him out when he was 14-15 after coming out gay. Says lives with an aunt in Santa Clairita, CA. Goes by the name Mike Harlow. Save yourself the time and trouble. Unable to report him due to him blocking me unexpectedly. I’m sure it was because he saw I had visited his profile after he had so ridiculously modified it. I was blocked within an hour after I’d visited it. Of course he unexpectedly block my phone number as well. So I hope the website moderator will view this and unplug one more bad apple from our website here. Good luck to everyone. Stay safe.
  6. Needylad is latest fake, fraud, con I’ve run across here. If you want details you can pm me. I’m not divulging what gave him(her?) away so not to help the enemy learn from their mistakes. Good luck hunting to everyone.
  7. Another one of the latest frauds, scammers that I’ve recently engaged with. I’m no longer listing the reasons I know, here in the forum, is that I’m not going to lend help to the enemy by providing them with reasons why they got busted so that they can avoid those and get better at their craft. Pm me on the main site if you want particulars. Try to remember that once you know they are fakes or scammers or whatever it’s best to not let them on that they are busted until you’ve reported them on the website (scroll to bottom of their profile), then block them, make a new post here with their profile name in the header and THEN let them know they are busted. Yes, it’s likely they will continue to have their profile up for reasons I don’t understand but it will do some good even if they aren’t removed from the site. Good luck to everyone and keep on searching.
  8. One of the newest members and a 24 carat fake, Coltroyman. If you want the particulars as to how I know you can pm me. Sufficient to say, without a doubt, he is. Much as I dislike having to repeatedly list these scum bags here I feel it only right to let everyone know in order to save someone the headache of being used by one of these a__holes. Best of luck everyone and keep on trying. There’s a good one out there for everyone.
  9. Needylad is one of the newest members. What a lame con this one is. First he’s got no city/state listed so it defaulted to the Flushing, NY address. Second obvious clue is in his stats. Lists him at 5’6” and 235 lbs. but selects “slim”! Lol! Guys you can’t make this shit up, it’s laughable. Then of course his profile is filled with “Ask Me” or just blank. Good luck everyone. Stay vigil.
  10. Stay clear of both those profiles, appeared back to back under “new profiles” search for houseboys. Same locations, way different physical stats as heights/weights, similar/matching profile info. This guy(?) has been around before under several different profile names, JohnConner for one. Don’t waste your time with this guy, he’s a total farce! Good luck fellas, there’s a good houseboy out there for all of us. We just gotta keep on searching for him.
  11. Another lowlife wannabe scammer using the old worn out script that he/she/it is in the USA military currently deployed in Syria even though he lists West Palm Beach, FL as his home. Is returning to the states soon and wants to email. NOT! Steer clear fellas!
  12. Look out for “Daviels” aka David Daniels. Another “boy” wanting to be “rehomed” by his “master” after 16 months of “training”. Has several of the typical red flags not only in his profile but in conversations as well. I played his game long enough for him to bring up his master and rehoming, with a catch of course. Don’t waste your time with this guy like I did. Poor use of our language, etc as an early warning, along with lots more. Good luck to everyone just trying to do the right thing and find what you’re searching for.
  13. Latest fake running the old “master is relocating his trained boy for a fee” scam is “bttmboy”. Steer clear fellas. You’ve been warned.
  14. FYI, a few suspicious profiles popped up this week. boythomas, frankjones, permseeker all have a similar description. I emailed 1 just to see what the response would be. He claims to be presented for auction by his "trainer". Sounds real fishy.
  15. Guest

    Beware - Employer scam

    Every HB, take care with the so called employer karlzh. He is very good with retoric so he promisses you in a very credible way a great position with him but it never happens. He starts by using photos of very unknowned male models, fake names and fake phone numbers. Just don't fall in his lies!
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