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  1. Hey men, See by topic below, but i have made it to the next step- summer in Ft. Lauderdale. June, July, and August! Woot woot! Looking for a place to rent, or other, and would love some boat friends! Any words of wisdom on what to check out/avoid would be welcomed! Best!
  2. Taking an opportunity to see if FTL is the right fit for me. May do a trial stay for 1-3+ months. Going through life changes and seeking fresh perspectives. Always been interested in idea of a “houseboy”, but too risk adverse to attempt ... on either side. This is my first swing at bat! If you have any words of wisdom, or FTL places and things to do, both good and not so good, please reach out. I’m attempting to get a full picture of South Florida and the gay community here, plus anything else you would care to share! Thanks guys! Woot! Woot!
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