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Found 2 results

  1. Suggested: Interactive modules that identify a general profile type... Body Type - Diet - Work Preference and Experience - Education - Entertainment - Hygiene - Health Conditions - Allergies - Personal These could be identified by an overall score system in a changing mix of primary color... from green for very health conscious and environmental through blue to violet to red for those leaning toward a clubbing, party and sex lifestyle. The point system in place for silver and gold levels of membership could be tagged in to encourage full completion of profile details, suggestions, and independent site promotion. We have been in contact with individuals with two degrees, and others who have no college experience. There are those working on or without their GED. This represents a vast difference in employer/houseboy interaction. Thoughts?
  2. oldmentor

    Questions 1

    First forum post. Been looking through the forum threads and profiles for awhile. It seems there's a recurring issue with "scammers" on both sides of the "arrangement". There is some helpful info on the "click to enter" page. But it appears that scammers are a very, very real problem. It would be great to see some general feedback posted (without identifying personal information) from both employers and houseboys who have had a successful arrangement. - How extensive were pre-hire communications? - Was an in-person interview held as part of the hire process? - Was there a written agreement? Also, There seems to be an inordinate number of houseboy profiles that display a "Last Edited" date of "Nov 30, -1". Why is that? Is it a code for something?
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