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  1. Your profile does not come up in search. You may want to check this out soon or you won't be getting any inquiries.
  2. Sorry to hear you are having so many problems on here. I tried to look up your profile, but it doesn't come up in any search. You might want to check out why your profile isn't visible and then maybe you'll have more luck searching for your perfect match.
  3. It appears as though his profile has been deleted. Good riddance to stale bread...as the saying goes. I certainly hope no one got scammed by this jerk.
  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  5. Well he's on the move once again. His distance from me changed in his profile today. I certainly hope no one on this site has invited him to their home. There have been enough warnings posted in the forum about this scammer that everyone should avoid him. Be very cautious if you even chat with him. Don't let his Southern accent and fake pics fool you.
  6. I see that his profile is back. It must have been removed while he uploaded a new pic, which is definitely NOT of himself. PLEASE someone report him and remove his profile so that he doesn't scam anyone else on this site!
  7. I see that his profile was removed overnight. I just hope no one fell for his scam.
  8. And another point to ponder...if he were a legitimate houseboy, he would post his side of the story in the forum. Notice that he has never disputed any of our claims of him being a scammer. I just hope that someone whom he has not blocked will report him so that Michael will delete his current fake ad and fake pic.
  9. He's back home in the south now as his new profile pics shows 244 miles from me. I truly believe he never leaves home. He just changes the location in his profile which would automatically change his distance from me. Anyway, I'm glad to hear no one has fallen for his scam yet.
  10. Those will NOT be pics of him. About 5 or 6 years ago he visited us...check out one of my other posts. He definitely does NOT look like the pics he posts. I just wish Michael could permanently block this idiot before someone falls victim to his scam.
  11. There are at least 4 other strings of posts warning everyone about this scammer. If you read more on this forum, you'll see a lot of posts from me warning everyone about him. Michael, will you please block him again? I can't report him as he blocks me with every new profile he makes up. Thank you!
  12. Since he has me blocked, all I can see is his distance from me. Over the weekend, he must have traveled to the west coast as his distance away from me went up considerably. He is now back home. I truly hope no one fell for his scam and actually paid for a plane ticket for him.
  13. He's now back again as Boy4Serious. You have to give him credit for trying. I just hope no one falls for his scam.
  14. And now he's back as Boy4Serious. Always the same profile pic, only this time it's in black & white instead of in color. Believe me when I tell you that is NOT a pic of his chest. You have been warned...don't fall for his Southern charm like we did.
  15. Well, he's back as Boy4Serious. He's already blocked me so I cannot report him. He uses the same fake pic, except this time he posted it in black & white instead of in color. We met him in person. Believe me, that pic is definitely NOT of himself!
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