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Found 4 results

  1. I’m new to this and looking for some advice/direction in life. I feel like my sexual needs will determine my hunger for the work. I want to be independent from my parents so financial advice is needed. I have many more questions but would rather chat privately
  2. Hey everyone my name is Xiao. So I'm extremely new to this so i don't know how this goes. A bit if back story on me if any employer has intrest, or if someone just wants to chat, either way I'm all ears. :About me. I'm now 30 an work a dead end job while I struggle to try to get back on my feet after a devorce currently I would like to find someone to connect with, but I find it hard as so many people are fake an will manipulate any situation to there likening. Things I live for is world travel an learning how to run a business properly and learn how to find and gain willful backe
  3. Hi there, I have been working as a houseboy for several years and recently started a new job, I love the work we do together business-wise and I really enjoyed our personal time together these past several months. It was agreed from the start that we were to have an open relaxed relationship, but whatever happened with anyone else was to be kept out of our home and was our own business. However recently my employer met a young man and liked his company, and invited him to stay in our home for a month or two (He said he was not sure of it would be a sexual relationship b
  4. My location keeps coming up Norwish UK , That is not what I ever entered nor is it correct. I keep changing it but it remains on my ID page when you pic my pic.
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