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Found 7 results

  1. Age: 22, Current Location: Texas Looking to relocate. Not a huge fan of the term "houseboy" because I am hoping for something a little different. I am NOT looking for a relationship, sexual partner or someone who wants to 'own' me. I am looking for a healthy, safe, secure atmosphere where I can be myself. I am capable of handling chores, errands, etc... I hope to find someone who is okay with being close friends/confidants/somewhat of a mentor, but anything other than that would depend on the chemistry that develops. I am not opposed to the possibility of sex, but if the chemistry isn't
  2. josuecuervo


    I'm a smart, young individual who is honestly just looking for a new experience outside of a crime infested bordertown. I've experience with animals, children, kitchen work, computer work, and quite frankly I can work whatever you need. I'm eloquent and am not afraid of labor at the same time. Looking for a relationship where I, as well as my employer, do not have to look elsewhere. I am not looking for a handout but for someone who can provide a stable room and work for me. Any takers?
  3. Hello, im 23 young pup who is looking to relocate to a place where i can succeed and be happy. Life as we all know it is hell but with the right people and the right mind set it isnt to bad. Im sure due to being positive i wont have the best of luck but never hurts to try. I am on meds and undetectable. Want to get out and explore some career opportunities. I am very professional when it comes to work and always work hard. I also enjoy play time. what pup dosent like belly rubs and tug-a-war! I can go from mild to wild when i play. Ideally i would like to service a guy or couple by doing
  4. Suggested: Interactive modules that identify a general profile type... Body Type - Diet - Work Preference and Experience - Education - Entertainment - Hygiene - Health Conditions - Allergies - Personal These could be identified by an overall score system in a changing mix of primary color... from green for very health conscious and environmental through blue to violet to red for those leaning toward a clubbing, party and sex lifestyle. The point system in place for silver and gold levels of membership could be tagged in to encourage full completion of profile details, suggestions, an
  5. please check out my profile and message if we are a good match. offering live in position / relationship / partnership to run a pub this year in middlesbrough uk. btm for top.
  6. Hey everyone! I'm a 22 year old mixed white/filipino/latin house boy in San Francisco, going to SFSU. Am a masc, chill, lowkey kind of guy but also love to have fun. I'm told I'm great to be around. I have experience in serving at private parties and events and have been a temprorary or shortterm houseboy for locals and visitors. Even got to be the cabin boy for a group of guys on their Tahoe vacation once. Whether I'm serving drinks and food, cleaning up a house, running errangs, pulling weeds, or giving head on demand at an event where everyone was watching the game, I have always gotten
  7. I am seeking a genuine hard working Houseboy to live in Northwest UK, to take care of all my needs on a day to day basis - someone who is clean, honest and trustworthy and is prepared to do what ever it takes to make me happy ....
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