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  1. I have dealt with a lot of guys mostly from Manjam, and did send money or plane tickets to quite a few and yes, you guessed it, I am still sitting here alone. I have had one guy from Houseboy seem serious but he wanted to send $10,000 into my account and I am sure that would be the old ACH transfer scam where the money goes in and he asks me to send money to his mother or friend who just went in the hospital or other, and after I send the money, the ACH gets recalled leaving me minus whatever I sent. DO NOT EVER let anyone send you a cashier's check, regular check, ACH deposit, or remote deposit into your account as all of them can turn out to be fake and leave you in trouble. Only accept a WIRE as it cannot be recalled by the sender. And again DON'T SEND ANYONE MONEY FOR ANY REASON. I will guarantee you 100% that you will just lose that money.
  2. Ok after being scammed numerous times because i am too stupid to see the warning signs let me pass along some ways to detect you are being scammed: 1) He can't ever appear on camera live because his camera is broken(African guys will say spoilt) 2)He just needs $200 out of the $500 3)He sent you pics that look like a pro model but when you ask for a specific photo like two fingers against his cheek he can't manage that for some excuse 4)He is an orphan and his parents either died in a car crash or one died to cancer and now his mother has moved to Ghana or Nigeria for medical reasons(What American would do that?)Do not deal with anyone who admits to even being in Africa for any reason as the guy who claims he is from USa or Europe will later tell you he is having customs problems with the art or whatever he is exporting for his business or else his passport and money were stolen(he can contact his embassy or his Bank for a wire right?) 5) Do not accept a box or package for him because he trusts you 100% and you just need to pay a courier a fee to accept it 6)He has no money now but manages to be on internet and must be paying rent to live somewhere and just can't seem to file for unemployment or welfare and a SNAP card for food(no one these days should be without money and food in the US). He uses the word TRUST a lot as well as LOVE yet he has never met you: come on guy, you are being scammed!!! Ask to talk to him on the phone: an african voice is very distinctive and you will hear the voices of kids and adults usually in the background though he claims to be alone. I hope this help you avoid the traps I fell into. Now no money goes out for any reason: if they are real they will make it to me on their own.
  3. The ticket is refundable but to HIM not to you. I found that out the hard way after buying a $700 plane fare for a guy who then missed the plane supposedly because he had to buy health insurance for his mother "before I leave" which made no sense since he could have done it a day later from here.
  4. I blew him to see if he resisted that as he promised sex and massage nightly when I corresponded with him and he did not stop me and I did not "force myself" on him. He claimed the pics were him and he had just gained weight. Sort of like me sending you pics of Brad Pitt and then telling you I put on a few over the winter. Chris, however, has obviously scammed quite a few men and seems to have it down pat: plead a bad home life situation as he did to me and how desperate he was to come and live with me and then cam at night with me from McDonald's parking lot where he can get free wi-fi. He BEGGED me to let him come say with us in Florida just to meet me as his situation had deteriorated so badly so I gave in. I sent him Western Union so I know he MUST be carrying ID for his name or else has all sorts of fake ID's as well(That would not surprise me). As long as this site allows ANYONE to pull these things on the honest members honestly just trying to find a young partner or houseboy, it only makes the site look worse not better. And so far I have had five guys contact me who were either scammers or were looking to be "bought" as slaves which I just think is ridiculous. There are other sites for a Sugar Daddy, this should be for young guys seeking work taking care of other older guys looking for a companion/worker to help them with a new life.
  5. I also got scammed by Chris(CJDIggsit) two weeks ago after talking to him for a few weeks at night on skype so I knew he was at least real. He kept telling me his house situation was the worst and needed to get out of there so when I went to Ft.Lauderdale with another guy I found to also be a liar and a scammer therefore, Cute777, I told Chris he could drive down from Atlanta and stay with us. He didn't actually ask for money for gas, but just said he could get $15 from an old landlord, and I just volunteered $100 like an idlot and the next day was spent reading his progress report from Atlanta to Florida until he was 20 minutes out and then.....NOTHING! I can't believe I fell for this again! What a fucking idiot I am. So I have finally learned two lessons: 1)NEVER send a dime no matter how much you want some cute guy to get to you 2)Make sure to at least see the guy on cam. My guy, Eric Oetters, claimed to be this cute young guy and sent pics. I paid for an expensive plane ride to Ft.Lauderdale and what arrived was a fairly heavy set 38 year old guy with bad dyed hair, dressed like a bum who claimed he has just "gained weight over the winter".I had to put up with his nonsense for four days and he mostly slept and we never had real sex although it had been promised. I blew him twice even though he tried to worm out of that as well. His only saving grace was he knew the area so we drive around a lot so I saw some gay bars and South Beach but beware, this guy is in it for the travel and doesn't give a care as to what he claims in order to get it.
  6. micpropst, dressed up in military garb here in his photo is a scammer trying to get a bank account and password by saying he is helping a Nigerian king get 500,000 Euros out of the country....yeah right! Michael22, Michael Dawson here, is a scammer getting money by saying he needs gas money to drive to me. He is also on another similar site to this one as Matthew Myers and uses the same pics if you can believe it. He may have other aliases but so far these are the only two I have uncovered. He is in either DC or a Maryland suburb, not sure which. After six years of dealing with guys on internet I have NEVER found a single one who says they are in Nigeria, Ghana, or Benin to be real. Any guy asking you to "vote" for him on some site is trying to get you to join saying it is free but that is a scam. You join with them saying you can cancel within 24 hours. Then when you call to cancel no one answers the phone and BAM, a charge to you for $29.95. What a surprise right? Also any supposed soldier who says they are in Afghanistan or Pakistan or wherever, is just a scammer who will ask you to help him somehow, either getting money out of the country or else receiving a box for him. Run in the opposite direction. Anyone calling you DEAR immediately or telling you they love you within a few days of contact is so fake as to not be believed. Demand they appear on cam either on yahoo or skype or phone with selfies: scammers will have every excuse in the world. I even had one claiming no one had a cam on their computers. I told him three internet cafes within a mile of where he claimed to be and suddenly he starts calling ME a liar! They get really belligerent once caught in one of their own lies. Good luck and avoid any number starting with +234.
  7. The problem we run into is that often the reason a houseboy is looking for a job is that they are not working and have no money so unless you are willing to help with travel they cannot afford to get to you. Normally I tell them I will reimburse them for any travel expenses once they arrive and all is good and everything they have told me is true. I made the mistake of sending $100 to Michael22 for gas money and of course he turned out to not only be a scammer, but using different names on different sites. On the "other" houseboy site he is Matthew Myers, on here he is Michael Dawson, which is the name he used at Western Union to pick up my money. Insist on seeing your boy on cam either on yahoo or skype or on your phone's facetime and get him to take a selfie in the bathroom mirror showing either a current newspaper or holding up his fingers a certain way so that he can't just send a pic off the internet of the guy he is using to fake who he is.
  8. Eric, as i am looking for more of a young partner than just a houseboy would you be very open to a normal sexual relationship as you would be sharing my double bed as well as working with me. Feel free to ask any questions and please send me pictures. David
  9. I would just make EVERY member verify who they are as that would immediately cut out all the African fakers as well as guys scamming people. What I normally do is demand they get on cam either on yahoo or skype to show me they are the same guy as the one in the pics they have sent. I also then demand they take a selfie with a certain number of fingers raised so I can verify it that way.
  10. I would just make EVERY member verify who they are as that would immediately cut out all the African fakers as well as guys scamming people. What I normally do is demand they get on cam either on yahoo or skype to show me they are the same guy as the one in the pics they have sent. I also then demand they take a selfie with a certain number of fingers raised so I can verify it that way.
  11. I have only been a member here at Houseboy.com for a few weeks and yet already this has been my experience with it's members: Micpropst claimed to be from Brooklyn here yet with a phone exchange from the Midwest but it turns out he is in Nigeria(what a surprise right?).He said he was on peace mission and immediately hit me up to help some Nigerian king get 500,000 euros out of the country...This man is a typical scammer. Realdeal311 came to live with me and was actually a very good worker but has a troubled past of drugs and incarceration and stole something when we went to the supermarket. He claimed he was totally into mutual sex yet once here would only let me suck him off a few times, and then suddenly just cut me off completely the final week because he is re-examining his "issues" about sex from the past. He also started constantly heading down in my truck to the nude/gay beach so I can only figure he was down there for sex. He just has way too many problems he is dealing with to figure out I guess but I wish him good luck. I just sent Michael22 from Washington,D.C. $100 as he needed gas money to drive up here he said. He texted me all the way until around 5pm and then it just stopped and dear Michael never arrived and not a word from him so I put him down to being another young scammer to be avoided. He has also now blocked me it seems, this after telling me how much he wanted a great new life with me. I am beginning to think there are no honest young men here just looking for a great life with an older man who will cherish them and take care of them and treat them with respect.
  12. Nantucketman

    Hey! I'm Kota.

    I don't think you mean you are being defiant Son, I think you meant to write definitely.
  13. I just avoided another scammer trying to get in with me here today, our newest member. Midwest phone number, Brooklyn address listed here, and he says he is in Africa, go figure!!! I asked for pics and he sent group shots of military guys fooling around, obviously taken from some poor soldiers internet shots. If you want to avoid being scammed just DEMAND a selfie taken NOW and have them holding up one,two, or three fingers. They can't do it cause they are not the man they claim and will start calling you names and trying to make it like you are the one lying here. I just love it, they are the same everytime they get caught in their scams and lies. Ever heard of anyone traveling to Africa these days? I haven't and it just keeps repeating itself with the lies. Usually they have some lame excuse and need a ticket to the States or they just got robbed and need money or else their art or stuff or whatever is being held up in customs so they need a quick emergency infusion of cash so they can bring it home to sell it. DONT FALL FOR THESE GUYS.
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