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  1. I am due to move pretty soon from my current location. Hoping to find a genuine "employer". I am looking for someone who expects to create a closer bond than an employer/houseboy thing. Message me so we can get things going! I am ambitious and driven. Be the same isaacnerdton@gmail.com Willing to relocate anywhere for the right guy.
  2. Looking for Employer near or in Texas. Have yet to find the right person. Quite a few guys here treat me like an escort and that is a big turn off for me. Hope to find the right guy(s) soon.
  3. Im very interested! Live in Texas as well
  4. Hey there! Houseboy here looking for employer. Willing to relocate. Available as soon as offer is made and details are discussed.
  5. Im not too familiar with how this site works or if I'm even supposed to post this here. Anyways haha. Houseboy here. Currently live in Texas (near-ish to Austin). I worked in the food service industry from ages 16-20 and am very familiar with job related duties a houseboy would take on. Would prefer someone who doesn't want me just for sex. Seeking genuine employers who are willing to mentor me in a way. Adventures are a plus! Haha A few interests of mine are music, paleontology and fooooood. I have nothing holding me down at the moment. Willing to relocate at any time.
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