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  1. Here's another new member I VERY strongly suspect is a fake, Alfred09. Typical script of "looking for long "time" relationship with serious person. His profile's physical stats don't come close to his profile photo. He was one of four new profiles two days ago that have a 2" dick. He immediately after my initial message to him wanted to use hangout email because "I dont always have much time to be on here" yet when is suggested using Skype or Kik, on which one can actually FaceTime, talk, video in order to verify if fake or not, he says no, I won't do that. He also has poor English skills in proper wording of texts, very little information in his profile which all adds up to a fake. I've reported him to the site but he's still here. So you've been warned guys, look out.
  2. so what's with all the 2" dicks in several of the "newest" houseboy profiles I viewed today. Five of the first ten or twelve all list their dicks at 2"! For real? Are they all fake profiles are is there's some glitch in the system. I don't think I did be happy if I were them. Of course if they are all just more fake profiles trying to scam someone I guess they don't care. Am I the only one seeing this! Comments?
  3. A NON-refundable plane, train or bus ticket is the way to go unless you're up to traveling to him and returning with him in tow. Even then they often say they will need $ to get to the airport, train station, etc. Don't do it unless you just don't need the money. So you are out of the money for the non-refundable ticket whether they come or not. Just part of the hiring process sometimes. Don't give them more when they ask for it because chances are good you won't see them. The old saying holds true, if it looks too good to be true, it won't be. Turn and walk away holding on to your money.
  4. Texas employer Buck52 email: bucknbruzer@gmail.com
  5. Message me. bucknbruzer@gmail
  6. Reply to bucknbruzer@gmail.com
  7. I've recently had several prospective houseboys contact me via the forum thinking that they have a profile. When I search using their forum profile name I come up empty handed, no profile. This seems very confusing for them because they have a "forum profile" thinking that's all they need. Not sure how to get this straightened out but there are houseboys out there who are quite confused about it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I appreciate that, and thank you. If you wish to communicate you can do so by private message on my profile. But you can only do that if you have a profile set up on the website. I encourage you to do so. Then we can chat by private message. This is a forum, a public venue.
  9. Hello Angel, feel free to ask anything you like by pm in my profile, Buck52. Best of luck.
  10. I, as I'm sure the rest of the Gold and Silver members do as well, want to thank you for following through on my suggestion. Keep up the good work.
  11. I'm familiar with him. Hit me up through my profile if you'd like. I didn't find your profile if you have one here in order to pm you. They are free. Thanks
  12. If you're really serious you set up a profile on the website for any potential employer to see and review. Without which there is nothing for a potential employer to go by. Besides it's free. Good luck.
  13. I couldn't locate your profile. Do you even have one here?
  14. By the same guy that I mentioned in this post.
  15. Serious, sane, real, honest, dependable and drama free employer in south central Texas wanting a houseboy. Easygoing, drama free, employer offering comfortable, friendly set up with free room, board, travel, reasonable salary. I'm a GOLD member with "verified" photo here. Open to an emotional connection a big plus.
  16. shouldn't gold members be recognized in their profiles as bring gold, or silver? I see nothing in my profile thumbnail or profile page itself that indicates gold membership. "Verified photo" yes.
  17. I've had experience with this guy and believe me he's totally bogus and will skin you for any amount he can. Steer clear of this one. He had another profile here as: BlueEyedCutie a snake waiting to strike.
  18. I don't blame you a bit for wanting to do so. Guys like him ruin it for others. I know there are good and bad house boys and employers out there. Be aware and be safe ya'll. And please don't send money unless you don't need it. Buy them their non refundable ticket or pick them up yourself. But if you send them money don't be surprised when they cease making contact with you. Best of luck everyone. And please continue to post about any other con artists trolling these waters.
  19. Warning to all employers. There's a fake, conartist, scammer, supposed Houseboy trolling here that has only one thing in mind and that is to relieve you of your money with nothing in return. Currently he has two profiles here, MuscledCutie and BlueEyedCutie. Goes by Chris. Moves around a lot. In January he supposedly was in Houston when he tried me and failed angrily. Then he popped up in MD. Now in Wisconsin. His cock has grown an inch and a half from 9"-10.5", he's grown an inch or two in height and gained five pounds, all within a few weeks. Amazing huh? He's slick and feeds you just enough of what you want to hear. When he's agreed to "drive" to you he has no money for food, gas and lodging. There's the hook! Send it and next thing you know he's broken down on the road so guess what, yep, he needs more $ and can't wait to get to you. Long story short, he's BAD NEWS boys. I saw him coming and played him until he exposed his true self, keeping my $. He doesn't like failing and getting out witted, exposing his true angry self. He's struck others I've messaged with here. So don't get snake bit guys. You've been warned.
  20. I'm offering a safe, secure, friendly, relaxed, drama-free, easy going lifestyle with room, board, travel and salary to a good boy looking for a break, a change, a summer job, a way out of a bad or unhealthy situation or just wanting to make a fresh start. If you're a thief a drug user a lazy ass or running from the law, I'm not interested. Don't bother. I'll find out before you get here. My profile "Buck52" here on Houseboy is pretty clear as to what I'm looking for. In a nutshell, a young, attractive, fit, submissive houseboy who "may" also be open to an emotional connection though not a requirement. Peace to you all.
  21. Take a look at my profile Buck52 and if interested let me know. Serious inquiries only please.
  22. I've been on this site for only a few months now and have sadly discovered it's invested with fakes, scammers and guys looking to con you out of a few bucks. The thugs "selling their slave boy" are common. I've been approached by at least five since I've been on. Not to mention guys trying to get anything they can from you with never any intentions of ever meeting you. Big yellow caution sign needs to be this sites insignia.
  23. This site, for the number of people , has way too many fakes, scammers. I've decide to start posting names here. Maybe it will help to discourage them, but probably not. At least others can be alerted. Lasted one Doyle021, your typical gorgeous, young, everything boy who comes on strong with all the right words we all love to hear. You get my drift. I can smell these fakes a mile away I e dealt with so ms y and not just here. Anyway, back to Doyle021. After some back and forth email chat I ask him to verify a photo same way we do here, which he has t done in over the year since he got on board here. Of course then here comes the excuses and all the ranting and trying to turn it all around. So I just calmly and kinda politely tell him what, where, why and how and that I get so tickled when I pull the lid off one of these slugs. So, be alert, be warned and you guys start posted these flakers on here.
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