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  1. He is a scam artist and has been at it for years. I went back through emails a couple years back and found his pictures with different names from different countries but basically the same story, poor, had a partner that cheated on him, mom and dad died, just some of his stories.
  2. So tell me what you are looking for? Are you willing to relocate and live abroad?
  3. Watch out for Cameron, and I found out formerly known as lovedoctor19. We communicated and agreed on a price per month to move here and be houseboy. So I made all the flight reservations and he never showed up and like all fakes he stopped replying to emails and answering his phone. He says he is in the Canary Islands now, so who knows where he really is. Clayton
  4. I sent you an email and you replied and I have sent two more emails but you have never responded.
  5. I agree with the point he made about pictures of the house, yard, and rooms. If I was a houseboy then I would want to see where I am going to be living. Another thing I hate is to open a profile and all I see is his ass hole. A nice nude photo is nice but lets keep the cum shots or holes for when you actually meet.
  6. Did you send him a ticket? I sent three guys tickets, one from the Philippines and two from the UK but they never showed up. Don't do it anymore.
  7. There are so many scammers from Nigeria. All their stories are the same. Their father is white and he died leaving him and his mother and the dads family hates them and threw them out and they had to go back to Nigeria or some other place in Africa. Most say they are from the UK, A new one online his profile says Germany, he says he is from UK and now in Nigeria. He sent me a copy of his passport, of course expired, and the picture is of a 20 year old but passport is 10 years old and not even a passport photo. If we could get rid of all the fakes on here, a real houseboy looking for a home and someone with a home and real looking for a real houseboy, might just find one. And then all those that never respond to an email.
  8. Hello Andy, I just sent you an email and my yahoo email address, look forward to hearing from you.
  9. Everyone is entitled to his opinion, I did notice that there are no details in your profile. Lets just say I was not and am not looking for a dad/son relationsihp. I am looking for a houseboy, so most definately not desperate or chasing people. I am quite capable of doing it myself, I just work many long hours, so would be nice to have a decent guy there to take care of things for me. I did get an email from another guy that this same guy was also scamming, so guess getting the information out on him is a good thing.
  10. There should be a way to list a scammer and be able to provide all details and information for these people that ruin this site for all of those that are sincere and honest. We should be able to include names they have used, phone numbers they have used, passports they have used, pictures they have used, email addresses they have used. The web host could check to verify if the information was correct before allowing to be posted, just like a new picture or id information.
  11. Beware of a guy named Peter, that has used several different profiles on Houseboy. He has used BrokenheartedPeter, Petervg, and SanjoseDutchkid and others, I can't remember since I have known him. He is very smooth, has a real facebookpage P---- Gerrad and has two passports, one from the UK and one from the Netherlands. He writes emails that make you want to believe him and feel sorry for him. He gets on his facebook with friends and talks about helping out kids, going to church every Sunday, but he is a liar, a cheat, and a scam artist. I know you never send money, but I did not listen. I sent him money to help him pay off a guy that he owed money to, so he could fly to Spain and meet me there for Easter. He never showed up. Oh he had some of the best stories you can believe. We chatted for some time after, and I have never sent any guy any money before, but also never did one give me his passport, his phone number, his facebook page and they are all him. I even called him on his phone, which of course when you got him on the line, the connection was always bad and he had to hang up. Then I ended up, and basically knew I was being scammed, but gave him one try. He wanted to come here and work as my houseboy and live together with me here. We planned the date he would be ready to fly. Then he was out of money and just needed enough to pay for food until he left, not much, so I sent it. I also sent him another airline ticket to fly here. We talked each day for that week and he kept talking about all the things he was doing to get ready, then the day before he talked about being all packed and then the morning he was heading to the airport, we talked and he said he was leaving for the airport and would call me when he was getting on the plane. Well of course I never got a call and he did not get on the plane. Then nothing from him for about a week. Then he came on with a totally crazy story of being hit by a car and ending up in the hospital all bruised. He told how his mother came down from the Netherlands to take care of him. Now he is admitting he was not planning on coming. I just received this email today. petervg23@yahoo.com helo dad to be very sincere to u, i never scammed u as u thought but i used it to pay my school fees as i was short with money that was why, i am running a course that will enable me get a better job and am scared of africa. am so sorry Son Another email from earlier thanks for the ticket, want to be sure and be cleared, i will be flying tomorroe by 11:45am my time? and also will be traveling to england by july? please do confirm this. hugs son Here is a lie about his accident i cant remember all that but seems my head might have hit the ground. i have some bruses and a shifted bone that has been taking care of. this is my last mail i can send as the owner of the phone is going with it. bye for now Son Here is another one still saying he wants to come over after his so called accident i have already sent u a reply as regards your mail u sent me on Facebook, saying its not mine, i collected it from a friend that came to check on me so that i can email u and keep in touch. check the mail i sent u on facebook earlier. i still want to move over but have to be sure about what doctor says when i can. but i believe in less than a month i will be better and ready to move. will ask the doctor later today when i go for my massage on the legs. Hugs Son Another story about his accident and thanking God thanks for your patience. am home now, getting better, just few pains on my left leg. i do go to hospital twice in a week from home, and i was told i need to do more of relaxation, thats why i dont come online often. was going to get a cab to head to the airport, so on my way i was knocked down when i alight from the cab to cross to the other side, thank God people were around so they all rushed me to the hospital, this is what i remembered until i was in the hospital and was unconcious for some hours. hope u are good. son Bringing his mom into the story good evening, I used my moms Ipad to log in last when i did check my facebook account but maybe i never signed out and that might have lead someone to be checking it. will ask her when she comes in cos she is around the hospital at the moment. when am strong we will talk more ok but will try to be getting in touch with u constantly as long as i can. there is still Hugs for u ok but just that going by my current situation, am not in the right side of mind. hugs Son Sure is able to put out the lies hello dad, good morning, i know u are highly upset cos u never seems to understand what happened and i wont blame u for all that u have said cos its annouyance that made u said all that u have said, i was seriously knock down by a truck on my way to the airport and that was the last i knew of. i later found myself at the hospital, this is the first time i will be allowed to near a computer, as am sending u this mail via an ipad. pray for me ok as am having pains, but will be better soon. will write u again ok. dont get upset anymore pls and just be patient ok and at the end u will be glad u were. thanks son Thanking me for his visa thanks sweetie i have seen the visa and i will print it out as well, i will be needing it to go with it to the airport right? hugs and hope to chat later today. so so happy now as it all seems to be happening son Heading to church ok good, am going to church now and when am back will attend a friends get together party. looking at the pics u sent me now, son I could go on and on with all his lies. Anyway all employers beware of this guy. Anyone has any more information about him, I would like to hear about it as I am working to prosecute him for internet fraud.
  12. I sent money to a guy named Peter and also sent him a plane ticket to fly here to work for me and he did not show up. Later when this Gerrad guy finally got back in touch, he admitted he had not planned to come here and just used the money. And trouble is he has id, he has two passports, one from UK and one from Netherlands, he has phone number I have called him on and tried to talk but the phone connection is always bad and you can't hear and he ends up hanging up. He is also on facebook P-t-r G-r-ad, so this guy is a real guy, just out to scam everyone. So how do we proptect ourselves from these guys. Houseboy must do a better job and allow cases where you can prove they have scammed you to provide copies to everyone on the site with all their information and all other names they have used on this website. This guy has been on and kicked off at least three times that I know about, One a Peter something, Heartbrokenpeter, sanjosekid and probably more in the past before I met him.
  13. Sounds like a guy call Lucas, he keeps trying to get me to send him money and when I ask for some id or to chat via cam, he has no cam, he has no money to scan his passport, he can't provide anythign but says I do not trust him This Dominic guy just keeps coming up with a new story to try and get money. I doubt the pictures he has online are even him
  14. Hello Dakota, I am looking for a full time live in houseboy. You say you are willing to travel. Are you willing to move abroad and work and live abroad?
  15. I was taken by a guy called Peter. Would like to know how to file charges against him in the UK. He used his true identity and I have emails asking for money, we made plans for him to come work here as houseboy and sent him airplane tickets and he never showed, Later he admitted he was not planning on coming and used money for his fun. He has two passports one from Netherlands and one from the UK. He is also on facebook P-t-r Gerrad. He has been on hosueboy before Brokenheartedpeter, Sanjosekid, and PeterVG Pass the word on this guy and anyone else that has been scammed by this guy would love to hear from you and how to prosecute him
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