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  1. Take a look at my profile Buck52 and if interested let me know. Serious inquiries only please.
  2. I've been on this site for only a few months now and have sadly discovered it's invested with fakes, scammers and guys looking to con you out of a few bucks. The thugs "selling their slave boy" are common. I've been approached by at least five since I've been on. Not to mention guys trying to get anything they can from you with never any intentions of ever meeting you. Big yellow caution sign needs to be this sites insignia.
  3. This site, for the number of people , has way too many fakes, scammers. I've decide to start posting names here. Maybe it will help to discourage them, but probably not. At least others can be alerted. Lasted one Doyle021, your typical gorgeous, young, everything boy who comes on strong with all the right words we all love to hear. You get my drift. I can smell these fakes a mile away I e dealt with so ms y and not just here. Anyway, back to Doyle021. After some back and forth email chat I ask him to verify a photo same way we do here, which he has t done in over the year since he got on board here. Of course then here comes the excuses and all the ranting and trying to turn it all around. So I just calmly and kinda politely tell him what, where, why and how and that I get so tickled when I pull the lid off one of these slugs. So, be alert, be warned and you guys start posted these flakers on here.
  4. I agree that this site does seem more heavily infested with money scammers than others I've frequented and I've only been on this site a little over a week. I've developed a good nose for most but am often still surprised by some of the "slick" cons they use. Take "Sirkinkt" for example. Claims to be master of do-and-so, wants my email immediately to send details. Turns out he wants a fee of $5k for his "trained" boy. NOT! Another recent one, "MuscledCutie", who I've seen a couple of posts here from him, who is here in Texas as am I. He's so anxious to come be with me, can't wait, truck is getting taken away, phone getting turned off, relative throwing him out of the place he's staying, has no way here other than a friend who wants $100 to bring him, please send the money. I tell him I'll pay the driver upon arrival. Driver says nope. I say fine, I'll come pick you up the next day, give me the address. Never heard from him again. Scam! So like has been previously stated numerous times, don't send money. And watch out for the two previous characters. Peace to you all.
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