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  1. Three weeks now my message box says I have two messages. I do not. How do I get rid of that 2 in the


  2. Good Morning Michael, You have helped me before with site problems, I am very grateful!

    This time , the site  showed I received two messages, only one was there.  Since that time one message still shows by

    the envelope but there is no message. How do I remove this incorrect 1 message notice at the envelope?

    Regards, Johnny

  3. I just received 28 messages for two emails, had to block HB

  4. To Houseboy sites credit, each time I report a fake, or scammer , they remove their profile.
  5. Hello Michael,   I keep trying to make contact with anyone from the HB site. For four days it show an email or more them one, now two email have been sent to me. However, when I try to read them no messages show up. It currently shows two messages for me, that I cannot read.  I just remembered once before I made contact with you and you were able to resolve the problem. If you could please  try to make contact with someone or check into this problem, I would be most grateful.  Sincerely, Johnny    Site name is silver4fit

  6. This same problem is happening again. When I attempt to send a message, I have only sent three in four days, the message box disappears, as if I had sent many emails. please help Johnny (silver4fit on the site)

  7. My name on this site is silver4fit. My account has been working fine  until a few days ago when I could not send five messages. Actually I have not been able to send any messages for several days. When I attempt to send a message the white box disappears as if I have sent five messages. Please help. 

  8. Michael, I appreciate you trying to help. I updated my location many months ago. Have not noticed a change. I just tried again to send a message. Sending message problem still exists. The white message box appears for a second or sometimes not at all, and them goes away and I cannot write a message. Any way to fix this missing message box???? Warm Regards, Silver4fit
  9. HELP ! Not sure what happened. Until a few days ago I could send five messages a day. Now when I try to send a message the box disappears. I have not been able to send any messages in three days. I would appreciate HELP. jj
  10. My location keeps coming up Norwish UK , That is not what I ever entered nor is it correct. I keep changing it but it remains on my ID page when you pic my pic.
  11. The new member, micharms, says he is from Pittsburg, Penn. But currently in Africa! :-)
  12. I love this site, however, I have asked three questions over the last four months. I never get a reply. The two times I have reported scams they acted on it immediately, so they are protecting the site credibility and protecting us. I highly recommend this site. Thank you. I am writing this but do not know the workings of this board, they need a tutorial on it's use! Hopefully I can get some method of removing my State. I own homes in two States If I put one down and am not living there at the time the guys gets mad. WHAT TO DO?
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