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Found 6 results

  1. YourDreamBoy is just the newest profile name of one of the most notorious scammers this site has had the displeasure of having to put up with. He gets busted weekly so just changes his profile name and pops up anew. Seldom ever ever changes his photo or his profile read. Will come on strong but will never give you specifics or video chat. His locations change constantly. The only thing he is interested in is you falling for his sad sack story and sending him money so he “can come to you”. Which he never will. He’s slick. You’ve been warned.
  2. Needylad is latest fake, fraud, con I’ve run across here. If you want details you can pm me. I’m not divulging what gave him(her?) away so not to help the enemy learn from their mistakes. Good luck hunting to everyone.
  3. Another one of the latest frauds, scammers that I’ve recently engaged with. I’m no longer listing the reasons I know, here in the forum, is that I’m not going to lend help to the enemy by providing them with reasons why they got busted so that they can avoid those and get better at their craft. Pm me on the main site if you want particulars. Try to remember that once you know they are fakes or scammers or whatever it’s best to not let them on that they are busted until you’ve reported them on the website (scroll to bottom of their profile), then block them, make a new post here with their profile name in the header and THEN let them know they are busted. Yes, it’s likely they will continue to have their profile up for reasons I don’t understand but it will do some good even if they aren’t removed from the site. Good luck to everyone and keep on searching.
  4. Well I had a strange experience. I had a member with two houseboys attempt to "sell" me one of his as a "matchmaking fee" for $10,000.
  5. Apparently he's using this site to finance him self with telling lies... Looks like four years now and no-one has "talked" to him yet.... Tracy City or Dunlop City, not that big of a place to find someone... Anyway he's stuck in TN, needs $500 to get out of probation, txt number is from MN but he has a phone app that changes the number he uses to txt from, easy to change so if you get a txt, it can be from anywhere...Profile states he's in Greenville SC Only reason he uses the same name is Western Union transfers.... lol
  6. A person convicted of wire fraud faces significant potential penalties. A single act of wire fraud can result in fines and up to 20 years in prison Use of an Interstate Wire Communications DeviceTo commit wire fraud a person must use some kind of interstate communications device. Interstate communications devices can be almost anything that send, receive, or otherwise transmit messages across state lines. Wire fraud charges can arise when someone uses a phone, a fax machine, e-mail, or any kind of Internet communication device to transmit messages. If you get a copy of Id or Drivers License...when any person wants you to send money...they commit wire fraud. Intent and the Scheme to DefraudA person cannot accidentally commit wire fraud. In order to secure a conviction, federal prosecutors must show that a defendant acted with the intent to fraudulently deprive someone of money, property, or something of value.
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