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Found 6 results

  1. Houseboy here looking for the right employer. Submissive, obedient loyal boy. Willing to do all take care of the home as well as owner with pleasure and gratitude
  2. Looking for safe fun work.will travel
  3. I scan these houseboy profiles almost daily, looking for new posts, re-reading the ones I didn’t contact but was tempted to do so. I’m disturbed by the proliferation of two questionnaire responses, “ask me,” and “it depends.” I can understand “ask me,” if a response requires some kind of explanation that justifies an answer that might otherwise eliminate the man from consideration But when a potential houseboy answers several questions with “ask me,” I tend to presume that he wants to Guatemala what answer I would like to hear. The same is true for “it depends.” One such answer is leaving something unknown, but I bypass the men who have several indefinite responses. Am I being paranoid, or unfair to these guys?
  4. A young gentleman in West Africa Ghana looking for an Employer to be employed and share life together. More interested in LTR boyfriend so I can take care of household chores and maintain the home as well as share romantic life together. Been here for awhile and nothing is happening. Don’t mind relocating if Employer/Boyfriend is worth it.....honestly and sincerely looking. Check my profile
  5. Hoping to start fresh with a kind man or couple that is happy to share their space and life with me. I am going through some major changes in my life, walking away from a job that I was unhappy with, and ending a relationship. I’m having a hard time getting back on track and need help. Desperately. That means I have the opportunity to take care of someone else and tend to their needs however they see fit. Im a very young looking 29 year old, slim build, and have a positive disposition. Looking for that place to start fresh and bring a smile to your face. im hoping that this message reaches someone. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  6. Medical student on leave of absence so that I can fuck my way through BBRT......... is the fantasy I play out in my head. I'm a medical student on a LOA to pursue a possible life passion before condemning myself to boogers, ear infections, and vaginosis (eww), Sometimes I'm just looking for a dick pic.......... is something you will never hear me say or see me type, so please send a clear shot of your unobstructed man face (WHOLE FACE). I love everyone, really I do, but you will read in my profile I am pretty lazy and would like you to apply that concept to why I haven't responded. I'm here to serve as long as I'm taken care of, basic and luxury need, you be whistling the tune happy people whistle.
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