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  1. He's back with another totally new profile. MuscleMascGuy Abbeville, MS 38601, USA houseboy, 26 years old
  2. Hey Buck52, this is such a good site. We have had wonderful luck with some great boys. Unfortunately there are a number of boys who are scammers, and a number of 'masters' listing their boys here for sale.
  3. Now he's back as both gymjock93 and gymguy23. Believe us, he is neither of his screen names.
  4. Sorry to hear that. We're sure that there are good guys on here. Keep trying. It seems as though you have a lot to offer.
  5. You posted a great profile. You should have quite a few interested employers contacting you. Best of luck!
  6. I'll be back in Rock Hill March 28-31. Other than that, any dates are open. You'll love Key West.
  7. Tyler, We left Rock Hill, SC and are in Key West permanently. Sorry we never got to meet. Care to come for a visit? Rich & Frank
  8. We send our deepest sympathy to you.
  9. Accounts are very easy and FREE to set up.
  10. Zack6969, This is the 4th time this 'guest' has started contacting people. He is a scammer...beware!
  11. We are sorry to hear about your partner. We hope he recovers and you have many more years together.
  12. To: Zack6969 It's still just as bad. No one seems to be serious. Have you found a boy yet? Happy New Year!
  13. Yes, you should really post an ad like everyone else does. We are still searching for a serious houseboy here in Key West, but since you have no ad, we would never find you.
  14. You posted a great profile. Best of luck in your search!
  15. Once you get his real name, It's easy to check him out. I do know iambronson is legitimate, but he is NOT in Myrtle Beach...another one who won't update his location.
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