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  1. I see absolutely nothing at all wrong or unusual with what you seek. To each his own so more power to ya. I’ve run across profiles of boys looking for similar before. Hang in there and like bacha stated earlier, add photos to your profile. Best of luck in your search.
  2. Buck52


    Good for you Dad49. Yeah I just checked and he’s either jumped ship here or got booted. Had no dealings with him myself. You played it cool and smart. Your instincts told you right away after his initial “come on strong” messages, I’m sure. I’d like the website to require everyone get a profile verification done on here. It’s simple, quick and discreet. I know that won’t stop the money hungry liars and cons but will slow them down. Thanks for your heads up on that loser.
  3. I recommend you set up a free profile on the main website if you’ve not already done so. You’ll have much better luck there than here on the forum. I’m Buck52 if interested.
  4. Buck52

    howdy Taylor

    Do you have a profile set up on the main website? If not I’d strongly suggest you do. I think you will have much better luck than posting it here in the forum. Buck52 if you wish to message me once your profile is set up.
  5. I’d like you guy’s opinion on having everyone wanting to set up a profile on the website be REQUIRED to verify a photo to the site management. I just think it would eliminate a WHOLE lot of the fakes on here. It’s already an option than many use. And it doesn’t require your face to be made public on the site. Comments? Suggestions?
  6. Buck52


    I agree. Developing trust is the key.
  7. Do you have a profile with photos set up on the main website? This is a forum site only. You may message me there. Buck52
  8. Buck52


    Yep, he’s a total fake. Steer clear, don’t waste your time.
  9. Buck52


    NEWEST FAKE ALERTS: Artistnyc NakedArtist ultranor26 jameshills01 guyryan150 If you’ll notice right off the bat the first two use that well known Flushing NY address that seems to be the place for fakes. The last one has a new profile on DaddyHunt, exact same except 2” difference on his height and of course says he’s 22 but states he’s 23 AND he’s supposed to be in Colorado on the other site and Vancouver on this one. Ok guys you’ve been warned. Proceed at your own risk. Good luck everyone.
  10. Justbrooks is another boy whose master wants to sell him for $5k. I didn’t even have to go to email to get him to present his sales pitch, did it right here on the website through our messaging. I like to lead them on before busting them and then slamming the door on them. NEVER fall for that kinda bull shit scam you guys!
  11. Buck52


    I had dealings with iambronson too. Came up with plenty of sad sack stories that all lead to one thing, can you send me some money.
  12. Buck52


    You’re right Educatedhelper, I’m sure there are plenty of fake “employers” here too. But since I’m an “employer” I never interact with other employers on the site. Other than this forum. You're also right about the ones who DO actually get verified, both houseboys and employers. Those houseboys always get my attention first. Those I contact who haven’t been verified I verify myself the exact same way. And if they refuse I’m gone. Honestly I think EVERYONE should be verified here to even have a profile. Save a lot of headaches from the fakes.
  13. Buck52


    Three more fakes to avoid. Manchap1619 sexyhousewife sexymic121
  14. Buck52

    Scam site...

    The old saying holds true, NEVER send any money unless you don’t need it. I’ve found that inserting words to that effect in your profile will deter many of the scammers. I’d like to make this clear, strictly from my point of view, I think there are plenty more guys on here who are not scammers compared to those that are. I also think a lot of guys on here are here only for the fantasy with no real intention of ever being a houseboy, or at least not anytime soon. Good luck men and boys too.
  15. Buck52


    Thanks for the info fellas. Now which guy are you referring to getting sold by his master? (I can’t believe anyone ever falls for that scam script.) I chatted here with “Justbrooks” long enough to peg him as a schemer. Right out the gate he wants to email. After I immediately responded I don’t give out my email immediately until I’ve developed some trust but that we could either continue chatting on the website and eventually Skype or Kik so that not only could photos be exchanged but live video chat as well. That was the end of that with him, no response. Guys who refuse to either take and send a simple verified photo same as they do on the site or do a live video chat are more than likely either just fantasizing or fakes/scammers.
  16. Buck52


    Heads up on one of our newest fakes, “slimson4daddy”. Red flag #1 Using faked torso profile photos, no face pick (atypical). Look closely at both torso pics, one with several prominent dark moles, the other none. Red clad #2 Immediately in his first message wanted to use a “Zoho” email address. Red flag #3 After making it clear we’d either continue using the site to message or choose a site allowing us to do live video chats the perp ceased any contact. This after said perp made the initial contact professing how I was the perfect employer per my profile and on and on about how anxious and willing to please me in every way he was.
  17. I’ve encountered several “masters” trying to get paid for “training” their boy. Never believe ANYONE using that gimmick. Here’s a short list of guys I’d steer clear of. I won’t say what they truly are but you get the point. Manchap1619 sexyhousewife sexymic121 save yourself the time and aggravation with them.
  18. Watch out for sexyhousewife, another fake
  19. Dom top Texas Dad seeking live-in houseboy. Laid back, drama free scene. Typical household duties along with satisfying sexual desires. Large comfortable home in rural, not isolated setting. Companionship, friendship and more hopefully. Room, board travel and salary. Message me on the main website.
  20. Greetings, I read your post here then tried to view your profile which I discovered you don’t have. I’d advise you to do do if you’re serious about this. This forum is totally separate from the actual Houseboy website. Good luck.
  21. Sexymic121 is a fake. You’ve been warned. Guys please report fakes AND post them up here please. It’s not a fix but hopefully will discourage a few scammers.
  22. Sexymic is one of our lasted scammers. You’ve been warned.
  23. Here’s my two bits worth coming from a Texas dom Dad, pack your shit and get! You’ve been deceived AND in top of that he’s doin his best to make you feel bad about it like it’s your fault for not seeing it his way. If you were important to him and he really cared about you, this never would have happened. You’ve been duped boy, my suggestion is to find you another place in the area to live. Or better yet, you can come here to Texas, I’m still looking. Either way, i wish you all the best. You seem like a great boy.
  24. Warning: Don’t waste your time with this one. Another one of those “OWNED” boys whose “SIR” is moving out of country, can’t take his boy with him and looking to place his boy with a good Sir/Master/Employer, for a “training/relocation” fee of $4,000. If you’ve been on this site for a while now you’ve run in to these cons before. DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM B/S MY FELLOW EMPLOYERS. Good luck to you all, employers and houseboys. Just remember, there’s a good match for all of us out there, just keep on keeping on. Peace!
  25. Here's another fake guys so beware. His current profile name is Smartassboy4u. This person is another one of those who wants you to email his "master" to discuss "payment" to the master for the master's two year "training" of the "boy". Total farce I've seen numerous times here. So guys beware. And please guys, not only report fakes to the website but also post them here as I have. Thanks
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