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  1. I searched for your profile but nothing comes up. Your first step would be to create a profile that potential employers can fine. You sound like a really nice person.
  2. Welcome to the site Zach. With your great profile and handsome pic, you should easily find the perfect match on here.
  3. Meeturneeds...the caption in your profile says you haven't been on here for 8 days. If you don't check your messages daily, no potential employer will be interested since it appears as though you're not all that interested either.
  4. His profile is now visible and he is very handsome!
  5. He is now going by Motivated Muscle. I can't report him as he always has me blocked. I do hope someone will report him before he scams someone.
  6. And now he's Motivated Muscle...three names in only two days!
  7. ...and yet here's another screen name for him...Young4Love. When will it end?
  8. I'm sorry to hear that, but we had a feeling he was just on here for kicks. Buck52 pointed out a few other new profiles that are fakes, and I think there are a few others he didn't list that are fakes, too. Once I know for certain. I'll post those profiles. Better luck with the next boy.
  9. Zillah...how are things going with this boy?
  10. Wonder why he deleted his profile? Ask him and see what kind of an answer you get from him. He had noted he was a virgin, yet his screen name was DJ4Fun. That alone made me suspicious.
  11. I'd rather not influence your thinking about this boy, but if you get to a point where things sound too good to be true, then chances are that it is too good to be true. One big red flag for us about a fake or as Buck52 describes 'fantasy boy' is when they are the first one to initiate talk about sex, and then get really into the topic. That's a sure sign that they just want to get their jollies and then they'll move on. We look at this houseboy thing as we are the employer and the houseboy is the employee. While we have always been on a friendly level with our previous houseboys, there has to be that separation to some degree. When speaking with potential houseboys who begin to be the ones to set demands, we politely bow out with a 'no thank you' and move on. BTW...to answer your question about no being able to see the messages and then you could, I'd bet he blocked you but then unblocked you. I don't think it happens by accident. Best of luck in your search.
  12. It doesn't have to be a scam. There are profiles on here of people who are just here for kicks. They like toying with people out of boredom. We were in contact with this boy too, but after some chatting, we stopped communication with him as we felt he was a fake, not necessarily a scammer, but a fake profile just to toy with people.
  13. What is the boy's screen name and I'll try to access him and see if that happens to me. I've not had that problem before, only when I've blocked people.
  14. UPDATE again: now he's MuscledBoy4U. Pretty soon he'll run out of screen names!
  15. Today, he kept his same new screen name, but changed his profile pic.
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