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  1. ...and now, for yet another name change, he's going by FriendlyMuscle as of today.
  2. If you want someone to be interested in you, you should answer people within a reasonable amount of time. And when you DO happen to find the time to respond, you SHOULD strike up a nice conversation, not just one word answers.
  3. Well you certainly posted a great profile and handsome pic. You should not have any trouble starting up a conversation with any number of potential employers. To about how many people per day do you write?
  4. If you are seriously seeking an employer, you really do need to find a way to respond to people.
  5. Hope you find a way to get access to the site soon!
  6. Yesterday he was Lookin4Love but he must have seen my other post in the Forum and changed his screen name today to MuscleBoy4You. Either way, this same pic pops up under a new name every month or so. He immediately blocks me from viewing his profile, so he must be a scammer from the past trying yet another way to scam innocent employers - BEWARE!
  7. This brand new profile pic sure looks familiar on this site. It seems to pop up monthly. The boy already has me blocked, so I think it's safe to say he is a repeat scammer, one of whom I've reported before.
  8. Everything is great...thank you!
  9. Thank you for the note Michael. I'm just glad to know it's not something I'm doing incorrectly.
  10. I found our conversations and sent you a message from there. I cannot find your profile on search, but when I'm in our conversations, I click on your pic and your profile does appear then.
  11. Okay, this is weird. I searched for our profile, it never came up in search, however our profile is #11 on the logon page. I searched for Buck52, then just buck, then just 52, but your profile never appeared. I also cannot find our conversations listed on our communications page. By any chance, did you have any other profiles blocked and the system just happened to block everyone from your profile? I'm going to try logging off, then back on in a few hours and see where that goes.
  12. Thanks for the response. I'm glad it's not on my end. I've been in close contact with two prospective candidates just through this site for the time being, but it also seems as though the communications are slow and the time stamps are way off as well. Maybe it's a sign for me!
  13. Ever since I created our profile in 2012 on this wonderful site, ours was always the first ad we saw and everyone else's ad showed their proper distance away from ours. But since Tuesday, ours is no longer first, and we are showing that we are 52 miles away from our current location. Is this happening to anyone else? Again, this only started Tuesday (election day). Thank you!
  14. Buck, Haven't seen nor heard from you in a while. Are you doing okay? Rich
  15. Whenever we get an inquiry from anyone, we always try to respond within a 24 hour period. Over the last two weeks, we have taken the time to write to 6 different boys on this site. To date, none have responded...not even a thank you, but not interested. We knew that common sense was a rarity nowadays, but when did common courtesy go out the window? Also, a number of boys specifically note they want to be in a warmer climate. What better place than Key West? Tourists spend thousands of dollars to visit Key West, and a potential houseboy has the opportunity to live here for free PLUS g
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