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  1. Ok so it’s obvious from the get go something smells fishy. The guy is listed at 4’4” tall and 100 pounds. First red flag. So I figure I’ll play a bit. He emails me. First message wants to know my name, age, job, where I am, etc. oh and yes he’s looking for love. I tell him to share a few face pics. Sends one of him in army uniform. Hit the buzzer! (Army minimum height is 5’) Oops! Oh and of course he’s stationed in an Arab country. If that ain’t enough I ask him how tall he is and what does he say? DUH!?!? Tells me he’s 6’2” and 210! Army must feed ‘em growth harmones. Along with dumbass pills. (No offense you real warrior heroes out there) Yeah a good laugh but it’s just a shame there’s so many fakes on the website. Please, don’t fall for it. Oh, when I called him out on it his reply is a friend filled out the profile for him because he doesn’t have much IT skill. Lol! Yeah! True!
  2. It’s been well reported that this site doesn’t really care about updating or fixing issues. Their interest is money generated from the porn they advertise. Little interest in the main website. I’m confounded that anyone would pay for a membership on this website. There’s really no advantage to it at all. And for those who post videos, or explicit photos? Well no one is going to view them because practically NO ONE is a paying member. And they are the only ones can view such. It’s a shame too the way this site is managed.
  3. Same guy just different profile name. He immediately blocks those of us who’ve outed him in the past. Including me. So I can’t report him. Don’t waste your time with him. He’s poison.
  4. Supposedly the poster is his older sister but I have my doubts. The physical stats listed don’t match the previous ones on his profile from two years ago. “She” claims someone told her he’d been on this website a month ago. Almost exact same profile pic as was used couple years ago. I had a lot of off site conversations and phone calls with him. Personal opinion, I think he was a heavy drug user, unemployed, in and out of jail dead best who used his scamming skills to manipulate and con men in to helping him with sad story after sad story. And promises of wanting to be of service as a houseboy. Tracey City, TN is supposedly where he was from back then. Derrick Odear was the name he was going by. I’d not trust anything with whoever set up his current profile. Be it sister or him. You’ve been warned.
  5. Yes it’s pitiful. Love waiting five minutes or more for the “viewed you” screen to download just so I can see who has recently viewed my profile. And that’s not the half of it here.
  6. Definitely a scammer. I had quite a few conversations with him. Makes up stuff constantly then forgets his lies and tries to recover. Comes on fast and hard. Beware.
  7. A notorious scam artist from way make. I’ve found old forum posts here about him from way back. Wish I’d done that search sooner than later. He’s good at it too.
  8. If you actually have a profile on the main website and not here then by typing in your profile name it should have popped up. But it didn’t. Have you viewed my profile? If not I think you should. I’m looking and serious.
  9. Unless you already have a profile on the main website (I haven’t checked) you are pretty much wasting your time posting here on the forum as few members ever view it. Best of luck in your search.
  10. If you’re serious I’d suggest you set up a profile on the main website. You’ll have a much better chance of finding what you seek. This forum is seldom visited by members. I did a search for your profile but found none.
  11. Yep, same scammer just a different profile name. He immediately blocks any member that’s putted him in the past as soon as he crests his new profile in order to prevent him being reported. Best not message the guy unless you feel like donating to his cause. Cause is he’s a scam artist.
  12. It’s too bad you could not have created a profile on the main website four years ago. You’d like have a master by now. This is a forum few members ever visit.
  13. It’s the same on both sides of the aisle here. Nevertheless there are real legit boys and employers still searching for the right fit. I hope you’ve reported that bum. This Daddy can’t stand fakes and scammers.
  14. Excellent post. I hope plenty of houseboys see it. Best of luck to you.
  15. Yep same guy just different name. I always know it’s him because first thing he does is block me do I can’t report him. And of course the same profile pick each time. Only now it’s black and why. Professional liar and con man.
  16. Do you have a profile set up on the main site, completely filled out, with pic(s)? If not you’re pretty much wasting your time posting here in the forum.
  17. I’ve had same issues a good long while now but I’ve also engaged with potential houseboys who I felt were legit but for several different reasons were not willing to commit with me. Many want to remain in the same are. Many are city boys who don’t think they’d be comfortable in a rural environment. Some have outrageous expectations of being paid a lot of $ to sit around and look pretty. Some we just don’t click. Some have way too much baggage like for instance outstanding warrants or excessive drug use. One of the first things that give me pause is the answer to the question, willing to relocate, “maybe”. MAYBE?! If they haven't settled it in their mind yet that relocating is Preeminent then I have no interest. Yes I know some wish you find a position close to where they live and some wish the same but not “live in house”. Which is fine. But if they aren’t disclosing that in their profile then I immediately see that as not being serious right off the bat. Just my two bits worth.
  18. I’m interested. Sent you a private message.
  19. How about have new members do a verified photo same as required to verify profiles now? Won’t stop con artists completely but will stop those using stolen photos. Catfish I think is the going term for them. I lump them in with scumbags. Just my two- bits worth.
  20. Thanks Michael, a much needed correction. While you are at it with your IT guys how about fixing the “Viewed Profile” feature so it doesn’t take several minutes to download each time one wants to see who’s viewed our profiles. A long needed important fix. Again thanks!
  21. Michael today he is Handsome4Mentor Thanks for being on top of it!
  22. Michael today, 05/09/2021, as of 4:15pm CDST he is a “new member” with the profile name of Handsome4Mentor Go get ‘em tiger!
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