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Found 10 results

  1. Houseboy here looking for the right employer. Submissive, obedient loyal boy. Willing to do all take care of the home as well as owner with pleasure and gratitude
  2. Hello there my name is Razioh. I currently live in Albuquerque. I moved here originally with an ex but we've been seperate for a while now. I have been wanting to remake myself I have done some acting and would.love to continue in that particular field. I do have goals. I'm straight acting I like to laugh. I'm not looking to lounge around either. My instagram is Sfzinger if you want to see more of me
  3. My husband and I have been together for a long time. We're still very much in love. For you, minimal housework. Room and board, and an allowance. We need to meet before we consider hiring you. Don't think that you're just going to move right in. We'll provide you will airfare and take care of your expenses while you are here (within reason). We've already dealt with several applicants and been disappointed. Effeminate men need not apply, it's a total turn off. Contact us at tjayguerra@outlook.com or call 305-979-3533. You must be willing to relocate to Miami. Thank you, Tim & Gabriel Guerra
  4. Loving daddy looking for live in houseboy, near Ventura, California
  5. Hey there! Houseboy here looking for employer. Willing to relocate. Available as soon as offer is made and details are discussed.
  6. Hello, I am 23 years old, college educated and fit. I m looking for a live-in job as a houseboy in Europe. Contact me if interested.
  7. Hi there! I'm looking to be relocated for a nice daddy so I can enjoy the thrills of being a houseboy. I'm fresh out of school and have a year to start exploring and having the best time I love being domestic and submissive - bottom here and up for anything sexually Let me know when you book the one way ticket
  8. I'm spontaneous and always ready for an adventure. I live life in the moment. Not in the past and not in the future, just in the present. I love to travel and wish I could do it more often. I'm great at planning trips and love to try new things. Definitely a people person here. I love to have a good time and make sure the company I'm with does the same. I can keep a conversation going so let's make a connection. Looking for a practical live in arrangement. I'm willing to relocate with help for a fresh start. or Looking for a cool guy who wants someone to travel with. MY INFO : Mexican 25 years old 145lbs, 5'11" Slender Build Cute with body hair INTERESTS : Tennis Baking Traveling Dining Out Movies & Music Amusement / Theme Parks " Message me if you're intrigued. " I must warn you though, you might get addicted =)
  9. Hello, My name is Eric and I am currently looking for a live-in houseboy position. I am willing to relocate. I have more info on my profile or feel free to reply to this post or message me for more details. THIS IS LEGIT! I am looking for room and board and a allowance would be nice as well. Not required though. I wouldn't mind having a part time job I needed too. I can do al things required such as clean, cook, laundry and other tasks. I would however like to have some free time so I can get out from time to time. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a houseboy. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello guys!, I am a twenty y/o aspiring houseboy. I'm looking for potential employers who may or may not be new this as well. There are many things that I know how to do, to an extent, I can be a Jack of all trades. If you are looking for an ambitious, young, fun, optimistic, caring houseboy with hopes, dreams, and a future then I'm your guy! I've been looking through the forums to see if any of this is real and apparently there is a large scammer population on this site. I will tell you, "I am not a scammer, I've been scammed before and it's a good feeling." I'm genuinely looking for a "houseboy/employer" situation. I was in school and was only seven classes from graduating before my scholarship ran out so I took this semester off to work and try to save my money to go back to school. If I do end up relocating I would like to finish my degree in the mean time; maybe by continuing online if there are a lot of chores. I hope that doesn't deter too many of you away. Please don't hesitate to give my HB profile a look see then contact me if you're interested. Click on my name in rainbow below it should take you to my houseboy page. I'm excited to hear back from you! Thanks for taking time to read this, Rubénito
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