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add to individual houseboy profile display page ESCORT status


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I am an employer viewing houseboy profiles and I suggest that it would be desirable and helpful if the display of

ESCORT = yes or ESCORT = no or ESCORT = N/A or ESCORT = Ask Me

can be shown when viewing the individual profile display page. The search selection feature for ESCORT should be retained as a tool, also.

Suggested display position on profile page might be at the TOP section underneath:

  • Sexuality: gay
  • Position: Bottom
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Dick Size: 7-8" (18-20 cm)
  • HIV Status: Negative
  • Escort = N/A

example above is Escort = N/A (not answered)

For ease of the programming change, maybe continuing only the use of YES or NO as answers may be desirable with the default of NO when new profiles are being added unless the YES is entered.

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This site promotes sex between employers and houseboys. Offering escort listings with the intent of sex would make it prostitution. That's illegal in I think 49 states. To offer a way to show escort listings would subject this site and the company to a kind of liability that would shut them down in the same way illegal massage parlors that offer a happy ending are found and shut down. They would have to remove any sections that talk about sex, including the "is sex expected" question. 

This site uses words like "employer" and "host" and "houseboy" carefully because it's not exactly illegal to fuck your boss. This site offers listings for personal arrangements, not actual employment or job hunting ads. Also, this site is fantasy. There are no real employers here. If there was, your taxes would show that pay to your houseboy and that would have to match what the houseboy files for taxes too... except you can't because if sex is part of what is being paid for, it's called prostitution. If you were to turn this site into an escort listing site or service, this site and company would have to be licensed for it and it one houseboy or host complained about the sex, the company (this site and its owners) would be liable for running a prostitution network. If they're not in the U.S. or even not in the same state as any of the found sex for hire "escort" listings, that only makes the charge worse.

So no, you won't see escort listings here. You might want to just look up escort services to find companies that do that, but be warned, the minute you try to have sex with an escort, he could claim sexual assault which, even if consensual, would leave you in jail if it is proven that you paid that person for sex if you're not in Nevada.

Also, if enough boys simply list they are escorts in their profiles, that could shut this site down too based on all that fine print in those links at the bottom of this site and every dating or hookup site. So sadly, any discussion of prostitution or escort services would have to just be between you and your boy.

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