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  1. Derrick Odear, aka, r3ady2bstabl3, is one of the latest thugs to soil our website with his conning lies and decent and who should be avoided like the plague unless you like having someone con you out of your hard earned money. He’s slick as they come, had me going for a while with his academy award nominated performance. Using my common sense and relying on my gut feelings I did a little simple background checking on him, googled his name, Derrick Odear, supposedly from Tracy City, TN. Believe it or not google pulled up an old houseboy forum post from August 2012 talking about his scamming activities. He’s also got a wrap sheet, jail time and a likely druggy. And he’s still at it with your typical poor me I’m on my last leg stories of being kicked out, homeless, no job, no money, hadn’t eaten in two days, blah blah blah. Anyway enough said. He’s a crafty one. You’ve been warned.
  2. Thanks for the heads up with this scum bag. He’s Jackson2u, I just checked and he’s still operating on the home site. Were you able to report him? Also I think it would get much more exposure if you start a new post with his name and an appropriate adjective to go with it. Use the forum “Houseboys” instead of this one. It’s gets a lot more exposure. Again thanks for letting us know. First time I read over his profile after he first appeared I knew he was a fraud.
  3. Yes I think we all know there are crooked employers trolling the website just like there are crooked houseboys. I do believe there are a lot more of each who are not though. Then there are those I think who are here just for the fantasy of being a houseboy with no real intention of actually wanting to be a houseboy. If you think you’ve run across an employer that is trying to scam or is a fake then by all means report them and post a message in the forum as well if you want. I’m not here to be the scammer police and wish I never had to report anyone. But I’ll damn sure do so when I discover one in hopes someone else won’t be victimized. Good luck to everyone and keep on searching.
  4. Thanks for letting us know.
  5. Geez ceman554 I’m sorry you had that crappy experience. Hopefully it was only your time that you lost with that loser. Keep on trying. There’s plenty good boys out there along with plenty of the rotten apples. May you learn from mistakes and move full steam ahead with a positive attitude. I know, it’s not easy but don’t give up. I too have had my fair share of setbacks.
  6. Needylad is latest fake, fraud, con I’ve run across here. If you want details you can pm me. I’m not divulging what gave him(her?) away so not to help the enemy learn from their mistakes. Good luck hunting to everyone.
  7. Buck52


    Thanks for the tip. A lot of us are guilty (if you wish to call it that) of taking a gamble on someone here, myself included, with results that are more than disappointing. I’m curious if you purchased a non-refundable bus ticket or not? As I understand your post he used the ticket but went elsewhere on it, a different destination?
  8. I just took a look at your profile and all looks good to me. Does your question about not being “allowed to message anyone anymore” mean that you’ve reached your daily limit of I think five? That is frustrating. My advice is to “verify” your profile on the main site. Go to “your account” and click on “verify”. Once you are verified I think you are allowed unlimited daily messages. At least I think it still works that way, been a long time for me. Not to mention you’ll get more interest having been verified so that a big plus for ya. If you continue to have trouble shoot a message to the help desk. Best of luck to ya.
  9. Yeah he fed me a colorful back story too about having to move from Rhode Island at age 6 to Sweden then dad dies, mom treats him like trash, moved back to US five years ago to live with aunt in Ohio. Bar tends. Claims he’s 21 turning 22 on his birthday in March. Only problem was he gave me his actual birthdate which clearly shows he will turn 23 on his March birthday! Lol! You can’t make this hilarious shit up. Oh and has no way to face time live video chat. Yeah RIGHT!
  10. I hope you were able to report him before blocking. What I’ve started doing is once they’ve revealed their true motive I immediately report them, then block them, then enter their name here in a headline as a fraud then let them know the jig is up, that they are busted, blocked, reported and headlines as a scam in the forum in case they’d like to look. That’s all we can do. But report them before letting them know you’re on to them so they won’t block you and then you can’t report them.
  11. Another one of the latest frauds, scammers that I’ve recently engaged with. I’m no longer listing the reasons I know, here in the forum, is that I’m not going to lend help to the enemy by providing them with reasons why they got busted so that they can avoid those and get better at their craft. Pm me on the main site if you want particulars. Try to remember that once you know they are fakes or scammers or whatever it’s best to not let them on that they are busted until you’ve reported them on the website (scroll to bottom of their profile), then block them, make a new post here with their profile name in the header and THEN let them know they are busted. Yes, it’s likely they will continue to have their profile up for reasons I don’t understand but it will do some good even if they aren’t removed from the site. Good luck to everyone and keep on searching.
  12. Buck52

    Scam site...

    Noted and thanks northcalguys. I’ve decided to no longer list the reason(s) why I know someone is a fraudster, con, fake, flake or scammer because I’m not clueing them or anyone else that plays that game on their mistakes and how to avoid them. It’s sufficient just to start a new topic with their name headlined as to what they are. Let’s not help the enemy anymore.
  13. Beware of latest scammer fraud I’ve engaged with, kw1000. Plenty of evidence that I won’t put out here in order to prevent these kind of perps from learning what their mistakes are. Happy to give details through pm on the main site if anyone wants to know.
  14. Accolatroy, formerly a week or two ago before he was outed, was Coltroyman. This “person” is a total con artist and thinks they are real slick at it but lacks what it takes to fool anyone with good common sense. Steer clear fellas. You’ve been warned. And good luck to all the honest guys out there seeking what you desire.
  15. Accolatroy, formerly a week or two ago before he was outed, was Coltroyman. This “person” is a total con artist and thinks they are real slick at it but lacks what it takes to fool anyone with good common sense. Steer clear fellas. You’ve been warned. And good luck to all the honest guys out there seeking what you desire.
  16. That’s the problem I’ve run in to. And the discovery typically occurred in the emails that are off sight so there is no evidence for the web masters to access. But I’ll change tactics , start reporting them on their profile before I let them know the jig is up, then block them so they can’t wrongly accuse me of “abusive behavior” again. I save all of the emails between me and the assorted scum bags just so I have the proof. Accolatroy is his new name since he got reported. Same exact profile and pic.i did a little research on the scum bag and he was getting put on notice here on the forums back in 2012 for screwing guys over. He’s slick. But not that slick. I busted his ass again.
  17. One of the newest members and a 24 carat fake, Coltroyman. If you want the particulars as to how I know you can pm me. Sufficient to say, without a doubt, he is. Much as I dislike having to repeatedly list these scum bags here I feel it only right to let everyone know in order to save someone the headache of being used by one of these a__holes. Best of luck everyone and keep on trying. There’s a good one out there for everyone.
  18. Thanks P P for exposing another rotten apple for the sake of the other good houseboys out there just trying to find a good place. I think we all know ther’s both rotten houseboys and employers out there. Everyone just remain vigilant, use your common sense and follow your gut feelings. Cause if it doesn’t feel right it probably ain’t so walk away. There’s plenty more good and decent ones out there. Best of luck to you and all the rest.
  19. Needylad is one of the newest members. What a lame con this one is. First he’s got no city/state listed so it defaulted to the Flushing, NY address. Second obvious clue is in his stats. Lists him at 5’6” and 235 lbs. but selects “slim”! Lol! Guys you can’t make this shit up, it’s laughable. Then of course his profile is filled with “Ask Me” or just blank. Good luck everyone. Stay vigil.
  20. Hers a list of recent fakes, frauds, scammers I’ve come in contact with. Save yourself the time and trouble with these. HandsomeMuscle MuscleSub4Dad OlderMentor Jmax90 jamescollins Stevechris And one that’s been reported before here yet still working the website. justhops i know there’s plenty more but these I’ve communicated with.
  21. Buck52

    Military Scams

    I think I got the same message from him. There must be a whole gay battalion of our soldiers over there huh. Lol! So lame!
  22. Buck52

    MN - Jobs?

    No but there’s a great position open in Texas. Pm me on the home site.
  23. Thanks mike33311, really appreciate that valuable tip. Useful for all the employers and houseboys here. Best of luck everyone and a happy new year.
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