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  1. A young gentleman in West Africa Ghana looking for an Employer to be employed and share life together. More interested in LTR boyfriend so I can take care of household chores and maintain the home as well as share romantic life together. Been here for awhile and nothing is happening. Don’t mind relocating if Employer/Boyfriend is worth it.....honestly and sincerely looking. Check my profile
  2. Hello Viewers,Call me Pappi, just joined this site as am looking for new opportunities in life. firstly i dont want to be tagged as a scammer or fraudster.Am very serious in what am looking for. am currently working in the hospitality industry in my homeland Ghana. am educated and also intelligent. I will love to have a mature/older man that i can take care of whiles he does same to me. I cook,clean,lay bed,make laundry,ironing,go on errands,serve meals n drinks as well as other chores. Am not looking to be a slave so please i don't need a master...just want to meet a caring and loving man who needs a service of a young man.I am looking to be of help to someone,take care of mostly what he can't do.Am not a sex symbol. Sex is ok but that's not a priority. I am ready to relocate only if my expenses will be paid by my employer. Am aware that i may not be to everyone's liking as an african/black or as a nudist and that's OK, because hopefully for the right person who will just accept me for whatever I am,I'll be a fantastic houseboy. Whatever you are looking for remember to be nice..if you don't like me for any reason,that's OK but if you are genuine and want to know me more,Why not say hi and introduce yourself while you are here reading my profile?, it's always a good start. Check my profile for more pics or my facebook http://www.facebook.com/geodell
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