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  1. Hi. I'm Alan 33 Singaporean Chinese 172 69. I'am handling 3 business and staying alone. Hence, I am very busy to handle the households and I have very high stress level. Looking for someone who wants to relocate to Singapore. I am prepared to pay salary. He must be younger than 30 years old and able to do household and serve me physically and sexually. Interested, pls pm me. Thanks
  2. HI, I’m Alan from Singapore. 31 chinese 172 69. Looking to own a houseboy in Singapore. Willing to support the room, board and salary. Please message me if you are serious
  3. hi, i'm alan 27 chn 175 65. i'm looking for a keen and serious houseboy to be relocated to singapore. any 1 keens, pls message me @ Ln_budi@hotmail.com thanks
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