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  1. Hello all! or should i say ARF ARF! My pup name is Sparky and i describes me quite well. a spark of energy and always a cheerful spirit. What got me into being a pup is the submissive traits and because i love belly rubs (and lets not forget all the awesome bones *wags tail*) Sparky (me) is coming up on the end of his first year. Its been awesome so far but where i live few know of it and even less are into it. how my ideal day in a pups life would go is i wake up my owner by smelling and licking his junk (hope its musky arf arf) once master is fully awake and showing me love ill do as im told to make him happy. Its now time for him to work (sad puppy) so ill play with my own bone for a little before i get tired and take a pup nap. after its time for this pup to get ready for master to come home (always excited when master gets home) clean up the house play with toy sweep and mop play with toys. now the house is all tidy for master but i still have so much time so this pup is going to make a kick ass dinner to show how much i love my master. Chicken parm sounds good arf arf. I hear the door unlock so i let out a gleeful howl and go and jump all over master and licking him all over. begging for a walk ill grab my leash and nudge masters cock to grab his attention. This makes master happy so i give masters bone a good licking and enjoy his hard juicy bone then he takes me out for a walk. after the walk time to eat dinner. i prefer it out of a bowl then cuddles on the couch or at his feet. arf arf time for bed i always lay in master spot and make him wrestle me out of it he calls me a silly pup as he gives my head a pat. more cuddles and well sparky like a goodnight bone if master has it in him to give it up! ARF ARF one happy master makes for a happy pup! Serve master obey master and love master.
  2. Thank you, I think its lacking a lot of information about myself but ill be tweeking it and getting it perfect hopefully in the next couple of days.
  3. Anyone have any recommendations on books? ive recently finished the particular series and would love to get into a new book.
  4. Hello, im 23 young pup who is looking to relocate to a place where i can succeed and be happy. Life as we all know it is hell but with the right people and the right mind set it isnt to bad. Im sure due to being positive i wont have the best of luck but never hurts to try. I am on meds and undetectable. Want to get out and explore some career opportunities. I am very professional when it comes to work and always work hard. I also enjoy play time. what pup dosent like belly rubs and tug-a-war! I can go from mild to wild when i play. Ideally i would like to service a guy or couple by doing the chores around the house in exchange for room and board. As well as find a job with the opportunity to advance. I do smoke weed but am willing to give that up. I do smoke cigs and drink here and there but nothing over the top. My main focus is to get a job where i can support myself and do what i want and in time maybe have a houseboy myself.
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