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Found 18 results

  1. Hey guys, haven't been online for quite some time. I'm looking to relocate to the UK on a semi permanent or permanent basis. Looking for a live in employer. Also don't mind couples (certainly have the libido for it). Can do most types of work and can learn the remaining ones. I'm a bottom and more than open to experimenting. If I have a choice I'd have sex a few times a day lol. Don't hesitate to message if interested. I'm very communicative and have never turned down the chance to chat with someone.
  2. I’m new to this and looking for some advice/direction in life. I feel like my sexual needs will determine my hunger for the work. I want to be independent from my parents so financial advice is needed. I have many more questions but would rather chat privately
  3. While I’ve read through the HB site for several years, this late summer and fall marks my first serious search to find a houseboy to live with me. I've had mixed results but no successful engagement of a houseboy. First off, I pass by profile with a lot of “ask me,” “maybe,” and “it depends” responses. I figure they are either window shopping, or will answer my question the way they perceive I would view favorably. Then I have a pretty good eye for fakes. The Ghana and Nigeria operators often give clues in their language usage. Nonetheless, I did lose several hundred dollars to one guy, in a gamble I knew was risky. But in dealing with young men who I perceive to be legitimate candidates I spend a lot of time going back and forth sharing information. First off, I want to be sure the understand me and my situation and needs. I want to discover what they really can an will do (sex is a very low priority in my search, housework, high.). Moreover I don’t wan to coerce a man to come here until he is certain he wants to come. I consciously avoid being pushy or rushing a commitment. I’ve corresponded with a couple of young men who dealt with me extensively but ended up choosing other employers. In both cases they sensed my slowed-down pace, non-pushy attitude as reluctance on my part. In both cases, I think they accepted placements far less desirable than what I offered (my opinion) I’d welcome feedback on the experience of others who have successfully engaged suitable houseboys, and even from those who have had little or no success.
  4. A young gentleman in West Africa Ghana looking for an Employer to be employed and share life together. More interested in LTR boyfriend so I can take care of household chores and maintain the home as well as share romantic life together. Been here for awhile and nothing is happening. Don’t mind relocating if Employer/Boyfriend is worth it.....honestly and sincerely looking. Check my profile
  5. Age: 22, Current Location: Texas Looking to relocate. Not a huge fan of the term "houseboy" because I am hoping for something a little different. I am NOT looking for a relationship, sexual partner or someone who wants to 'own' me. I am looking for a healthy, safe, secure atmosphere where I can be myself. I am capable of handling chores, errands, etc... I hope to find someone who is okay with being close friends/confidants/somewhat of a mentor, but anything other than that would depend on the chemistry that develops. I am not opposed to the possibility of sex, but if the chemistry isn't there then it isn't happening. Just don't want it to be expected because that just adds unnecessary pressure (in my opinion). If you do expect it then I'm most likely not your guy. I have never moved off to be in a situation such as this, so it's imperative that you can prove to me that you have a SAFE environment to offer (and that I can trust you). I have many interests. A few are paleontology, archaeology, ancestry and anything nature-related. When it comes to cooking you may have to pretend to like my food sometimes, but most of the time it's edible lol. People call me a clean freak so you would not have to worry about messes. If you have landscape that needs tending, I can definitely help out there. Anyways, if you would like to know more about me then pm me on here with your email and I will hit you up with more information/face pics. Thanks ***Not looking to relocate outside of the United States***
  6. I've suggested for years that employer implies to a houseboy that he will be paid for services, (even if it may be in trade for room, room & board, etc). In an effort to ensure that this doesn't turn into an escort site I've asked for the title to be reconsidered again, but the suggestion back is that I should post it in the forums to be discussed. When doing an internet search for "Antonyms for house boy", two titles come up: boss and master. I've placed a few examples in a poll to see what others think as well!
  7. Hi there, I have been working as a houseboy for several years and recently started a new job, I love the work we do together business-wise and I really enjoyed our personal time together these past several months. It was agreed from the start that we were to have an open relaxed relationship, but whatever happened with anyone else was to be kept out of our home and was our own business. However recently my employer met a young man and liked his company, and invited him to stay in our home for a month or two (He said he was not sure of it would be a sexual relationship but it was clear from letters I filed away that it would be most likely) During which time they would share a bedroom together and I would stay in my own private room, me and my employer would have no sort of closeness and it was not to be mentioned to this gentlemen that we had anything other than a strictly platonic relationship. This has really upset me and left me in a terrible way, I confronted him about this and his response was that he could hardly rescind the invitation now and that when we originally laid our boundaries that his exact wording referred to him specifically not having sexual intercourse with anyone in our shared bed, BUT that did not include any of the other rooms on the property or the fact that he could share our bed with them and not do anything sexual. I do not know whether I am just being overly sensitive and have my own issues to deal with but I feel mislead, I could not get him to understand why such a situation upset me so, and was made to feel I was being overly dramatic and that The technicality of his vague wording was a strong enough case for his validation but I just cannot accept that, especially from a man who prides himself and boasts about never telling lies, but to me there’s a big difference, he may not have lied but he was not exactly forthcoming with the truth. I don’t know what to do, I love my job, my friends, the life I have here, my pets and the actual legitimate professional (non-houseboy) career I am building here. But I feel hurt, betrayed and angry, confused, a little naive and embarrassed and I just cannot see a way around it. If anyone has any advice or experienced anything similar or even just has a bloody opinion on the matter I would more than happily take it right now. I don’t know what to do. Thank you for taking the time to read this if you made it this far. J
  8. josuecuervo


    I'm a smart, young individual who is honestly just looking for a new experience outside of a crime infested bordertown. I've experience with animals, children, kitchen work, computer work, and quite frankly I can work whatever you need. I'm eloquent and am not afraid of labor at the same time. Looking for a relationship where I, as well as my employer, do not have to look elsewhere. I am not looking for a handout but for someone who can provide a stable room and work for me. Any takers?
  9. My names is john im 25 i live in a small town in utah and i kinda wanna see whats out there and take an adventure im looking for a master/ employer to take me in i love dominate guys so all you have to do is snap your fingers and its done im a very trustworthy person im easy to get along with.. im not to picky about looks the only thing i do like for a guy to have is a big dick so i enjoy something to suck on and get fucked with im into older guys and dominate guys so if i interest you hit me up lets start a relationship of some sort
  10. Hey! I am seriously looking for a houseboy that wants to start new and fresh. Relocation expense will be reimbursed upon arrival and acceptance. Great living conditions and few expectations. Please feel free to contact me and ask questions. Rick
  11. I'm a serious employer (single dad and professor). Not looking for sex slave, but I admit (being new) I do have some fun fantasies going on I'm my mind... But I digress. I could use some advice on how to improve my profile. For instance, I was honest about being an out priest. Yet, I don't know if that will scare potential applicants off. I'm atypical of my profession and would never push religion on anyone. Any advice how I can improve my profile to still be honest, yet make it more appealing? We are a very nice family, big house, great small town but close to NYC. Honesty greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hi I am looking to be a houseboy to a person in Boston. I am very well mannered, can have good conversations, cook, love talking about art, and a grad student.
  13. I am average height,I have short hair, very clean! Looking for a man who is looking to have alittle fun! I LIKEvery clean, well groomed, tall,skinny/slender, athletic,fit, muscular, light skinned or tan men,bears,older men,hairy chests,men in business suits, and big veiny cocks,grandpas,buff,daddies,and grey hair!!! I DON'T LIKE dark skinned men, fat men, or dirty men that don't cut there toenails or shower,or that have missing teeth
  14. GENUINE INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE. I am new to this site. I know exactly what I am looking for and am offering. Seeking a genuine employer who has the same mentality. Please send messages to my profile rather than posting them as comments to this posting, thanks. *If you need a face pic, please send me your e.mail address. Unable to load it here. I'm a smart, intelligent, passionate, sensual and decent guy, working on establishing my career in the creative sector. Unable to offer 24/7 slave lifestyle, but can be a raunchy and responsive sub. Seeking accommodation in return for domestic & household work. Can also give massages and grooming/pampering sessions, and do admin work if required. I like keeping a place clean & tidy. Can make fast, fresh & deliciously healthy food. Would ideally suit a dominant older/mature gentleman or couple (any age/race/type, but with good personal hygiene) who need someone to help/look after them and/or provide company. I prefer an older/mature man/couple who is sorted, settled, secure & sane. Dominant and proactive, kinky hard fucker, but also cab be affectionate, loving and supportive, with a decent job/career and your own home. Retired/semi retired also ok. I'm HIV+ but not on medication as I am perfectly healthy. You can be poz or neg, but NOT into drugs, sex clubs, clubbing or heavy drinking. I can't handle or live with someone who leads such a lifestyle. Be open minded, non judgmental, laid back, relaxed and chilled. Good/sane mental health and being non scene is preferable. SEX: Vanilla to Kink. I am into kissing, having my nipples played with, being rimmed and fucked, spanking, toys, roleplay, verbal, bondage and sm - all within sane agreed limits. Also into sexy underwear and leather. Open to exploring within limits. NOT into cbt, extreme pain, brown or blood. Prefer one to one as opposed to groups, with the exception of you being a couple. You must understand that although I am happy to stick to my word and do everything I promise to do, you would have to be understanding and flexible as I have to work on my career as well. If interested, please send me a message and I will reply with phone number. You call, we talk and meet. This works best for me as I am unable to do online chats back and forth. Looking for that special Dom/Man for whom I can delete this profile for.
  15. Hello Everyone. I'm seeking an employer who I can have a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with. I joined this site because I wanted to become a houseboy, so naturally I am going to need to find someone who is interested in hiring me. I have a very diverse skillset that I've developed over years of varied jobs and professions, and I am sure that I can meet any need that you may require. I belief myself to have a sunny personality, and I am always willing to make others happy and well in my presence. As far as actual employment is concerned, I am not asking for much. I would simply want to live with my employer, and have my basic needs met, such as food and rent. I would not need a salary, but that is at your discretion. I possess a passport, and am willing to relocate out of the country if need be. I am fully committed to this way of life, so please have no trepidation because I have none. If you desire more than a business relationship, I am open to that as well. I enjoy sex just as much as the next guy, and would be happy to get into things with you if it is what you desire. Just know that I am capable of more than that, as well. I await your favorable reply, and hope that any relationship I may make will be a fruitful one. Thank you.
  16. Guest

    Beware - Employer scam

    Every HB, take care with the so called employer karlzh. He is very good with retoric so he promisses you in a very credible way a great position with him but it never happens. He starts by using photos of very unknowned male models, fake names and fake phone numbers. Just don't fall in his lies!
  17. Hi, Am a 25year indian, a chubby bottom. am seeking an employer.ready to slog my ass off like a slave....sex expected. also, i would like to do my studies along with it. p.s ... am not a fake. sam my email id is samyutd at gmail dot com
  18. This is a business arrangement between employee (houseboy) and employer. Much like the hiring process in a typical business. The employer has a job opening. The houseboy posts a resume (profile). The employer looks for a resume that matches his requirements. The employer initiates contact expressing interest. The houseboy checks the employer's profile and decides whether to return contact. There is some back and forth communication. If the initial cut passes there will likely be a job interview. Which, if successful, will lead to a job offer. It seems that a critical factor in receiving a successful job offer is having a good resume (profile) posted. So, if you are a legitimate houseboy I would suggest: Act like you're applying for a job. Your "resume" (profile) is what will make the initial cut with prospective employers. So keep it up to date. It is amazing how many profiles here have not been updated (edited) in over a year - and you're serious about seeking a house boy position?! REALLY!
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