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  1. Buck, Haven't seen nor heard from you in a while. Are you doing okay? Rich
  2. Whenever we get an inquiry from anyone, we always try to respond within a 24 hour period. Over the last two weeks, we have taken the time to write to 6 different boys on this site. To date, none have responded...not even a thank you, but not interested. We knew that common sense was a rarity nowadays, but when did common courtesy go out the window? Also, a number of boys specifically note they want to be in a warmer climate. What better place than Key West? Tourists spend thousands of dollars to visit Key West, and a potential houseboy has the opportunity to live here for free PLUS g
  3. We may be interested but can't find your profile on the site. Have you created an ad yet? Thanks!
  4. Well, we guess that this boy can also be added to the scammers/flakes/fakes list.
  5. In the past 32 years, we have had 4 'long term' houseboys, staying between 2 and 5 years. We have had 6 'short term' houseboys as well. We knew upfront that each of the short term boys just needed 6 months to 1 year to get back on their feet. All of these boys worked out well. Now, for the bad part...we always have a potential boy stay for a week so the we can interview him properly. This way we found out who the druggies, alcoholics, liars, etc. were. The absolute worst one was the boy in a few other topics on here who went by MaxDyer23, MaxDyer24, JohnConner, etc. He is back on he
  6. We can't seem to find your profile.
  7. Oh yes, we know him well. About 4 years ago, he went by MaxDyer23 (or something like that). We did have him visit us when we lived in South Carolina. After talking for weeks, we bought him a round trip plane ticket for 7 days. After day 2, we sent him home. He then made a new profile, MaxDyer24 (or something like that) to try to hook someone else. LOTS of stories about him...we should have written a book! He may turn on the Southern Gentleman charm, but he is far from it. Avoid him like the Plague!
  8. He's back with another totally new profile. MuscleMascGuy Abbeville, MS 38601, USA houseboy, 26 years old
  9. Hey Buck52, this is such a good site. We have had wonderful luck with some great boys. Unfortunately there are a number of boys who are scammers, and a number of 'masters' listing their boys here for sale.
  10. Now he's back as both gymjock93 and gymguy23. Believe us, he is neither of his screen names.
  11. Sorry to hear that. We're sure that there are good guys on here. Keep trying. It seems as though you have a lot to offer.
  12. You posted a great profile. You should have quite a few interested employers contacting you. Best of luck!
  13. I'll be back in Rock Hill March 28-31. Other than that, any dates are open. You'll love Key West.
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