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  1. Doctormaid


    First of all, thanks for the nice words about my pic. Secondly, calling me out for a legitimate situation I had been stuck in (my divorce left me with nothing). I had sold my belongings to pay down my bills (was in medical school ) but had let my cell, tv & internet bill pile up until it was cut. I wasn’t lying, I wasn’t asking anyone for $ but I did tell him I only had an iPad at the time that was broken and I couldn’t FaceTime and if he needed to verify my identity, he wouldn’t be able too. I had no means to access a cellular and internet and if he wanted too, he could help me out. When he said he couldn’t I wasn't rude, in fact I empathized with him and the situation and acknowledged that it was a risky move and that it probably wasn’t a good idea. Just so everyone knows , I’ve taken care of my tech short comings and can verify my identity on FaceTime, Skype or any platform and by verify my identity you need to verify that you can actually afford to support me when I’m your HB. Asking to see what an employers financial ability and willingness before meeting isn’t a completely off the table request and I will ask if I need to for reasons xyz. It shows me what you’ve been through on here and that you are likely jaded from your HB experiences on here and will always hold some scepticism about the truth of our relationship. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I just don’t appreciate being put on blast for something that was legit and during a period of time that was very difficult to do anything. A little support would have meant the world to me and my ability to move forward. IM F-ing REAL and yes I’m looking for employers that takes the risk and do something to make it happen with me. Getting financial, material support pre employments verifies for me that 1. he must be into me if he’s willing to take that risk and 2. it shows me what life might be like cohabiting with employer and whether the purse strings are unreasonable for the situation I’m looking for.
  2. Doctormaid


    My pic is suppose say “Suck my dick”..... “is something I’ll never need or want or ask from you”. Thank you
  3. Doctormaid


    Ummmmmm I told you why I sent that and you knew why I sent it and it was so I could communicate with you over cell and or web! Don’t call me out for a legit request, not demand, for assistance so I could get to know you. Why do you think that almost all houseboys are of a certain age or close too? Because employers want something they can’t get from a conventional relationship , likely because employers are also typically lack the very allure they seek in their houseboy. Remember there is a power difference that has to be acknowledged and not ridiculed by older guys who think they deserve all these houseboys with the delusion that it’s not scratch backs both ways. It’s funny how employers place value of money over the well being of guy that needs help. Don’t play this game if bitterness is your default, it will destroy you and you can’t afford to be even more bitter than you are now (I know grammatically that sounded weird). Regardless of what you think, the houseboy is always at a disadvantage and thus the value of the “trade” of his services is going reflect that there is always the potential of being abandoned in foreign country buyout employer, the emotional scars realized later in life that are summed up in many medical journals. Remember that maids usually don’t fuck their boss and neither do personal assistants. This is why the value and type of what the houseboy requests is to compensate for all those and many more, non traditional factors to the job they’re doing. I’m sorry you felt compelled to brand me publicly but know, I’m thanking Jesus right now that I did ask for $ and it resulted in you trying to undermine me on this site. I don’t need or want to cohabite with a nasty deluded perv. To anyone reading, the last one, perv, totally kidding as I can be a little perv myself lol. Shame on you and your self seeking behaviour .
  4. Doctormaid


    Why aren’t you guys all up in my shit then? If you’re always being messaged by non verified scammers, logic and reason would say only chat with verified HB’s, like me lol! P.s. - The Houseboys on here have to deal with scammers too, so this isn’t an employer specific problem and is happening to all of us. Cheers!
  5. You like being a dirty cock slut?
  6. Out of a 7 year relationship and am starting over and would like to do that somewhere other than here. Where you might ask? Well that’s really in your hands so, if you need a educated, kind (most days), hard working (again, most days), reliable sex addicted, message me (Right now guys my bags are packed)!
  7. Medical student on leave of absence so that I can fuck my way through BBRT......... is the fantasy I play out in my head. I'm a medical student on a LOA to pursue a possible life passion before condemning myself to boogers, ear infections, and vaginosis (eww), Sometimes I'm just looking for a dick pic.......... is something you will never hear me say or see me type, so please send a clear shot of your unobstructed man face (WHOLE FACE). I love everyone, really I do, but you will read in my profile I am pretty lazy and would like you to apply that concept to why I haven't responded. I'm here to serve as long as I'm taken care of, basic and luxury need, you be whistling the tune happy people whistle.
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