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I was talking to a buddy about a roadtrip this summer so I was doing a little research.  I'm not getting on a plan anytime soon.  Thought some of you might find these useful as well.

Here a list of US travel restrictions.  Some states are increasing restrictions particularly for states still experiencing exponential COVID growth.  


International borders


Hard to blame EU and east asia for not allowing US entry.  

Considerations for travel


Stay safe,





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The best travel supplies right now would be sense enough not to travel. The idea of using public transportation to go to another state, to risk infection for the sake of calling someone daddy for a "job" that has to be paid under the table since paying for sex isn't legal in most places... right now, that just seems a bit selfish and idiotic. If a guy is close enough to drive to, that would make more sense though I could see that resulting in even more men falling for fake sad stories and sending boys gas money. 

In any case, some basic common sense would be the best resource to have when deciding to (or to not) travel right now. If desperate for money, there are all kinds of resources available right now that can help keep food in your belly and all kinds of rent protection to keep you housed. Take this time to chat and video chat and phone to get to know a guy you might want to soon meet. Judging by the number of "top" men that have messaged me this past week alone, I can guarantee you boys that there's no dick on here worth risking covid over.

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I have to agree. Yet some of these young men seem to think that it’s no big deal. I myself deal with the daily nagging thought of “am I going to catch this virus and if I do is it going to kill me”. This shit is serious. At least for me it is. The risk is just too great for me to attempt to enter act with another after arriving here and not knowing their status. And I don’t have a “mother-in-law house” they could quarantine in for 14 days either. So that pretty much shuts down any possibilities for the near future. Besides, the lag time does offer plenty of time to get well acquainted before any meet takes place. It’s not worth the risk of catching/spreading this virus. 

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