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  1. The lines of information on the photoshopped lines run at different angle to the non-photoshopped and you can see some bits of the original underneath the overlaid. It isn’t a good fake.
  2. Bswim99 Fraud - has created a number of profiles before using the same pictures and narrative - chats with you a while and then says he actually performing a social experiment here to get guys to "healthly relationships" , his pictures can be found using google imagines and are created to several years old Russian pronography.
  3. Link to the HM site with the picture set - his profile picture is also from the same set. http://www.hmboys.com/gallery.php?affiliate_id=884360&gallery_id=1&set_id=129
  4. This user is a scammer, send pictures of an eastern european porn actor. Beware - just another scammer.
  5. I am looking for a great young guy for a mutually respectful and benefical relationship. I am honest, genuine, and real - and I am looking for the same, not here to waste your time, so please do not waste mine. I am an active , adventureous, explorer - enjoy the outdooors, travel, photography, cooking, music. Looking for someone that wants a mutually benefical situation. I offer home, board, education opportunities, travel opportunities, more. If you read my profile and are interested in chatting you can message me at scubaAlan@live.com.
  6. I am lookikng for a smart, fun, young guy for live-in houseboy position, and to accompany my on travels. Opportunity for school and to pursue your interests and passions.
  7. Cody has a new profile - str8nout - same story and phone as above. Be warned.
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