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Found 5 results

  1. Taking an opportunity to see if FTL is the right fit for me. May do a trial stay for 1-3+ months. Going through life changes and seeking fresh perspectives. Always been interested in idea of a “houseboy”, but too risk adverse to attempt ... on either side. This is my first swing at bat! If you have any words of wisdom, or FTL places and things to do, both good and not so good, please reach out. I’m attempting to get a full picture of South Florida and the gay community here, plus anything else you would care to share! Thanks guys! Woot! Woot!
  2. Looking for an employer (im based out of Columbus and have an apartment that I would leave for the right opportunity) that is fun and passionate (with everything they do). Im very easy going and lively, looking for a change of scenery and a new adventure. Lets Skype or ICQ to see if we would be a good fit! message me directly for details! P.S. pics on my profile, too big to load here Salvatore
  3. Young houseboy NEW to site looking for SERIOUS employer(s)! Not a thug, squatter, druggie, or other vagrant type of individual. Educated, well read, and told 'easy on the eyes while making others hot between the thighs'. Proficient experienced houseboy with strong and proven cleaning, cooking, and personal assistant skills. Sexually experienced and not ashamed to provide satisfaction from the mildest vanilla to the wildest kink. All things can be good if practiced in moderation. When you think of someone that you want to be your houseboy.. think of a guy like me, what & how you need and when you need it most. The ability to anticipate what would be most helpful is my passion, providing it is my strong suit. Check out my profile and see if I might be a good fit for you! Current employer reference is available. Attached are a few eye candy pieces. Be Well.
  4. Hi there, I am a 35 year old employer based in London. I am looking for a younger houseboy who doesn't mind travelling through Europe as I travel with work and want someone to accompany me. I am looking for someone who wants new experiences, loyal, fun and handsome. In return I will offer free rent, travel, salary and use of a car when needed. Duties may include light admin work but mostly running errands, shopping, helping me entertain and keeping me company on trips when required. I have absolutely no preference of creed, colour or nationality, those things don't matter to me - I just ask that I can trust you. This is a good opportunity for someone. If you want to know more, feel free to message me or email me (uk.prop@yahoo.com) and we can chat further. Cheers Cal.
  5. Hello, My name is Eric and I am currently looking for a live-in houseboy position. I am willing to relocate. I have more info on my profile or feel free to reply to this post or message me for more details. THIS IS LEGIT! I am looking for room and board and a allowance would be nice as well. Not required though. I wouldn't mind having a part time job I needed too. I can do al things required such as clean, cook, laundry and other tasks. I would however like to have some free time so I can get out from time to time. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a houseboy. Thanks, Eric
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