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  1. I gave up trying to look at this tab. I just wait until I get an email on Sunday that shows who visited our profile.
  2. Thank you for catching this. Now let's see how long it takes for the webmaster to delete their profiles.
  3. Oh he's back alright, now he's going by HotStud4Mentor. I hope someone reports him soon!
  4. BEWARE of HotStud4U. Please check out other topics in the Forum about him and other scammers before you interview someone.
  5. Yes, he's back again! Please see mine and others' comments about this scammer who has been on here for years. Search older posts and you will see what he has done to people. He immediately blocks those of us who have reported him over the years. Please check out his profile and report him to the web master. Yes, we were unfortunately taken in by him in 2015 and were scammed. Please don't let this happen to you or other unsuspecting employers. BEWARE! You have been warned!
  6. Well it only took him a couple of days this time, but he's back yet once again. As always, he has me blocked so I can't report him. For particulars about him, search the archives. There are multitudes of information about this repeat scammer. Please someone, report & block him from this site ASAP! Thank you!
  7. I have never had any luck trying to open the tab of visitors to my profile either.
  8. Well, at least for the time being he's gone. I just hope no one got scammed. Thanks for reporting him. Let's hope he stays away forever.
  9. FitBoy4U a/k/a Boy4Serious a/k/a HotBoy4Dad a/k/a DreamBoy4U a/k/a Handsome4Mentor a/k/a MotivatedMuscle is back...again! He is now Muscled4Mentor. Since we reported him a few years ago (yes, he's been scamming people for years) he immediately blocks us and others who have reported him in the past. Michael, is there a way you can at least allow us to report repeat scammers? Since we can't view his posts, we are not able to report him. maybe you can at least pick up repeat profiles from IP addresses? This guy is bad news and we don't want some unsuspecting employer to get taken like we did. Thank you!
  10. I'd be amazed if he could walk and chew gum at the same time. He's not very inventive. Every fake screen name of his always included the numeral "4." He always uses the same profile pic, so it's easy to spot his new fake ads. It's just a shame that not many members read these FORUM posts, or maybe someone would report him and get him off the site. He immediately blocks us as well, so we are also not able to report his fake ads. Maybe the administrator can fix the bug so that we can view and report his, and others, fake postings.
  11. And today he's back as Muscled4Mentor. PLEASE someone report and block him before he scams someone on here.
  12. Yes, times have changed but sorry to say, not for the better. It used to be that you could trust 9 out of 10 boys who responded to an ad. Now it's just the opposite. It's really sad that we have to be this way, but if not, it's like the old adage says...a fool and his money are soon parted. If you are interested, you could search and find our story in the archives. To summarize, over the past 35 years we have had 4 long (2+ years) term houseboys. One stayed with us for 5 years while getting his MBA. We have had a few short term houseboys, but we made an arrangement upfront with each of them. A few just wanted to stay 3-6 month to get back on their feet, etc. We have never been without a houseboy this long before, but we have not found a match in the last three years. We're not saying that there are not any honest, hardworking boys on this site. We have just not had the perfect (or near perfect) match yet. It is very surprising that not many boys actually want to move to the Daytona Beach area...go figure. All the best in your search.
  13. Well it took him a few months to return this time, but yes, this repeat scammer is back once again with yet another new profile. He had profiles under each of the names in the title in 2021. I can't find the older names, but you get the idea. If you intend to engage him in conversation, please do a forum search under each of the above names to find out how many employers on here have already been scammed by this fake. If you talk with him, he'll send up a lot of red flags. Just don't get taken in my his 'Southern Charm' or you and your money will soon be parted.
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