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  1. My only response is through time and patience. It takes time to build trust. Without enough of it there will be no mutual arrangement. Could take a month or two or however long. Only a fool would allow a total stranger you don’t know if you can trust to come in to your home. Good luck to you all and keep on searching. There’s a good one out there for us all.
  2. Buck52


    Lol! Well DJHJD, better late than never, as they say. I’m glad he came through for ya. So now we are all curious how it turned out. Is he a keeper or not? Best a luck to everyone out there.
  3. Thanks for tipping us off to this thug. Good luck in nailing his sorry ass to the wall.
  4. Buck52


    “F”? What’s the meaning?
  5. It’s my personal opinion that a prospective employer should arrange the prospective houseboy’s transportation to employer’s residence either by physically accompanying him or purchasing “round trip fare” for him so he is guaranteed a way back if things don’t work out. I suggest that be in the form of a non refundable ticket. If employer chooses to pick up and accompany houseboy in personal he should immediately offer him enough for him to return home in the form of cash or prepaid debit card before ever leaving the general area. All of this brought up and agreed upon prior of course. Effectively at least gives the houseboy a way out.
  6. Buck52


    Thanks Ynotburdad, appreciate the effort made to put out the word on another bad apple here. He looked about as much Native American as Elizabeth Warren is. That was first red flag I saw when viewing his profile just now. That and the fact half of it, an important half, was basically left blank. That’s also a big red flag for me saying this guy obviously isn’t serious about securing a position with anyone. Let’s all keep on searching. I think there is a good houseboy out there deserving of all of us.
  7. Buck52


    Amen brother
  8. Buck52


    To Educatedhelper, I was not calling you out or blasting you and I apologize now if that it how I came across to you. It certainly wasn’t my intent. I was only bringing up the reality and the facts that we ALL face here, both houseboys and employers. I know you know that that’s just how it is in today’s world. I’m certainly not jaded either, in fact I’m one of the most optimistic men you’ve never had the chance to meet. I still have faith in mankind. I don't think I’m a fool even though I’ve done some foolish things regarding sending money to potential houseboys and getting burned every time in the process. Once burned, always learned. If you think that makes me jaded that’s in you. I call it getting educated at the school of hard knocks. The old saying holds true today, a fool and his money soon part. Point is, until a strong sense of “trust” is developed between the two parties, chances of handing over money with no guarantees whatsoever, regardless of the receiver’s intent, are slim and none. That’s just the way it is. I didn’t create that atmosphere that exists in today’s world but I’ve certainly been a victim of it, numerous times. My fault, no one else’s. No one “made” me send them money for what I thought were good intentions that turned out not so much. I keeping up my side of an agreement with the other side not doing so. I’m not here to judge you for what you said or did or your intentions or anything else. Just doing a reality check. Good luck to you and everyone else out there seeking a mutually beneficial, working, pleasant, enjoyable relationship through this site.
  9. Buck52


    Oh, and by the way, that’s one very attractive, very sexy, very hot damn pic! Woof!
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    I believe what the majority of employers seek here is a mutually agreeable relationship, where both parties engage with agreed upon expectations, benefits and boundaries based on “trust”. No houseboy nor no employer wishes to be taken advantage of and I think we all fear that to some degree. At least you should. Sadly because that’s the way the world is these days. I think this is what leads us all to be quite skeptical when initially trying to establish a connection and start the trust building process. And one of the first “red flags”, at least for me, is asking to send money right away. Regardless of why said money is requested. It’s a natural reaction. That doesn’t mean the employer is stingy, mean, frugal, tight, cheap, unbending, has no compassion or empathy. Just means he’s being smart and cautious. I believe most employers on here would be happy to lend a helping hand financially if and when a deep sense of trust is developed. A refusal to send financial assistance with no trust, no guarantees is just good common sense. Even if it’s for, say, a non-profit, religious or humanitarian effort, much less to pay a boy’s, very expensive, phone and internet bills so that he has a means to communicate.
  11. GreatHomeForYou you’re welcome to message me on the home site anytime. Would enjoy exchanging info.
  12. For those of us who do try to keep an eye open in this forum for info on the liars, fakes, cons and scammers, I appreciate you posting the notice, GreatHomeForYou
  13. Buck52


    danny1112 : Another low life scammer to stay clear of. One of those that master wants to relocate his slave houseboy (for a fee of course) to make room for a new trainee. Yes, wants my email to send his photos (NOT). Says his master won’t allow him to use Kik or Skype. Gee, what a surprise (NOT). Any notion you want to live video chat, even by a very discreet means such as Kik or Skype, the scammers disappear on you. Reporting one like this is a waste of time here since they technically have broken no rule. So all I can do is post this warning here fellas. I think most of us realize any of these people who even bring up “master looking to relocate” knows it’s a scam! Good luck hunting to you all.
  14. Buck52


    Man now that’s down right scary that someone can do that. Just another good reason I don’t give out my email until I feel I can trust a boy real well. I much prefer Skype or Kik. It’s discreet, no personal info given like email or phone number. Plus it’s posdible to text, share photos and videos, talk, send recorded voice messages and most importantly have live cam chats. Plus it free to down load the apps.
  15. I just now realized what Ynotburdad was referring to. Yes, my old private messages have been deleted as well. Gee thanks for the warning Mr. Site Manager. Damn!!!
  16. Buck52


    I also request a simple, free, yet discreet means of live video calls through either Skype or Kik, which practically every younger person in the world uses. It will eliminate a fake real quick.
  17. I’m curious ceman554 as to what other site you are referring to? I’d like to spread out to another means of finding a good boy, as tough a challenge as that seems to be, for me at least. If responding with the name of the site here may throw up a red flag then please feel free to private message me anytime. Thank you in advance.
  18. Greetings, I’m not sure what you mean by your “emails” being gone, missing, deleted or whatever. Are you referring to your list of guys who either you have messaged or have messaged you disappearing completely? Or only specific individual’s messages you no longer can view?
  19. Can’t say as I blame you. And what gets me are the guys who have no face photo, anywhere. WTF is that? Do they really think anyone is going to bother reaching out to them? Man I don’t get it. If you’re too scared mommie or your preacher or your best friend is gonna see your profile get over it, they’re as guilty as you. Not that anyone on here is guilty of anything other than wanting to find a workable arrangement.
  20. I agree. What I’ll do is ask them to do the same for me as the website does to verify a photo if they choose not to live cam chat. Just remember even though they prove to be who they look to be doesn’t mean they aren’t using an alias name and or will try working you in to giving them money for xyz reasons. Stay alert guys, there’s one out there for all of us. He’s just waiting to be found. Good luck searching everyone.
  21. Thanks for the heads up warning. More members should do the same, regarding houseboys AND employers.
  22. Click on your “account” and then click the “verify”, follow the simple steps.
  23. I need to clarify something. You do have to have at least one clear face photo in your profile, though it can be a private, hidden photo that you alone decide who may view it. The “verified” photo you submit is not made public or even a part of your profile photos unless you want it to be. It’s only used by the website to verify any of your actual profile photos. All of which is explained in the section with that title in your “account” section. Good luck everyone.
  24. Buck52

    on being a daddy

    Thank you Bacha for sharing that article, one I’m sure many on here can relate to. Daddy likes.
  25. I’m pushing for all potential houseboys AND employers to get their profile verified on the website. It’s simple, quick and discreet. And it doesn’t mean your face photo will appear on your profile unless you want it to. There are simple, easy to follow steps when either initially setting up your profile or afterwards. So everyone take advantage of it. It would definitely lower the numbers of scammers here if it was required too. That’s my opinion of course. Added bonus, you get unlimited messaging FREE if you do. How about that!
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