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  1. I have a houseboy position available in the state of Maine for more information please email me mikelambert1951@yahoo.com
  2. Can you share with me your experience with this one. He and I have been in contact the last 48 hours. I would like to know why you feel he is a scammer? Please email me direct at. Mikelambert1951@yahoo.com. Would appreciate any information
  3. This profile Mark5533 lives six times zones east of the United States, while claiming to live in New York.
  4. It has become very apparent to me that the majority of profiles for house boys on this forum are fraudulent. I was strong along for two weeks until we finally had a phone call in which a 21-year-old I was talking to sounded like a 50-year-old person living in Accra Ghana. all we need to do is look at their location and miles and you’ll see a lot of them are within a few miles of each other or almost exactly living in the same area. The truly real ones are the ones that the mileage stands alone from everybody else. Any profile that you see having the same location in miles or within a few miles of each other should be considered fraudulent!
  5. Ken007 Is a fake profile This morning he sent me a fake passport It was easily identified, since I have my own passport. There is one remarkable area of no information.
  6. Please be alert to Houseboy by the name of bttmboii States he is living in New York. He emailed me several times, I live on the East Coast. All of his emails are five TIME ZONE away which would place some in Europe or Africa . please see the attached file, he is sending me responses five hours away. Yahoo dates and times ALL emails.
  7.  If you are still looking to relocate, I have a need for a house boy. I may be able to negotiate terms with you. Please email me directly 




     Open to hear from you soon 

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