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Found 2 results

  1. I've suggested for years that employer implies to a houseboy that he will be paid for services, (even if it may be in trade for room, room & board, etc). In an effort to ensure that this doesn't turn into an escort site I've asked for the title to be reconsidered again, but the suggestion back is that I should post it in the forums to be discussed. When doing an internet search for "Antonyms for house boy", two titles come up: boss and master. I've placed a few examples in a poll to see what others think as well!
  2. Hi there, I am a 35 year old employer based in London. I am looking for a younger houseboy who doesn't mind travelling through Europe as I travel with work and want someone to accompany me. I am looking for someone who wants new experiences, loyal, fun and handsome. In return I will offer free rent, travel, salary and use of a car when needed. Duties may include light admin work but mostly running errands, shopping, helping me entertain and keeping me company on trips when required. I have absolutely no preference of creed, colour or nationality, those things don't matter to me - I just ask that I can trust you. This is a good opportunity for someone. If you want to know more, feel free to message me or email me (uk.prop@yahoo.com) and we can chat further. Cheers Cal.
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