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Found 3 results

  1. Houseboy here looking for the right employer. Submissive, obedient loyal boy. Willing to do all take care of the home as well as owner with pleasure and gratitude
  2. Looking for safe fun work.will travel
  3. Charming honest noble gentlemen the kind your parents would be proud you brought home. A sweet kind spontaneous yet responsible loving soul put here to help and guide others to help each other and live out their dreams. Want a man who knows its ok to be treated like a king, by his prince charming. Some day i will be a papa some day you will know what its like to be whole with a compliment of unconditional love, ending that search to fill the void in you, not to be filled by another but filled with your own love for yourself, your life, and then shared with another unconditionally. I seek a partner to appreciate the great romance, loyalty and passion i bring to the table the laughs the love the fire the passion the ability to know what its like to cry tears of joy from laughing so hard regularly, get in the car and go on an adventure make love where ever we may go not in a hedonistic horned up nature but a primitive expression and higher spiritual bond dance and balance of expressing love and devotion for each other. I love to express creativity (designing - all aspects), new experiences, cooking baking, shooting, paintball, cross country running, hiking, museums, theatre, photography, art history, self educating, patents, business, staying current in all aspects of commerce, entertainment, and world affairds, huge fan of never living the same day twice and making it count. You've dated, you've fooled around, you've even put your heart back together jaded it and sometimes tried incessantly to forget its there, so open it this one last time and see a great love made just for you. Send me a number, photo, and intentions.
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